{Catching Up... Oops!}

Wow, all that cheering I did on Friday for posting 3 days in a row was a big, fat fail!  This weekend has been so busy!  I guess I could have slept a little less, but I'm a firm believer in your body telling you to rest.  I have felt so tired lately, and people all over our office have been sick, so I have been doubling up on Vitamin C intake and rest!

If I were going to do a weekend recap I really wouldn't have much to say other than I saw sleep, eat, run, shoot, nap, eat, snuggle with border collies and my sweet husband.  Friday I got to see my bestie Paige and her cute apartment in Agg Town.  We spent a long time there catching up.  Time with her is my absolute favorite.  That night I snuggled the border collies since Ryan was at the lake shooting prepping for an IDPA competition in the morning.  I ended up sleeping way, way, way in despite my efforts to get up and meet up with my community group girls (#FAIL!).  After my devotional I went shooting with my Dad, then ran 8 miles on the dreadmill since it's been so windy all weekend.  By the time I got done running it was time for the slumber party with my Mom and seester since my seester is going back to CSTAT this week.  This morning I went to church with my handsome hubs, we had lunch, and then we took a 2 hourish nap.  It was glorious!  As my legs have been pretty tight today I did a whole lot of squat today.  And yep... that's my weekend in a nutshell.  I know, big plans over here!

Okay, so let's get back to where I, you know, didn't blog yesterday and it's now 11:02 and I'm writing my blog for today.  Whomp, whomp.  Did I mention I did a lot of sleeping and running around today?  Okay, good!

Day 4) Dream Job

Alrighty, so I have forever and a day wanted to be a dolphin or Shamu trainer.  I think I always favored the dolphins because they're ridiculously smart and not nearly as large and Shamu who tends to have wild hairs and ends up killing a few trainers here and there.  I know there's risk with working with animals, and even though humans can develop loving feelings towards animals, wild animals are still wild animals.  Either way, I would highly enjoy being a dolphin trainer.  Turns out, you don't necessarily have to have a marine biology degree either!  So... maybe I'll start looking to do that. ;)

I do have to say though, that after working with Make-A-Wish and realizing my passion for serving kiddos with cancer, and their families, I would 100% love to be a Child Life Specialist.  I actually looked at going back to school to get my Masters in Educational Psychology with an emphasis in Child Life, but who knew school was so expensive... said no one ever.  Everyone and their friend that lives under a rock knows school is expensive, and for the NewlyNabors piling on loads of debt just isn't in the cards for us now, especially after going through Financial Peace University.  So, for now I'll see what the LORD is calling me to do, and who knows maybe that's have some Flipper friends or love on some cancer kiddos in a different capacity.

Day 5) Proudest Moment

Hmmm... when I think of proudest moment, there are many to choose from.  School accomplishments always made me feel really good when I could tell my parents how proud of me they ought to be that I actually did make top 10%, or earned a spot in an honor society.  Completing big goals for me has always made me feel very proud whether it was completing a half marathon, my first sprint triathlon, making good grades, or landing my first job.

Nothing makes me prouder than proclaiming to the world that I am a Christian.  Being a Christian is my new identity.  When I made that choice for myself, it was a proud moment getting to tell my friends, Young Life leaders, and fellow campers that I had made the decision.  Even prouder was the moment when I got to go home and tell my parents the good news!

I also feel really proud when I tell people I am married to Ryan.  I know that's cheesy, but I mean it.  I am incredibly proud of my husband.  I can't wait for my coworkers to meet him, to take him to parties, to introduce him to friends, and on and on.

So, there we are!  Hopefully I've made up for the lack of posting by winning you over with my charm and wit.  Just kidding.  If I'm going to try to make it to my spin class at 6:00 am then I'm going to need to have gone to bed 30 minutes ago if not more.  Goodnight friends!

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