{My Running Story}

Woohoo!  A chance to tell you about my running story and read about other's running stories.  I am totally down.  I love reading about people's awesome athleticism and meet other people with desires to push themselves.

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Here goes nothing: (my word count starts now right?)
I love sports.  Always have, always will.  I enjoy the adrenaline, the challenge, the winning… and the losing… but mostly the winning.  Haha, kidding.

I like challenging myself to do different things.  I think this stems from my Dad’s having completed the Ironman race in Kona.  Maybe it’s a girl looking up to her Dad and wanting to be like him, but Kona is definitely on my bucket list.

After college, I bought a bike (my first big girl purchase!), and decided to bike the MS150 race 5-6 months later with friends.  After the race I asked my friend Ashley who was just beginning her training for the White Rock Marathon about running, why she did it, and if she loved it.  She told me her story and asked if I had any desire to do a Half Marathon.  I said yes, she wrote me a training plan, and I signed up for the White Rock Half.

{Ashley and I have done a few races together.  This is during our Half Marathon relay last year where she was several months pregnant and still faster than me on some splits!}
Despite race day being rainy and frigid, I ran hard and finished strong.  I signed up for my second half, scheduled for three months later, less than a month later.

Today I still love running.  I enjoy it more than I used too, and I am proud to see improvement each time I run.  I am still getting faster and stronger, and it’s neat to be able to track that.

I want to do a marathon eventually, but it’s not my #1 priority today.  Today my focus is on finishing my Half Ironman.


Woohoo!  I did it!  250 words on the money!  In other news, in 3 days my love and I will be shoop shoop shooping down the mountainside in Keystone with our friends!  This will be our first week-long trip since our honeymoon and we.can't.wait!!!!

To prepare for our adventure I have been singing all songs from FROZEN... which I am obsessed with, by the way.

Happy Thursday, friends!

{Legs Don't Fail Me Now!}

"What one gets, I hope, is that all you can do is the best you can do." - Mike Farrell

Well, Mr. Mike Farrell, I didn't know who you were until I googled you and found out you're most famous for your role as Captain B.J. Hunnicutt on M*A*S*H, but you sure have hit on a very important truth!  I can only do the best I can do and if I try to do my best there is no failure in that.  Thank you for the reminder!

Last night during spin I was almost convinced that I had asthma.  I couldn't breath, I couldn't keep up with the class, and I just felt plain tired, and that frustrated me to no end.  I was almost in tears at my frustration, but I closed my eyes, slowed my breathing and kept on trucking.  The instructor is awesome, and could see me struggling and kept pushing me.  Boy, am I grateful for that.

I don't like being that person.  I don't like feeling like I can't accomplish the task I set out to do, or looking like a weenie, and I left my spin class feeling like I just bombed a big test.  I felt disappointed with my ride, and defeated knowing that was my only workout for the day.  I hadn't had time to get in anything else.  I'm trying to believe it was my body telling me to slow down, that it's trying to work to fight off something, so today you couldn't bike as far, but tomorrow you'll be full strength again.  One can hope right?

I realized this morning I did my best.  I allowed myself to be pushed even when my legs were exhausted, when I was struggling to breath, and when I wanted to cry and quit.  I may not have felt like I killed my ride at the end of it, but not crying and quitting is a really big accomplishment for me.  I pushed past that weakness and trucked on, and I proud for that.

Two years ago when I was training for the MS150 I would ride around White Rock Lake for most of my rides.  There is a giant hill, on a street called Loving, that feeds into smaller hills before you get back to actually riding around the lake hence the name "The Loving Hills".

It feels like this, and I look like that person... a mix of sweat and tears.

I never look like this kid.  Why do you mock me kid?  Nobody sane smiles on the Loving hills.

I wouldn't dare do that hill without the support of my group, but when I rode with them they encouraged made me do the hills.  Thank goodness for good support.  It's worth a million dollars... easily.  I struggled up those hills for months.  I cried on those hills.  I quit on those hills.

Today, I think those hills would still kick my butt, and I have no doubt I might still feel like crying and quitting, but yesterday showed me that I have grown.  I didn't cry.  I didn't quit, and in the midst of feeling let down and like I wasted a day of training, I have embraced the ride and decided to not let it define my workouts moving forward.

I said from the get go, there would be days I struggled, days my body quit on me, days I was fighting a cold or allergies.  Well, it's been months and I've had a few struggles here and there, but nothing to this extent, and yeah, it sucked, but it didn't break me.

My encouragement to you, and to myself, is to remember that you can only do your best, and if you try to do your best there is no failure in that.  Here's to a new day, renewed strength and energy, and thankfulness to my Father in Heaven that I have legs to tucker out and a body to strengthen!

Happy Friday, friends.  Be your best!

{Best Wishes}

Y'all may know this already, but I used to work at the Make-A-Wish Foundation before I took my current job.  If you're not familiar with the organization I highly encourage you to check it out here, but essentially they grant wishes to children with life threatening medical conditions.  This doesn't mean that every child that has a life threatening condition is going to pass away, and I would say the majority of the kids MAW works with beat whatever cancer, condition, etc. they have.  Just wanted to put that myth the rest.  Kids are amazing!

It was possibly the best job ever, and when I left I wanted to continue working with the foundation so I continued my work as a Wish Granter!  Wish Granters are what MAW calls their volunteers.

Each Wish Granter partners up with another Wish Granter so there are always two to a Wish Kid.  I've got a pretty sweet deal in a Wish Granting partner because I'm married to mine!  Ryan realized how much the organization meant to me and went through training so we could grant wishes together!  I know, he's wonderful.

As Wish Granters, we pick a child we want to work with and they become our Wish Kid from start to completion of the wish.  Then we meet with the Wish Kid and their family to fill out paperwork, and the best part, help our Wish Kid decide what they want their wish to be!

Ryan and I were just assigned a new Wish Kid who we've actually been waiting on for a long time now.  Jackson, our Wish Kid, is actually pretty special to us because Jackson is my boss's grandson.  Jackson has leukemia and was diagnosed a year ago.  He still has chemo once a month, but Jackson has had an incredible group of prayer warriors, has an incredible family, and a wonderful support team and has battled his cancer like a champ!  Y'all, this kid is amazing.

When my boss told me that Jackson had been diagnosed with cancer at just three years old my heart sunk.  Cancer is never a word any family wants to hear.  Immediately my thoughts turned to Make-A-Wish because I knew Jackson would qualify for a wish.  My job was actually handling the paperwork, making sure the child qualified, and managing any paperwork with the doctors, nurses, child life specialists, etc., so I knew Jackson would qualify.

I told my boss about it and since the whole situation was really new, he told his son and daughter in law, but the whole family was just trying to adjust to the situation.  I can't blame them.  Ryan and I hoped they would remember MAW and I knew the hospital that Jackson was being treated at referred lots of kids, so we waited, prayed for him and his family, and hoped he would be one of the kids referred.  I had my old co-workers at MAW on the lookout to see if his name ever came up, and to my excitement about six months later my boss told me someone at the hospital had referred Jackson and he qualified!

My MAW friends sent us his information, assigned us as his Wish Granters, and last week we finally got to meet the little boy we've been praying for healing for for many, many months now!  He has totally rocked our world.  We are obsessed with him and his family and we haven't even got to meet his little sister or older brother yet, who both look adorable!

After our initial meeting Ryan and I left feeling like we could have been lifelong friends with their family and it was like catching up on old times.  Jackson was a fireball of energy and warmed up to us really quickly as he donned his Spiderman costume, complete with muscles I might add, which was apparently a pretty good sign!  Jackson has wished to go to DISNEY WORLD!  We're waiting to hear from MAW and see if his wish has been approved.  *Fingers Crossed!*

It's so good to have finally met them in person.  Y'all, being a Wish Granter is awesome.  We'll update you as we hear more about his wish, but in the mean time if you would like more information on what being a Wish Granter looks like, how to become one, what the time commitment is, or more information about MAW, I would love to answer any questions you might have or point you to someone who can answer any questions I might not have answers to.

Until next time, best wishes!

{Push It}

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

I hope you are doing something special with the one you love!  I know there's the cliche about Valentine's Day being Hallmark's holiday, but what's wrong with a holiday celebrating the one you love most?  Nothing if I do say so myself... though I believe my husband, like most men, believe it's just a day you're expected to buy overpriced flowers, chocolate, and cards.

For me, it's not the flowers, cards, or chocolate that make the holiday special, though those items don't hurt either... well, the chocolate does hurt my waistline!  It's spending time with the one you love, being together, and celebrating each other.  There's no prerequisite that you have to spend a ton of money, nor is there that expectation (for me at least).  That's what I think people, guys especially, get hung up on though.  That's my two cents!

In other news, I am so proud to tell y'all I have not missed or cheated on a single work out this week!  That is really great news to me y'all.  However...

Yesterday was hard.

& that small fact made me very, very nervous for my race.  If you've been tracking with me, you can see my workouts for the week here.  Yesterday's work out called for: Swim: Recovery - 3 x 400, 200 easy cool down. Run: 90 minute long run.  Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to get the run in during my lunch break, and the swim was a recovery swim so I wasn't all that concerned about it, I opted to complete my work out after work and take a short lunch break.

Since the run was going to take much longer than the recovery swim I decided to complete it first and that ensured that I had my very own treadmill which tends to fill up during peak hours, like after work.  While running on the treadmill is far from ideal, I feel it's better to get the miles in than not, and as the sun was already setting when I reached the gym I knew this was my best option.

The run felt hard.  I didn't feel tired and unmotivated from work, but it just felt hard to get in a rhythm initially.  I think I had tied my shoes too tightly too, so I think that frustrated my feet, but I still just couldn't find my rhythm.  An hour and a half later, 2 "Cupcake War" shows, and 1 3/4 complete episode of "Chopped" later I finished.  I was soaked from sweat, had adjusted my shoes nearly 10 times, and had finished my entire bottle of water, but I finished.

I felt a little hungry, but I didn't feel like I needed my Gu Energy package so I changed into my swimsuit and went on the water without it.  The swim felt hard, but I knew I had just run a little over seven miles and that was to be expected, so I pushed through and finished my swim in no time.  The swim actually felt pretty good and it was a nice stretch after my long run.

After I got out of the pool it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Forgoing the Gu Energy packet was a very, very wrong move.  I felt nauseated, my head hurt, my body was starting to get sore, especially in my back, and I just wanted to lay down and close my eyes.   All I could think was, "Is that what I will feel like after 2 hours into my race?  OMG."  I completely panicked.  I knew I had run and swam hard, but I estimate this race taking me about 7 hours.  I CAN NOT be wimping out and exhausted after 2 hours.

I knew I needed to get something other than water in my system so I opted to take my Gu Energy shot.  It was definitely a good decision and made me feel a little better.  I picked myself up off the bench I sat on in the locker room for 10 minutes too long and drove to the store to pick up a few things, keeping my fingers crossed along the way that I would not hurl in my car.  Luckily, I did not.

Then it got pathetic at the store, y'all.  In an effort to make the nausea leave I picked up and started eating a banana around the store.  Yes, I was that girl.  Yes, I got weird looks from people.  No, I didn't care.  :)

How I think I looked walking around the store.

I finished my shopping trip, went home, put some cereal in my system, and showered.  It was glorious.  When I finally crawled into bed my body totally relaxed and I'm fairly certain Ryan and I went to bed at 10:45 as a result.

Today I'm feeling a little less panicked about my race.  I should have known better than to go so long between my afternoon snack and taking in some sort of energy or food during my long run or before my swim.  Lesson learned.  My swim today felt good, though I can tell my body was having to work extra hard since it was still tired from last night.

I'm looking forward to the sunny weather this weekend and getting out on my bike.  If you're up for a ride, let me know!  Until then though, I'm off to celebrate the love with my hubs with some sort of dinner and Despicable Me 2!

{Happy 1st Birthday, Oakley Mae}

Oakley Mae,

You little rascal!  I cannot believe that 8 shorts months ago we brought you into the Nabors family.  You were so tiny, so mischievous, so curious, and we were so in love.  Well, not much has changed, little love, except you're not so little anymore!  Free puppy, where has the time gone?

The first picture we ever saw of Oakley.  My sister, Christen, sent us her picture and the message about her.  We were immediately hooked.  Thanks Chris!!

Taking Miss Oakley home.  Jetta wasn't so sure about this "new puppy" thing yet.

{The Nabors}

Oakley Mae, Oakley, Goose, Goosie, Walrus, Wolverine,  you have 100% stolen our hearts.  Despite your enthusiasm for barking, your hearty eating of anything and everything, your occasional deafness when you'd prefer not to mind, and your little stinker ways you are an incredible girl.  I adore your prancing like a small Clydesdale, your enthusiasm for toys, the way you embarrass me when we're at the vet because you don't want to be weighed (it's okay baby, you're big boned), your awesome modeling skills and you patience with me when I pretend to be a photographer and take 1,000+ pictures of you, your exceptional snuggling skills, your love of mimicking your big sister, the way you rock your costume as the Queen of Hearts, your enthusiasm for swimming even when it's 30 degrees or less outside, and your passion for life.

Oakley's 1st day with us (left), and her 1st trip to the lake (right).  She was so TINY!

It has been a big year for you girl!  You gained an awesome sister who has taught you the ways of the border collies, you learned to swim in the lake, you chewed through a brand new leash when we tied you up to paint the deck at the lakehouse, you chased ducks for so long until we thought you were going to drown, we were sad with you when you got spayed and had to stay at Dr. Fred's overnight, and we were amazed when you popped your inflatable cone, you're getting better at walking on the leash, you have gotten pretty fast, you have learned how to do several tricks, and you have learned to play and snuggle with us!

Little girl, you have so much life left to live, and I am overjoyed knowing we'll get to continue to watch you grow.  Sweet watch dog, I can't wait for the day you watch over and protect our kids the way you protect us.  I thank the LORD for you, even when you make me angry, because I know he is preparing me for the road ahead and teaching me patience.  You are a blessing, Goosie.

Happy 1st Birthday, little girl!  May you know how much we love you each and every day, and how thankful we are for you.  We love you so much Oakley!

Mama T

{Spinning My Wheels}

I feel like Texas has truly embraced Katie Perry's "Hot N Cold" song.  What the what Lone Star?  GET IT TOGETHER MAN!

Not only is the hot and cold weather irritating the heck out of my sinuses, I feel like my body is constantly at risk for getting sick... especially when there are so many sick people wandering the halls of the office.

[Note to all you sick people: GO HOME!  Nobody wants to get sick.  Nobody wants to share your germs.  Work from home if you can't separate yourself from your work that long.  Trust me, your body will appreciate your taking it easy, and your non-sick co-workers will also greatly appreciate your not exposing them to your nasty sick germs.  Thanks!]

If you can't tell, I'm a little over the constantly changing weather conditions in the Lone Star State as of late.  It's not that I'm tired of the cold, because I'm not.  I enjoy sweater and boot season, and enjoy bundling up by a fire, drinking a delicious mug of coffee or hot chocolate.  Plus, winter is the best snuggling season and I have two border collies that love to snuggle with Ryan and me.  And summer obviously rocks because we live at the lake almost every weekend with the border collies, I can lay by the pool with a drink in hand, the sun is out longer so more time for extracurricular activities, and summer is just fun once you get past the fact that you're going to sweat regardless of what you wear.  Really it's a *win win* no matter what season we're in.

What I don't like is the hot then cold, hot then cold.  I'm actually beginning to think that because I've been doing so much training and eating moderately well, other than the fact it's Girl Scout cookie season and I also have a weakness for oreos, that my body has been fighting off infection pretty well this year.  That being said I hope I am not jinxing myself and am going to blog later about being home sick. :(

Because the weather has been so iffy I have been trying to get outside whenever the temperature is above 50, and when it hasn't been I've been spending a lot of time lately on my bike trainer spinning my wheels watching my slew of shows including horrible reality TV, Grey's Anatomy reruns, Castle since Lauren made me obsessed, and other TV shows I'm a little embarrassed to say I watch.  Don't hate.  You know you've got some secret obsessions too. ;)

While I have enjoyed getting to watch my shows while I bike, I have missed the beautiful rides around the lake that never get old.  Of the few rides I've done around the lake, a few have been sunny-ish, but one was down right frigid.  I really wanted to wear my new Tri shorts my in-laws gave me for Christmas!  Check these beauties out:

You'd want to wear these bad boys too!

So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Saturday pans out to be a beautiful 70 degrees like they say it's going to be.  Who knows with this crazy weather though.  Tonight and tomorrow morning we're supposed to get sleet/snow.  #areweintexas?  If it was like last week's snow I'll for sure take that.  It was beautiful and the border collies loved playing in it, in their sweaters of course. ;)

It was beautiful!!!

Haha, google images added snow to my picture.  It was snowing, but I did not add the effect.

After eating homemade pizza with Ry, Jetta Belle decided she was a lap collie.

This week's workouts:
Monday - DONE! - Swim: 2475 meters, Bike: 45 minutes
Tuesday - Bike/Run Brick - Bike: 60 minutes, Run: 30 minute recovery run - stretch well
Wednesday - Rest - But I think I'm going to get a short bike or run in
Thursday - Swim: Recovery - 3 x 400 with even splits for each, 200 easy cool down, Run: 90 minute long run
Friday - Swim: long day - Warm Up: 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, 200 swim. Main: 2 x 900. Cool Down: 4 x 50. Total Meters - 2800
Saturday - Rest - If the weather is nice I'm going to get a 40 mile bike ride in
Sunday - Swim/Bike/Run - Swim: 30 minute swim, Bike: 2 hour ride, Run: 30 minutes

Tomorrow is sweet Oakley Mae's 1st birthday!  Of course I made the girls some homemade dog treats. Yes, I'm that dog mom. :)  Check them out here.

Happy Monday friends.  Enjoy your weather, even if it's wishy washy. :)  I'll try to do the same.

{Crunch Time}


Man, I feel like I haven't been on here in ages, which I know isn't true since I blogged last week, but it just feels like it was so long ago.  Between training, work, volunteering, and everything in between I feel like time has just been blowing by!

Last week was my bike heavy week.  You can see how much time I actually spent on the bike here.  Last Thursday, however, I put in an hour run and did it on the treadmill since it's too dark to run outside in the morning and nearing sunset when I get off work to put the miles in by the lake or anywhere outside.  I don't mind the treadmill sometimes since I can watch TV while I run (Food Network is my go- to usually!), but putting in long training times and miles on the treadmill just gets boring.

Anyway, since I couldn't get my work out in during lunch I headed to the gym after work to hop on the treadmill.  My right thigh has been bothering me with a little tightness and soreness, but I don't think I've injured myself too badly.  I've been stretching and icing it a lot!  [Side Note:  I had knee surgery senior year of high school and have favored my right leg when running ever since.  I've thought with my running so much in training for this bad boy that I might grow out of that, and I think I've definitely gotten stronger on that side, but I obviously still favor it. The soreness I've been experiencing was fine after about 5 minutes at the start, and then I didn't even notice it and settled in for another 55 minutes on the treadmill watching Chopped!

At around the 45 minute mark I noticed some discomfort on both arches of my feet.  I know better than to wear just any socks I can find and have been wearing running specific, moisture wicking socks but didn't have any clean that day, so I wore some lime green and white cheetah print, thin, thin, thin no show socks.  BIG MISTAKE.  I could feel the blisters building on my arches, which is where I generally blister, but knew I had less than 15 minutes to go which was about one more mile and some change.  OBVIOUSLY I couldn't quit, and it's crunch time for my race now that we're 2 months away, and I don't have time to not get my workouts in.  So I pushed on, and it was probably the worst mistake I've made recently.  While my left arch had only a baby blister compared to the right, the right blister was the size of my thumbprint (I wish I was kidding) and dark, dark red.  I haven't seen a blister that dark red before.  I'll be honest, I was a little concerned.  My feet hurt to walk and I looked like an idiot trying to roll my feet out to avoid putting pressure on my aching arches.

Luckily riding my bike this weekend and the past few days didn't bother my arches, and upon scouring the internet for tips on home remedies for blistered stumbled upon one article that said Aloe Vera helps heal blisters.  I'm a huge believer now too, because mine started healing almost immediately.  Thank the LORD!

This week is supposed to be recovery week, but because I had a mini panic that I wasn't going to be ready for my race I have been working out a little harder than just recovery.  I am so nervous I'm going to be ill-prepared for my race, and I cannot afford to NOT finish.  Goal time to finish is 7 hours, and I absolutely have to be finished by 8 hours, so that gives me an hour grace period that hopefully I will not need.  Here's hoping.

We're 60 days away from race day, y'all.  Just saying that sends me into a little bit of a panic and makes my hands sweat.  EEP!

Remaining Work Outs for the Week:
Swim - 1 mile
Run - 30 minutes

Bike - 1 hour

Swim - 1000m time trial
Bike - 45 minute short ride

Run - 1 hour

Run: 10k race, all out

Happy Wednesday Friends!
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