{& so began my love affair with water}

Y'all,  I love swimming!  I realized I start far too many posts off with, "Yall, I love...", but what can I say?  I really love some things, and what's so wrong with getting overly excited about them? :)  Swimming is my favorite part of training for this triathlon... easily.  I mean, I love the runners high and all now that I've actually experienced a "runner's high", and take joy in most of my runs, it's pretty fun. And biking will always hold a special place in my heart, especially because I feel so accomplished after I bike for an hour and have gone 12 miles, but I don't think either really hold a candle to the way swimming makes me feel!  It feels so effortless, and afterwards I feel very relaxed, can get a good stretch in, and am sore in different places because I'm not using the same muscles as running and biking.  It's usually a nice soreness in my upper back.

This was my workout today:
Warm Up:
150 swim, 150 kick, 150 pull, 150 swim
1x1000 (alt. 500 - which I couldn't get in because I didn't have enough time.  #boo)
Cool Down:
4x50 each slower than last

I have been getting my swim on at the JCC during lunch times, which is great because I'm starting to have some "usuals" aka my silver swimming buddies.  Silver as in, they could be my grandparents, and they are sweet as pie.  I swim consistently next to this one guy, whom I have yet to ask him his name, and he is always so cheerful.  We have easy chit chat while I'm trying to catch my breath, and he often jokes with me about my "speed" and "him not being in his prime to kick my butt".  It's adorable.  Plus, he, like a few others at the JCC, loves my pink swim cap, and told me I look great in my pink swim cap today. What a cutie!  It makes for a delightful swim.

Time flew by!  Swimming makes me zone out.  Unlike running and biking, I've been better and blocking the mental negativity I have encountered when I get tired.  I tend to focus on counting my strokes and breathing as opposed to how tired I am, and, so far, the mental battle hasn't been an issue.  I know come race day I'll be a basket of nerves and adrenalin, but race day jitters is a whole different issue I need to prep for.  (Any tips are welcome, by the way!!!  Leave any in the comments section below.)

I knew today might be tough because I had my first 1000 meter swim.  The most I've swam at once, without stopping, is a 500 (20 laps if you're in a 25 meter pool).  But, y'all, I killed it!  I started out slower than I think I normally would, but having not swam a 1000 I wanted to make sure I didn't quit.  That's my new motto.  Don't quit.  I'd rather go a little slower than drop out because I burn all my energy too quickly.  I've been swimming my 500's at about 8 minutes, but the 1000 took me 19 minutes which is about a minute and a half added to each 500.  I was a little disappointed with the time, but I have a lot of time to get faster, so I'm not worried, and it was my first one.  I need to remember that!

This is my pink swim cap.
I got it for $8 at Academy and it was the only pink one.  Usually I'm not a baby pink kinda girl, but it was this or blue.  So, obviously I went for the pink, and it's apparently quite a hit!  Here are some other amazing caps I might have to invest in at some point.  (Stocking stuffers? hint hint, wink wink)
{Mama McD would totally be on board with the princess tiara swim cap.  I wonder if this comes in adult sizes.  It should!}

{It looks like glitter!! Kind of...}

Speaking of swim caps, for my fellow swimmers out there, how do you wear yours?  Over your ears, or partially over your ears?  I have tried swimming with it completely over my ears a couple of times, but as water seeps in it gets in my ears and stays there, and I don't particularly care for that.  So, I wear it partially over my ears instead, and it doesn't bother me because water can escape.  However, the cap tends to start slipping off a bit since it's not snug.  What's the proper way to wear a swim cap?  This video shows the girls with partial ear covering.  Maybe I'm over-analyzing this waaaaay too much and I should just wear it how I want.  The video above did tell me I shouldn't wear my bun so high because that tends to pull the cap off... hmm... exactly the problem I have been having! :)

Other Triathlon Gear I'm currently crushing on:
{TYR TriTop}

{2XU TriTop}

Which brings me to my next item on my Triathlon Prep Plan: what the heck do I wear for a 1/2 Ironman? Hopefully I'll be able to find some awesome blogs or articles about it.  Hollaatchagirl if you have any advice!

Other things I'm currently loving:
- Counting down the days til my husband, mom, and sister and I get to Atlanta to visit my Mama Bev, aunt and uncle, cousins, and their kiddos!  It's been too long, and Ryan's never met my Mama Bev.  She's the best. :)
- Crock pot Chili from the Hill and cornbread shared with my sweet husband, Dad, and Aunt Peggy!
- Border Collie babies Jetta Belle & Oakley Mae.  Even though Oakley Mae barks incessantly and drives us crazy!!!
- Getting my teeth cleaned tomorrow!  I know... I am a freak who loves the dentist!

- Women's Body Glide - this stuff is amazing.  After wearing the wrong shorts to indoor cycle in yesterday, I wish I had been using my Women's Body Glide!!
- Cooler weather.  Who doesn't love bundling up in a deep sea of blankets with the one you love and your four legged beasts, watching your favorite TV show, drinking hot chocolate, gluhwein, or apple cider, and settling in for a fun holiday season?
- White Chocolate Honey Almond Florentines - yes.  They're heavenly.  A special thanks to Papa McD for my newest, and not so calorie friendly, addiction.
{You can find these bad boys at Sam's Club!  You're welcome.}

What are you currently crushing on?

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