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Happy Tuesday, friends!

Seems like just about everyone is experiencing some chilly weather, so may your thoughts be on warm things and your core warmed with a warm coffee treat.  That's my preferred method of staying warm, personally.  Can I get an AMEN!  Who doesn't love a good Starbucks, or any warm coffee brand (I'm not picky!), treat?  OOH!  If you ever want something new to try, get this bad boy: Grande Soy White Mocha with 2 pumps Skinny Cinnamon Dolce.  #heaven  -- someone posted it on Facebook once and I had to try it.  Boy am I glad I did!!!  Seester loves it too. :)


In keeping up with the challenge, today I'll share my 5 favorite songs with you!

1) "Fall" by Clay Walker
This is our song.  Ryan first played this song for me one night when we first started dating.  That semester I had decided to try my hand at being a Physical Therapy major and was taking a slew of science classes.  Needless to say, I was not diligent enough in the studying area to cut it as a science student.  Boy, do I wish I had now since I could have done nursing or even something with cancer kids had I stuck out the science.  Ryan played it one night while we were studying at his apartment.  I've never been good at studying to music so it was a little distracting, but Ryan played it because I was getting so frustrated with the information and he said it reminded him of me.  From that day forward it became our song.

It is the song Ryan played the night he told me he loved me.  I will never forget that night, that's for sure.  We were at Chi Omega's Christmas in Salado walking around the cute little town of Salado that was all dolled up for Christmas.  When we were on our way back to the barn where our dance was being held Ryan stopped me and said some sweet things that ended with "I love you".  #bliss

We also danced to it, partially, at our wedding.  It is our song, and I love it.

2) "Drive" by Alan Jackson
This is Papa McD's and my song.  Since the moment we heard it driving a dusty, country back road, we knew.  In fact, there's a really good likelihood that he was even letting me drive.  He tended to do that when we were out hunting together.  There was no traffic, we were on back roads, I was potentially between the ages of 10 and 12 the first couple of times I drove, but it was Dad and Taylor time.  There's nothing like it, and there are few memories fonder to me than hunting with my Dad.  We were invincible.

We danced to this at my wedding.  Duh.  I'm sure you saw that coming.  During the last few weeks before the wedding, my Dad could be found sitting in his truck listening to this song.  A few times I even climbed in the truck and listened with him, sharing those tender father-daughter moments together.  He's such a good man.  I am such a lucky girl.  Thank you LORD for blessing me with such a loving Dad.  There's no one like him.

3) "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" by The Beatles
This song is so happy!!!

Mama McD loves The Beatles.  Thus, as seester and I grew up we developed strong affections for The Beatles as well.  I can't count the number of times Mama McD would quiz us in the car as to who was singing, what Beatle it was, and so on and so fourth.  I could have picked any Beatles song since I love pretty much all of them, but this one I grew to love while in college.

We got Mama McD Beatles RockBand and spent hours playing through the songs and singing along.  I think I had heard this goodie on the radio at some point before, but playing it so many times on RockBand made my fondness for it grow.  This song reminds me of good times with my family crowded around the TV playing silly RockBand.  I waffled between this song and Octopus' Garden since we loved to sing that one too.  Both happy, both weird, both Beatles.

Then, during a birthday celebration for Brittany, Papa Nabors asked us all to go around and share what end credit song would play if they made a movie about our life.  I had to pick this one.  It's fun and happy, and I can't help but bounce when it's on.

4) "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder
This is a new favorite for me.  Mama and Papa McD picked this song to play while pictures from my childhood scrolled by on the screen during our rehearsal dinner slideshow.  It struck a chord with me and when I hear it I can't help but tear up.  It's weird that moment you realize your parents love for you, and your love for them, is so great it's unfathomable.  I've always known we love one another deeply, but this song just did me in.

5) "Compass" by Lady Antebellum or "We Were Us" by Keith Urban ft. Miranda Lambert
I thought I should throw something current in there.  I'm a sucker for anything catchy, lighthearted, and happy!  I play these songs almost every day, if not multiple times in the day as soon as I turn on my Spotify.  I fell in love with both of these songs immediately.  I wanted to soak up and memorize the lyrics, the happiness, joy, sunshine they embodied and I did.  I guess that happens when you listed to them on repeat.

So, there you are friends!  I hope these songs have brought a warm smile to your faces and that you yourselves stay warm on this chilly Tuesday.

What are your Top 5 Favorite songs?

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