{Team Training Dilemmas}

So, I've been waffling back and forth with whom I want to train for my big Half Ironman event.  I like the structure, and current price, of training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training, but am concerned about the amount of funds I would have to raise for my race.  I raised a pretty significant amount during my MS150 ride, but this amount is much, much more... to the tune of $2,900.  Yeah, that's quite a chunk of change.
But look at these friends.  They trained together, and are now competing together.  I want that!

When I think of how many people I know that have been affected by Leukemia and Lymphoma I know that amount of money could contribute quite a bit to research efforts, and that makes me really happy and excited to participate.  Plus, getting to train with a team, having constant encouragement, and people to challenge me and hold me accountable sounds like a wonderful thing.

I remember when I was running in my 1st 1/2 Marathon, the then White Rock 1/2 Marathon, I was encouraged by one of the LLS TNT coaches.  They were standing in the middle of the course with tissue boxes, since it was so cold, and cheering people on by reading names off of bibs, as well as looking for their purple racers.  They didn't even know me, and my spirits were lifted.  I am thinking that on the toughest race I will have ever competed in, having someone I know and someone that will help me when I am struggling could really make or break my racing.  I know there will be sections of the race where I will see my family and friends cheering me along and helping me to get out of a mental slump, were that to happen, but why not better my chances for constant encouragement along the racecourse by having team members, and coaches, swimming, biking, and running the race with me.  Sounds pretty great.

Sounds great, but I panic about the price tag.  If I don't raise the money I Ryan and I will be responsible for the difference.  Scare!  They do provide you with tons of ways to raise the money, and they have found if you follow their fundraising guidelines you should have no trouble raising the funds.  Still, I get a little anxious about the money.

This is where Fit2Train, a Dallas Triathlon training group, sounds a bit more appealing.  They seem a little more flexible in their training schedule, which could be good and bad, but if I'm signing up to join a team I kind of want a lot of things to go to train.  While my job is pretty flexible, there are some days where I'm just going to hope there are a lot of different training options for me to get to.  The cost to join is a little more expensive, not significantly, but nonetheless more, but the team seems super friendly and like they really enjoy the sport.  I need to get out there and train with them, but the last couple of things I've heard about I have been unable to make.

I wouldn't have to raise money to be on their team either.  With LLS TNT, if I didn't raise the funds and couldn't pay the remainder I would be asked to drop the team.  I don't know if that would mean I wouldn't be able to race period, but that would be pretty devastating.  With Fit2Train, the pressure is off on that level.  I can't totally tell, but it seems like there would be a few people training and running that event too, so the encouragement would be similar to that of TNT.

I am getting more and more excited about this race, as I get into the training, and I know the rest of this year will really be dedicated to getting better, stronger, and faster.  It will take a lot of mental strength and endurance to ward off the lies that I can't keep going, that I'm too tired, and what not.  I think this will be one of the biggest things to overcome for me, and I believe having a team to train and race with will make a huge difference in my confidence to make win the mental game, as well as the physical of course. :)

Given what little information I have provided you, what do you think I should do?  Any advice is welcome!  And with that I'm off to cycle!  Happy Sunday friends.

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