{Time Trails & Favorite Foods}

Happy Saturday, friends!

I hope you're enjoying your Saturday as much as I have been enjoying mine!  We got to sleep in which was absolutely amazing, then I got up, grabbed a cup of coffee and spent some quiet time with the LORD.  Since January 1st I haven't missed a day of quiet time yet and I think it's really making a difference in my days. :)  I can't wait to see what the LORD has in store for Ryan and me this year.

After coffee, quiet time, and a bowl of Captain Crunch while watching Bar Rescue, I headed to the pool for my first time trial of 1000 meters.  I've been swimming a lot more than 1000 meters on a regular basis, but I've never done a time trial so I wasn't totally sure what to expect.  My workout plan said to do a short warm up, but on the actual day of my race I don't know if I'll get to warm up/will want to in the water, so I just went for it cold.

I had to share a lane since the pool was surprisingly popular at 1:00 when I walked in.  As it was the farthest lane over I didn't mind since they make the first and last lanes a little larger so folks can share them more easily.  I told the lady I wouldn't be there long to which she replied her also, and about 10 laps in I noticed she wasn't swimming alongside me anymore.  I sure hope I didn't scare her off or bother her!  It's not too fun to share lanes, but I try to be really respectful of my other swimmer's portion of the lane.

I finished my time trial in 16:40 which left me feeling really good.  I even sprinted the last 50, though I'm thinking I probably should have tried to sprint the last 100.  I didn't really know what to be aiming for on my time trial, but Papa McD said I did well.  My time puts me at about a 1:40 100 which he suggests I should cut down to a 1:30 which he thinks I can and have plenty of time to do.

The only workouts I have remaining this weekend is a 1 hour run tomorrow which I'm so looking forward to since the weather is stunning today and is supposed to be even better tomorrow.  Sounds like a White Rock Lake day run to me!  Other than my run I have a 1000 something meter recovery swim I missed on Wednesday.  Looking forward to an easy Sunday before a busy training week.

After my swim, Ryan and I took the border collies on a long walk since they were cooped up about 3 days this week because of the rain.  They were in heaven and are now napping.  Sweet babies.  I'm watching the Olympic figure skating trials to see who will make the team and who I need to cheer for the Olympic season!  I can't wait!

In keeping with my blogging challenge, my top 10 favorite foods are listed below.  These are in no particular order because I'm not sure I can commit to a favorite food, surprise surprise.

1) Guacamole
2) Nutella - on anything, or just by the spoonful... not ashamed. :)
3) Bob Armstrong Dip - NOM
4) Khao Soi - especially from Banana Leaf
5) Eggs - scrambled, hard boiled, over easy, omelette, over medium, sunny side up, deviled, salad - you name it, I probably love it.  MMMMM eggs.
6) Bananas - I eat one almost daily in my morning oatmeal
7) Cereal - I would probably eat this weekly for dinner if Ryan would let us
8) Mac & Cheese - comfort food perfection
9) Bacon - who doesn't love a good piece, or 7, of bacon
10) Baked ziti - from Besa's of course

What are your favorite foods?  How are you spending your weekend? :)   I hope each of you enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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