{Jetta Belle Turns 2}

I can't believe that a year ago today I was blogging about Jetta Belle's 1st Birthday.  I cannot believe our big girl turns 2 today!  Time has certainly flown by.  If you've been tracking with us here you're pretty in the know as far as what our big events have been this year, so instead of recapping Jetta's last year of life I wanted to write a letter to her instead.  Obviously she's a dog and won't understand, but I love to write and express love through letters.  So here's to you Jetta Belle.

Dear Jetta Belle,

Little border collie, Moosebreath, Moose, Princess, JB baby, I cannot believe you are 2 years old today!  We literally just brought you home from the Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue yesterday, or so it feels!  Where did time go?  You have completely stolen our hearts.  I didn't know it was possible to love a furbaby as much as I love you, but you have shown me what being a dog mom is all about.

I am grateful for the joy and laughter you bring to our lives, your unbridled enthusiasm for life, the way you love every person you meet, your sweet snuggles and the way you rest your head on me, the way you let us kiss your muzzle and how you don't kiss back when you're too tired from the day, the way you sit on me in the bed when there's plenty of space elsewhere, your obsession with being outside (even if you are getting a little cray cray these days), your love for frisbee and your serious ups, the way you love Ryan and want to be wherever he is, the way you bury more bones than you eat, the way you whimper when you want someone to catch a fish so you can kiss it, the way you mostly enjoy, but often tolerate, Oakley Mae and are teaching her how to do border collie things like swim, play, and chase squirrels, for your wookiee noise, for the way you allow me to dress you up in ridiculous costumes, for the way you rock a bandanna, the excitement you bring to every day and see each day with, the feelings that well up inside me when I think about how much our someday kids are going to love you like Ryan and I do, and for all the things I can't give words to, the simplicity and truth of your unwavering love towards us and the fact that you remind me every day that our wonderful, loving, heavenly Father meticulously made you with love to be part of our family.

Looking at you proves that the LORD takes great joy in His creations.  You are one of a kind, sweet Jetta, and I am so unbelievably grateful you are ours.

I love you girl,

Mama Taylor

"Tolerating" the Queen of Hearts Halloween costume

Kisses from my girl

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