{Atlanta Recap: Happy Birthday, Mama Bev!}

Two weekends ago, during the weekend of the Baylor vs Texas Tech game (ahhh, such blissful memories of highscoring, mindblowing, butt-kicking football...), my sweet husband, Mama McD, and seester frand made a fun trip up to Atlanta to visit my aunts, uncles, cousins, cousin's families, and of course, my cute, cute, cute Mama Bev.  Mama Bev is my only living grandparent that remains, and y'all she is precious!

We headed to the airport bright and early on Friday morning, and I mean reallllllly bright and early, 5 am bright and early.  It wasn't too horrible once Ryan and I met up with my mom and seester because at that point we had already been up since 4 am, so what did it matter anyway?  After a Starbucks pick me up, too, the early morning didn't seem quite so dreadful!  Plus, our crew is pretty dang fun to travel with if I do say so myself. :)

When we arrived in drizzly Atlanta, my aunt had a car pick us up and take her to her house.  I love the drive there, despite the rolling hills that often make me nauseous, because it is so beautiful and so green!  Best of all, I did not get motion sick even once! #littlevictories

I've grown up going to my Aunt SharRon and Uncle Alan's house when we're in Atlanta for as long as I can remember, so it was really fun to share that with Ryan.  He's never seen their house, or even traveled to ATL with me, so it was definitely precious time I cherished.

After a quick tour, my aunt picked us up from her errands and we headed to Mama Bev's home to go to lunch at her favorite diner.  I couldn't believe it had been two years since I'd seen this little love Mama Bev of mine, and my heart was so full of joy to see her smiling face even though I know she didn't remember me immediately.  [Mama Bev has Alzheimer's disease and she has been losing her memory little by little for quite a few years now.  Last time I saw her, two years ago, was the first time I could tell she had the disease.  Luckily, she's a firecracker, and cute as can be, so it really doesn't bother me in the least!]

After saying hello to Tori and me/"meeting" us again, and genuinely meeting Ryan for the first time we headed to her favorite diner.  Y'all, even though she may not totally remember who we are, she never lets it show to our faces.  She hugged and kissed us all, told us how beautiful we were, and carried on as if we were picking up where we left off.  Southern Belle, so joyful, so kind.  We got into the car and Mama Bev turned to my mom and said, "Your friends are so nice."  Ryan and I couldn't help but smile.  She's so stinking cute.

Lunch was a great success, I think the small group played to our advantage, and my Mama Bev and mom and Aunt told stories from their childhood.  We all laughed and carried on, and, of course, had some delicious diner food.  Can't go wrong with diner food in my book.  After lunch we dropped her back off at her home and when I asked Ryan what he thought of her he said, "Love her, and now I have a memory of her too!"  Melt my heart.  I married a great man!

We were heading to my godparent's house for dinner, and instead of head back to my Aunt's house we headed to the World of Coca-Cola, which I highly recommend to anyone visiting the great city of Hotlanta!  The museum was so stinking cool that they could have been taking about toilet paper and I would have been as wildly entertained as I was learning about Coca-Cola.

There are two floors of exhibits, and the building is huge, so it easily took us three hours to complete which was perfect for the time we had before meeting my godparents, Karla and Jeff.  Here are some pictures from our time at the World of Coca-Cola!

Me, Ryan, and Tori waiting for the tour to start!

Me, Mom, and Tori waiting for the tour to start!


The World of Coca-Cola Tour

As Coke is a big sponsor of the Olympic games, this is a wall of Olympic game torches!  SO COOL!

Mama McD getting pixelated while waiting to go inside the vault room that holds Coke's secret formula!

So, you can take pictures with the Coca-Cola polar bear, or the CEO of Happiness!  His eyes, mouth, and tail move and HE CAN SMILE!  Awesome, awesome part of the visit!  Check him out here.
Family picture with the Coca-Cola polar bear

Polar Bear Hugs

Double Sic'em Coca-Cola - taking pictures was easily Ryan's and my favorite part!

The bear needed a break.  His cute little tailed flopped when he walked.

My handsome man waiting in line to see the 4D Coke movie.  The seats moved, and sprayed water at you, and poked you.

The Coca-Cola American Idol couch

At the very end of the tour there's a tasting room where you can try 65 Coca-Cola products from all over the world.  Ryan rushed over to the European section and was like a little kid on Christmas when he saw Mezzo Mix!  It brought back awesome memories of living in Switzerland for him, and it was really cool to try the drink he loved so much living there.  My favorite was a Fanta flavor called Melon Frosty.  I don't even know how to describe it other than WOW, YUM, and AMAZING.  I spent most of my time in the tasting room filling, and refilling, my cup with Melon Frosty.  Yum.

{Ryan's favorite}                                           {Tay's Favorite}

Before you head into the gift shop they offer you a freshly bottled Coca-Cola for you to take home.  So cute, and of course, tasty!

The gift shop was incredible!  Naturally, Ryan had to get a koozie to go with his ever-growing collection, I got a pack of cards with our favorite bear on them, and we got an ornament for our Christmas tree of the white polar bear with a Coke. World of Coca-Cola, you have stolen my heart.  I love you even more now than I did before.  If you're even in ATL, go there!  It's well worth the trip.

Dinner at my godparent's was delicious and fun.  I haven't seen them since Ryan and I got married, so it was great to spend time with them that we really didn't get to during the wedding.  They have an awesome patio with a fireplace and TV, and it was nice to sit out there and talk and drink wine, and then have yummy dinner.  Karla is my mom's best friend, and Jeff is her husband.  They are Tori's godparents too, and they are seriously awesome.  So fun, so down to earth, so cool.  Karla and I have a lot in common so it's fun to be around her.  Jeff is hilarious, and he and Ryan talked guns, and seem to have a lot in common too.  Mom and Karla of course had to catch up for what seemed like an eternity.  It's cute to see Mama McD with her bestie.

I feel like it's relatively easy to combine the rest of the weekend into the same section because we pretty much just ate and drank, worked on a puzzle, and celebrated Mama Bev's birthday.  My Uncle Walt and Aunt Mary Linda drove in from North Carolina to spend time with us and Mama Bev for her birthday.  I haven't seen them since the wedding either, so it was such a blessing to catch up with them.  Other than eating, drinking, celebrating Mama Bev while eating and drinking, trying to complete a balloon puzzle before we went back to Texas, and catching up on anything and everything in between, we took a ride in my Uncle Alan's brand new McLaren.  It was fast, despite him driving slower since it was rainy and wet, and so awesome.  Ryan was in love, as was just about everyone else.  Next time he said he can drive it if the road conditions are better!
Last time we visited, my Uncle Alan had two Lamborghini's he let my sister and drive.  Y'all, he loves fast, legit cars, which is cool because we get to ride in fast cars when we visit!

Of course, epic fail, I did not take any pictures pretty much after the first day, and I failed to get one with Mama Bev, but the one below and the one at the very top of the post are two from her birthday two years ago.  Love that little Mama Beverly of mine!

{Me, Mama Bev, and Mama McD} 

The trip to Atlanta was a huge success, despite Ryan having to miss attending the Baylor vs Texas Tech game.  There's always next year.  I'm so grateful for the time spent with my family, and for Ryan to be able to share in the memories I cherish of my Mama Bev so dearly.  Thanks for taking us with you Mama McD!

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