{Friday Five}

Linking up today with Darci from "The Good Life" to post my Friday Five.  That's right, any five things that I want to post about.  Woot!

1) New iPhone 5s

Yes, I have upgraded from my iPhone 4 and joined the millennium with an iPhone 5s my sweet husband told me to get yesterday while we were at Best Buy because they're having a $75 off deal.  It is so awesome!  Goodbye cracked screen!  Goodbye taking a minute to open every app.  Goodbye to sending text messages before the whole text is typed out.  Hello pretty new iPhone. :)  Thankful for a husband who saw it was possible to fit in our budget this month.

2) Doodling & Typography

This is one of life's simplest pleasures for me.  I especially love typography and trying new fonts whenever I see one I like.  I have gotten to doodle typography a lot this week.  From doodling the addresses for our Christmas cards, to writing name tags for our Christmas party it's been a busy doodling week!

I have been super pumped about this run all week long!  Tomorrow Jen, Holly and I will be dressed up in our Santa suits to run the North Texas Great Santa Run which is a 5k!  Come on people, why would you NOT want to enter this race?  I can't wait to post about it.

4) Office Christmas Party
Tonight, my department will head to Top Golf for our Christmas partay!  While I'm bummed Ryan can't go because he has to get paperwork for his police test tomorrow done, it will be fun!  Yay Top Golf!

5) Ryan's Police Test
This bad boy goes down tomorrow!  Prayers, prayers, prayers for awesome things to come from this if it is the LORD's will.  It is not our will, but His alone.  Praying Ryan has a great test and that the physical test after is beyond easy for him.  I'd totally hold up signs and wear a "Go, Ry, go" shirt if it was appropriate!

What's your Friday Five?

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. YES! doodling/typography! you and me both!!! love love love!
    hope you had a fabulous weekend, cutie!! xx


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