{Welcome 2014}

Welcome to life in 2014 friends.  I hope your New Year's Eve was just what you had hoped for.  As for me and mine, we spent the evening having dinner at Chili's, so out of the ordinary I know ;), husband built a fire which we sat around until it died, and then watched the Big D NYE show for the last 20 minutes.  We toasted of course and ushered the New Year in from our quaint home as a family.  It was Oakley's 1st New Year's Eve and homegirl totally tried to bail and pass out before the New Year rolled around.  Don't worry, I'm already winning Mom of the Year and I woke her up to dance around the living room with me. :)

I decided I'd start out the New Year big and blog every day this month.  I figured the best way to keep with this would be through a blog challenge, so here's what you have to look forward to this month, among other things thanks to Dena at Live, Love, Simple:

Most of you know where NewlyNabors came from, but for those of you that don't here's a quick recap.  When Ryan and I got engaged I wanted something clever for our wedding website name rather than RyanLovesTaylor, or TaylorLovesRyan, or RyanandTaylor, etc.  I'm definitely not hating on you if that's what your wedding website name was, at all, I just wanted something witty or punny.  Thus, NewlyNabors was born.  Since we were going to be newlyweds on September 1st, 2012 it seemed clever to be NewlyNabors to me. :)

I had this blog from earlier that was basically abandoned called Trekkin' with Taylor.  I wrote periodically (that's a strong word... it was probably once a month, if that...) about my new love affair with my first big girl purchase of a Trek Alpha 1.1 road bike and the training for the MS150 ride I participated in in April 2011.

SO, I repurposed it into this beauty that you see now!

Today I've made breakfast, done my bible study - my New Year's resolution is to read the Bible, through the reading plan I got Sunday, in it's entirety this year! - blogged, and am now going to go for a run then to see the Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire (yes, I still haven't seen it yet!), or shoot with my Dad at the gun club, and then watch my Baylor Bears take on Central Florida in the Fiesta Bowl!

For all you Bears, and non-Bears alike, Happy New Year!  May your 2014 be blessed and joyful!

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