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Man, I feel like I haven't been on here in ages, which I know isn't true since I blogged last week, but it just feels like it was so long ago.  Between training, work, volunteering, and everything in between I feel like time has just been blowing by!

Last week was my bike heavy week.  You can see how much time I actually spent on the bike here.  Last Thursday, however, I put in an hour run and did it on the treadmill since it's too dark to run outside in the morning and nearing sunset when I get off work to put the miles in by the lake or anywhere outside.  I don't mind the treadmill sometimes since I can watch TV while I run (Food Network is my go- to usually!), but putting in long training times and miles on the treadmill just gets boring.

Anyway, since I couldn't get my work out in during lunch I headed to the gym after work to hop on the treadmill.  My right thigh has been bothering me with a little tightness and soreness, but I don't think I've injured myself too badly.  I've been stretching and icing it a lot!  [Side Note:  I had knee surgery senior year of high school and have favored my right leg when running ever since.  I've thought with my running so much in training for this bad boy that I might grow out of that, and I think I've definitely gotten stronger on that side, but I obviously still favor it. The soreness I've been experiencing was fine after about 5 minutes at the start, and then I didn't even notice it and settled in for another 55 minutes on the treadmill watching Chopped!

At around the 45 minute mark I noticed some discomfort on both arches of my feet.  I know better than to wear just any socks I can find and have been wearing running specific, moisture wicking socks but didn't have any clean that day, so I wore some lime green and white cheetah print, thin, thin, thin no show socks.  BIG MISTAKE.  I could feel the blisters building on my arches, which is where I generally blister, but knew I had less than 15 minutes to go which was about one more mile and some change.  OBVIOUSLY I couldn't quit, and it's crunch time for my race now that we're 2 months away, and I don't have time to not get my workouts in.  So I pushed on, and it was probably the worst mistake I've made recently.  While my left arch had only a baby blister compared to the right, the right blister was the size of my thumbprint (I wish I was kidding) and dark, dark red.  I haven't seen a blister that dark red before.  I'll be honest, I was a little concerned.  My feet hurt to walk and I looked like an idiot trying to roll my feet out to avoid putting pressure on my aching arches.

Luckily riding my bike this weekend and the past few days didn't bother my arches, and upon scouring the internet for tips on home remedies for blistered stumbled upon one article that said Aloe Vera helps heal blisters.  I'm a huge believer now too, because mine started healing almost immediately.  Thank the LORD!

This week is supposed to be recovery week, but because I had a mini panic that I wasn't going to be ready for my race I have been working out a little harder than just recovery.  I am so nervous I'm going to be ill-prepared for my race, and I cannot afford to NOT finish.  Goal time to finish is 7 hours, and I absolutely have to be finished by 8 hours, so that gives me an hour grace period that hopefully I will not need.  Here's hoping.

We're 60 days away from race day, y'all.  Just saying that sends me into a little bit of a panic and makes my hands sweat.  EEP!

Remaining Work Outs for the Week:
Swim - 1 mile
Run - 30 minutes

Bike - 1 hour

Swim - 1000m time trial
Bike - 45 minute short ride

Run - 1 hour

Run: 10k race, all out

Happy Wednesday Friends!

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