{Icepocalypse 2013}

Friday was the 1st day of Big D's icepocalypse and boy was it good to have the day off!  As I had gotten word the night before our office would be closed, I had exciting plans of sleeping in and deterring Oakley Mae's wake up call until 7:55 when Ryan's alarm would start going off to go to work.  To my happy surprise, Oakley must have been so warm and toasty she didn't get up to have us let her out until Ryan got the call at 8:30am that he would not have to trek to work.  #glorious  After a quick potty break, the four of us returned to snuggle in our queen size bed for a little more shuteye, which while a little snug for four, was warm and cozy.

The girls and I got up around 11:00, had breakfast, and began tidying up the house to prepare for Christmas to flood our home!  We have been in dyer need of some deep cleaning, and I figured preparing for Christmas was a great week to get us tidied up!  When you have coffee at your disposal, cleaning really isn't all that bad!  Plus, the border collies are always willing to lend a paw, get in your way, and offer you a smile with their goofiness.

Since the "helpfulness" became a little too frequent during my sweeping of the kitchen I decided to let the girls outside to see if they liked the icy backyard.  To my surprise, they loved it!!  For about 10 minutes they just gnawed on the ground eating clumps of frozen ice, and raising their faces to look at me with ice-covered muzzles.  Melt my heart.  We give the girls ice cubes as a treat sometimes and Oakley loves them.  Jetta usually only eats one or two, but to our surprise she munched on the yard a lot, so the girls were in hog heaven.  They would run around crazy, chasing one another, then they'd both just freeze and dig their teeth into the frozen yard, then start all over.  It was pretty dang cute!  They get so frisky in the cold.  It's so cute!!

I used Ryan's camera to snap some awesome pictures of the frozen neighborhood and the girls playing in the ice.  Here are some keepers:


After several loads of laundry, dishes run, sweeping and putting things away, Ryan woke up and vacuumed our entire house.  I'm not sure if I have bragged on his vacuuming skills before, but he is an expert vacuumer.  I rarely have to vacuum because he always does when we clean house.  While he vacuumed, I dug through our mess of a garage to retrieve the Christmas decorations, tree, ornaments, and lights for the house.  Along the way I got to organize a little bit, which opened up a little room.

Sweet hubs and I decorated our house, and it's safe to say Christmas has arrived in the Naborshood!  It's so cheerful!  I had forgotten how many decorations we have accumulated over the past year and a half.  So many! :)

We spent the rest of the evening bundled up on the couch with the girls watching Damages and drinking wine.  Lovely, if I do say so myself.

Since the roads have been frozen over and pretty dangerous, the call had been made by Papa Nabors to forgo attending the Baylor vs Texas game, the final game at Floyd Casey Stadium on Friday evening.  Saturday morning we awoke to a phone call by Papa Nabors with a change of plans - we would be able to attend the game after all!

It was a slow and cautious ride to Waco, but we made it safe and sound!  It was a freeeeeeezing game, but when all was said and done we beat Texas and became the Big 12 Champions!  Standing in the freezing cold was totally worth it when that was the outcome!  They had flown the trophy down to Waco, so we even got to see them do the Championship presentation.  

After the presentation was over, Baylor did a tribute to Floyd Casey Stadium by having 8 people turn out one of the 8 stadium lights.  The last person to turn out the light was Art Briles.  After he turned off his light, we all sang "That Good Ole' Baylor Line" in Floyd Casey one last time.  It was awesome!

By that point, none of us could feel our toes, and we were beyond ready to get somewhere warm.  People were driving crazy slow, so we stopped and ate to give traffic time to clear out.  Only, traffic didn't exactly clear out.  When we got on the road at 8pm, we didn't get home until 12:15am.  Yes, I'm not kidding.  4+ hour car ride.  Out of control.  People were driving a little too cautiously because of the road.  I have absolutely nothing wrong with being cautious, but we were maybe going 5 miles per hour.  Regardless, we made it home and we all lived to tell about it.  Praise the LORD.

Yesterday morning, we slept in and then had lunch with Ryan's family.  We've laid pretty low for most of the afternoon, and I can't say I'm too disappointed about that.  Sometimes your body just needs to rest. :)

Britt invited me to go to a yoga studio with her called Karmany Yoga, who's premise is "Yoga for Everyone".  That is, there is no set price, you donate what you can, and you do whatever level yoga you want to do.  Since the ice deterred a lot of people from coming out, we were two of three yogis that attended, plus the teacher.  Woohoo, 4 yogis! :)  I don't even know that I can call myself a yogi since ya know... that's like maybe the 4th time I've done yoga this past year, but of the 4 something times I've done it, this was by far my favorite.  I am quite sore today, but my body feels good.  It's a good sore.

With the ice melted, for the most part, it's time to get back on the triathlon training wagon and get to it!  Tonight I'll do a spin class for 50 minutes, then hop on the treadmill and get a 40 minute run in.  We're in for the long haul tonight folks.  :(  I would have loved to knock one of these out during lunch, but the border collies had to be crated all day, so it was my turn to let them out at lunch.  I guess tonight will rededicate me to the sport I love so dearly. :)

I suppose I'll look forward to the sweaty work out, the steamy shower, husband prepared dinner, and husband and puppy snuggles that will ensure after my evening of sweating.  That'll keep me moving forward. :)

How do you stay motivated when it's cold, and all you want to do is snuggle with your loved ones?  Please, please tell me your secrets!

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