{Tired Legs, Full Heart}

Happy Sunday evening sweet friends!  I hope you're enjoying the close of your weekend by winding down with those you love.  I am currently waiting on my Mr. to come home to enjoy the rest of our weekend together, and until then am snuggling with my border collie babies, one of whom turns 2 this week!!!  We celebrated Miss Jetta Belle big last year, and haven't make finite plans of how we'll dote on her this year, but you can guess it'll be equally as eventful.

As I have utterly failed the 31 day blogging challenge, I have surrendered to my fate and quit.  I have been suuuuuper busy between work, training, and living life that I haven't even glanced the direction of my blog.  Poor blog, I'm sorry I rejected you.  I've missed you.

Since I failed at the challenge, I figured I'd just get back into my normal routine of blogging.  The challenge was fun, but a lot of it felt forced.  I think I'll go back to it when I need a break from life and want to blog about something random.  For now, let me fill you in on how training has gone as of late.

Last week the emphasis of my training was on swimming.  I swam thousands of meters every day, and let me tell you not only did I have noodle arms, my back was soooooo tight.  I am definitely going to need to cash in my Christmas massage shortly.

This week, the focus was on running.  I didn't get all of my runs in because I had a work retreat all day Thursday and Friday which didn't leave me any time to run.  It was also insanely cold... like 17 degrees cold.  That is too cold for me.  I wonder if I would get used to it if I lived in a place that was that cold frequently, but since I live in the great state of Texas, I am grateful to not have to endure that on a regular basis.  I got a swim and short run in on Monday and Tuesday, and a 60 minute long run in on the treadmill Wednesday during lunch because I forgot my sunglasses in order to run outside.  Thursday and Friday were toss out days for me unfortunately, but I made it up this weekend a little bit.

Yesterday I ran 8.10 miles around beautiful White Rock Lake in an hour and a half.  The run felt strained and really hard, but the scenery was too beautiful to give into the lack of ease I was feeling, and the weather could not have been more perfect.

My first panoramic photo on my iPhone

Gorgeous White Rock

What did I tell you?  It was freaking gorgeous yesterday, and the amount of people trekking around the lake on their legs, on bikes, on scooters or roller blades, with kiddos and puppies, with or without music, proved it.

Today I rode the bike for an hour and then got on the treadmill for 15 minutes.  I was supposed to hit 30 minutes, but my legs felt like a brick wall.  I don't think I stretched nearly as much as I should have after yesterday's run, and my hip has been bothering me a little bit, so I listened to my body and just got in a little over a mile.  While my legs are pretty tired after this busy weekend, I am so grateful to have a healthy body and strong legs to carry me.

This week is bike focused.  Luckily I went to Richardson Bike Mart and grabbed some extra tubes for my rides this week.  I hope to hit every single thing on my training schedule this week even if it's out of order, but since I have yet to do that we'll see what happens.  Here's what lies ahead for me this week:

Swim: Race Specific
Warm Up: 2 x 75, last 25 in each is backstroke
Main: 2 x 600, first at RPE 4, second at RPE 8
Cool Down: 150 easy

Bike: 75 minutes.  Find hills, keep RPE 3-4 in flats, higher when climbing.  Include out of the saddle and focus on constant peddling even on downhills.

Bike: 60 minutes at RPE 4 on trainer or road.  Focus on maintaining a comfortable position without sacrificing power.

Bike: 75 minutes long tempo work
Warm Up: 15 minutes RPE 3 working to 4 by end
Main: 50 minutes at RPE 5-6 steady mix of aero and non
Cool Down: 10 minutes at RPE 2-3

OFF!  Hooray.  Time to rest and recover.

Swim: Long
400, 4 x 100, 200, 2 x 100, 100
Long are at RPE 3, 100s are at RPE 7

Run: 1 hour, steady RPE 3-4 effort.  Good stretching afterwards.

Bike: 90 minute long bike.

Run: 30 minutes post ride recovery run at RPE 3.

Bike: 2:30 hour long bike, easy pace.  Try out fuel/hydration that you plan to use during races.

So, that's the insane schedule for this week.  Are you as exhausted after just reading it as I am?  Sheesh it'll be a busy week!

At this point I'm 10 weeks away from race day!  I am getting really, really, really nervous!!  During this time I'm praying for peace, confidence, and for good health.  I'm relying heavily on bible verses and leaning on the LORD when my workouts get hard.  If you're up for a ride, let me know! :)

In other news, I wore my tri shorts that my sweet in-laws gave me for Christmas today!  They are awesome.  I'm really excited to wear them more.

With that I bid you adieu!  Have a wonderful week friends!

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