Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  I love Thanksgiving.  There is a very real possibility that it is my favorite holiday.  People are extra generous, we are reminded of what truly matters, we surround ourselves with the ones we love, we share what we're thankful for, and the holiday isn't about physical stuff.  Yes, the food is fantastic, but the overall tone of the holiday is what makes me most joyful.  I love listing out what I am thankful for, and every time I think I'm done I surprise myself by adding just one more thing, then one more, then another, until 30 minutes later I can't believe I haven't run out of things to be grateful for.  So, I thought I'd write my top 10 things I am grateful for to spare you the reading and me the hand cramp. :)

  1. I am thankful for a Savior that died for the world's sins.  I am especially grateful to be saved by grace through Jesus Christ.  Oh, how He loves us so!  Thank you LORD!
  2. I am thankful for my sweet husband.  Words cannot describe what he means to me, though LORD knows I have tried here, here, and here just to name a few spots.  He is my absolute favorite person to be around, my best friend, the only man I would want to raise babies with, and he is uniquely himself.  I love you, Ry.  Thank you for loving me.
  3. I am thankful for my families.  I have been blessed to have the best family in the world, and doubly blessed to have gained such a great family in marrying Ryan.  It is genuinely the best of both worlds.  I am so proud of my family.  It has been a whirlwind year, but the LORD has gone before us and beside us and behind us.  I am thankful for you McDermids and Nabors and extended family on both sides!
  4. I am thankful for the bordercollies.  Jetta Belle and Oakley Mae keep like so fun, help keep us humble, add such joy to our family, and teach us daily about patience and unconditional love.  We could not have gotten two better pups, though that's often up for discussion when Oakley goes particularly Marley & Me on us.  I love you, girls.
  5. I am thankful for our great country.  I am thankful to live in a place where I am free to be me, to worship our Savior.  I am especially grateful for those in the military who fight to protect the freedom we have here.  Thank you to those in my family, my new family, and to all of your family members, or you, who serve our country.  We don't say "thank you" nearly enough.  *Special congratulations to my cousin, Lee, who just graduated from Marine basic training!*
  6. I am thankful for community.  Though my community group has split up, these girls truly defined what community means to me.  I am much more in tune to what a challenging, supportive, loving group of God fearing women looks like, and I crave that.  Thank you girls for challenging me, and loving me through truth for the past few years.  I love you all so much!
  7. I am thankful for such wonderful friends.  Good friends are hard to come by, so I am blessed to have each one of you as my friends.  You are the best to laugh and cry with, and I cherish our friendships.  Thank you for being such good friends!
  8. I am thankful to have a good job.  Though I complain about it sometimes, I am thankful to have a good job at Christian company, with benefits, and money to help Ryan and I pay for the things we need and do the things we want.  I am thankful for the friendships I have made there, for the outstanding boss I have, for the mentors that challenge me and help me grow in my thinking, and for the great things that happen there that don't happen at most companies.  Things like mission trips, praying before meetings,  donating to charities, etc.
  9. I am thankful for passion, for the ambition to challenge myself, and the desire to continue to learn and grow.  While now I'm invested in training for a triathlon, I know after that I'll be invested in something else 110%, and that's exciting!  I hope this spirit never changes!
  10. I am thankful for Financial Peace University.  This might seem like a weird one, but I am genuinely thankful for this.  I without a doubt believe this has made our marriage stronger.  Money really used to stress us out, and though times can be hard, I am grateful to have learned principles for managing money and for the opportunity to learn to tell my money what to do and where to go.  We feel better about our money management, and can actually get excited about future purchases because we know how to handle our budget, and how to save for what we need.  Thanks, Dave! :)
What are you thankful for?  Cheers to you and yours this Thanksgiving.

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