{Registration & Black Beauty}

I am officially registered for the Memorial Hermann Ironman 70.3!!!!

Never have I ever registered for a race that expensive or that required me to put my primary insurance provider and policy number.  That's a wee bit intimidating!  They also asked you to write a little bit about why you're doing the race and about yourself.  That part was pretty cool!

Woooooo!  Now that I've gotten that out of my system I'd love to tell you about my favorite childhood book.  I'm sure there were others I really loved like The Last Unicorn, several from The Babysitters Club, Animorphs, and Nancy Drew series, but the book that comes to mind is Black Beauty.


My Dad gave me Black Beauty for Valentine's Day one year.  I remember sitting down at our kitchen table for my traditional bowl of oatmeal and waiting for me was a card from my Dad, the book, and a small box of chocolates from both of my parents.  My Dad wrote something sweet in the cover which I wish I could write here now, but it's tucked in a box somewhere since of course I couldn't get rid of it.

I remember feeling so special to have been given a book that had a personal message in it for me.  I remember reading and rereading that book so many times, cherishing it more and more each time.  It's a classic, and why my Dad picked it for me I'm not sure.  I should probably ask him. :)  might make for a fun conversation.  I bet he doesn't know that it touched me so much and now hold the spot as my favorite childhood book.  It's also probably time for me to reread that story!  It's been too too long.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend evening my friends and if you so feel inclined comment below.  I'd love to walk down memory lane with you!

 What was your favorite childhood book?  What made it special?

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