{Friday Five}

Happy Friday, friends!

Teaming up with Darci at "The Good Life" today to bring you my Friday five! Here we go!

1) 5 Day Holiday Weekend
Starting today, at the glorious hour of 6:00, I will be starting my 5 consecutive days of time off.  Yes, I only had to take one day off with the holiday time off and the weekend, but that one day is what's going to turn my normal weekend, and our Christmas time off, into 5 uninterrupted days of sleeping in, working out, wrapping gifts, and celebrating!  I am beyond excited!

2) Rest
This week I have been so tired.  My body has been tired during all of my workouts, my mind is tired, my heart is tired.  Last night was the best sleep I've gotten all week.  Like last week, I was going to try to get to a spin class this morning that started AT 6 am, but when my alarm went off at 5:15 I didn't even think twice about snoozing and getting up.  I needed the rest.  I'll hit my workout hard tomorrow. :)

3) Productivity
I feel like I have been super productive this week.  I'm not sure if it was knowing I would be next week or what, but I have accomplished quite a bit at work this week.  Since the holiday season is approaching, and the office has been extra cheerful, we have probably socialized a little more, but work I did accomplish was big!

While I didn't hit every single one of my workouts this week, I hit a lot of them.  I've been pretty tired (see above), so the workouts I did do felt long and  hard, but I did them!

Running did not feel cheerful and easy like this.

It felt much more like this.

On Wednesday night I completed two DIY Christmas gifts.  Y'all, they're so pretty I do not want to give them away!  Yes, there are still many gifts left to craft, but completing those two on Wednesday evening, and them actually turning out pinterest worthy and not as pinterest fails, made me feel like a rockstar!

4) Writing
I love that writing gives me the opportunity to be comforted, to pray, to express my thoughts, feelings, anger, emotions, and to be raw.  It's been a good week to be raw and let it all out there in my writing.  I write my prayers a lot, and crying out to Him for what I really need has been exactly what I needed this week.

I love Christmas time.  People are generous, kind, and usually in a great mood.  I am excited to celebrate with family, and I love giving gifts.  I think gift giving is one of my love languages, because I'd much rather give people gifts than open any.  I can't wait to wrap everything today and get some gifts under our tree!

I also can't wait to document our Christmas this year.  I've decided I want to take pictures with Ryan's beautiful camera so we can remember everything from the food, to the family, to the border collies, to the celebrations.  I can't wait to be with family!!!

Also, without fail, each year the story of Christ's birth, and his death at Easter, bring me to tears.  I don't know why, but I am in such awe of the magnificent Savior we serve.  What a beautiful, tiny blessing that came to us on Christmas soooo many years ago.  I am blessed, and so proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ.  Welcome to the world, LORD.  I have been waiting for you.  Let's share your good news!

If you haven't seen this video, which I bet you have since it went viral a few weeks ago, it's amazing.  It gives me chills every time I see or hear it.  I'm obsessed.

What an awesome message.  It's not about the gifts y'all.  This guy offered his talents and what he had to the LORD.  That's all He really wants from us; our time and our talents.  Let me challenge myself, and you reading, to let that be the focus of your holidays.  Bring your whole self to the LORD and offer your time to him during this busy holiday season.  Let's honor him with our gifts, big or small.

What's your Friday Five this week?  Is it Christmas, gifts, your favorite holiday cookies?  Would love to know!

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