{Santa Run 5k: Race Recap}

Saturday morning was The North Texas Great Santa Run!  I convinced my friends, Jen and Holly, to participate since it was just a 5k!

{Pre Race}

Running with people I've never run with before makes me nervous, or self conscious, or both.  I know I'm a decent runner.  I know I've been training and doing a lot of running, and am in shape to do it.  I know all of these things, but I hate to be the one to slow people down or make people go too quickly.  There's a weird balance.  I know if I go too quickly to keep up with someone else's pace I could find I can run quicker than I think, but there's also a very real possibility that I have to stop because I haven't been running that pace and become too tired.  And then there's the whole headphones or no headphones dilemma.  I don't want to be rude and not talk if my group wants to talk, and let's be honest, I'd rather talk anyway, but then do I become the loser that is winded while talking?  So many dilemmas.  Does anyone else psychoanalyze this nonsense or is it just me?  I'm probably waaaaaaaaaaay over thinking things.

Regardless of my fears, we didn't stop, chatted the whole run, and had an awesome time!  There were so many people Santas running, and puppy Santas running too!  Some people got pretty clever with their Santa suits, but nonetheless it was a sea of red and white.



The post race hang out was great!  Since the event was sponsored by Dr. Pepper/Snapple, they had lots of drinks available, a live band, La Madeline was handing out delicious cookies, and lots of other delicious things.  The wind significantly picked up not long after we finished as we were picking up post race goodies so we called it a day and hightailed it outta there!

I didn't time our run, or even turn my Nike Running app on to totally track our time or mileage, but based on the timers and when I glanced at our time I'd say we probably ran in about 33-35 minutes, but I'm obviously just speculating.  I had an absolute blast, and am looking forward to running with these two in some other awesome 5ks.


Have a favorite 5k?  Which ones should we do?

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