{Holy Productivity, Batman!}

Y'all, I don't know what happened between this past week of being exhausted and Saturday through today.  Maybe it was the sleeping in.  Maybe it was getting my workouts in early and setting my day in motion to go, go, go.  Maybe it was the no agenda.  Maybe it was the day off I had today.  Whatever it was, I am grateful!

I completed every single one of my Pinterest Christmas gifts.  That's right... every single one.  Additionally, they're not fails for once!  I genuinely want to keep one of each of the three things that I made.  My husband has told me that's not acceptable, and I can't even try them out because I'll become attached and want to keep them.  Boy, he knows me well.

I can't wait to post a blog about each of them, but since we're giving them as gifts it's probably best if I don't divulge about them at all now.  I even took pictures of each step with Ryan's nice camera.  && I know I've promised pictures from said beautiful camera since our first wedding anniversary, but I ordered the chord, finally, and it is supposed to arrive tomorrow.  That being said, be on the lookout for updates to all of those posts with pictures!!  :)

Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas with my immediate family, and I am pumped!  I love shopping for my family especially, and wrapping everything up today made me even more excited to celebrate tomorrow.

It will be interesting celebrating on Christmas Eve, and I know it won't really take away from celebrating on Christmas Day, but I think it might not be the same.  I think it's for the best though.  Last year we did both families, plus our 1st Christmas together on the same day and we were exhausted.  Not that we didn't enjoy celebrating with both of our families but, at least for me, I struggled with being fully present at Ryan's family's house knowing my family was waiting to celebrate Christmas with us.  I was also very aware of how much we were eating, not wanting to be rude by not eating enough, or by eating too much and not being hungry to celebrate with my family.

I know it's silly to feel guilty like that, but I didn't want anyone to be disappointed.  Is that so wrong?

Plus, now we get to celebrate Christmas for more than just one day!  It's such an awesome holiday, so why not just spread it out. :)

What are your plans for the holidays?  Did you have any DIY successes or failures?  Would love to know!

Merry Christmas Eve, eve!

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