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Y'all, I love Financial Peace University.  I seriously love it.  I'll be honest, I thought it was going to be totally boring, hard to put to practice, and frustrating to do as husband and wife.  What a pleasant surprise and treat I have had!


I am definitely the NERD in the relationship, and my sweet husband is the Free Spirit.  Yeah, I wasn't all that surprised myself.  In fact, when we filled out a survey on Nerd vs. Free Spirit we were almost exact opposites when it comes to our money.  I love creating budgets.  Yes, yes, laugh it up, but I love it!  I don't always stick to them, obviously since we're in Financial Peace, but I love to make them.  I enjoy the feeling of knowing where our money is going.  However, our current budget wasn't working.  We weren't telling our money where to go.  Instead, we had a general idea of how much we wanted to spend on things per month, and didn't really look at it after that.

{Free Spirit}

The common NewlyNabors conversation went a little something like this:

1st Pay Period of Month:
T: "OMG, OMG, OMG!  We have so many bills this month and I know we have enough money, but it's only Sunday, we got paid on Friday, where is our money?!"
R: "Well, we ate out Friday, Saturday, and for lunch today.  We paid rent, bills, etc.  We wanted that stuff from (insert store here) so we bought it.  We bought the dogs toys, treats, food, bones.  It's fine.  We'll be fine.  This happens every month this time because rent eats a lot of our budget."
T: "OMG!  You ate out lunch three times this week?  We had a rule!  You only eat out once a week."
- Cue crazy girl argument about money, and everything else annoying, that can't be won... easily if at all.
- Cue ridiculous arguments about the same money frustrations over and over and over.

2nd Pay Period of Month:
T: "OMG, we're so rich!  No rent to pay this month.  Let's go get that thing we've been wanting at (insert store here).  Yes!  I can get that makeup that I've been needing and waiting on, my eyebrows done, my iPhone screen fixed.  Can I get a new iPhone this weekend?"
R: "Yeah!  I love this time of the month!  Let's go to dinner at (enter restaurant here).  Yum!  Woohoohoo!  We're so rich!"
A week later...
T & R: "OMG.  We need to pull from savings... again!  We don't have enough money to cover x, y, z!  Why does this always happen!"

{That's what it feels like sometimes.}

And you can guess the rest folks. That's about what we've done for the past... year!  Ridiculous, no?  Why, you say, would you continue to live in frustration and get upset over the same issues?  We didn't really know what to do, it was frustrating, we wished it would just disappear, etc., etc., etc.!

Yesterday was our 5th class session with Financial Peace University.  I seriously want to soak up everything like a sponge.  Everything Dave says I can't help but find myself nodding along too in agreement.  Why didn't I take this class sooner?  He is hilarious too!  Originally I thought, discussing financials and managing money, LORD this is going to be boring, but that's so far off base from the truth!  It is so entertaining, so truthful, and I loved that it is Biblically based.  Especially since Ryan and I want to honor the LORD with our money, this last fact has been so helpful.

A few weeks ago we had to create our first new budgets.  I'm not talking about the fill out your expenses and call it a budget budget either.  This bad boy has tons and tons and tons of spaces to tell your money exactly where it's going.  Groceries, toiletries, bills, pocket money, loans/debt, gas, you name it, it's on there!  I am in heaven... seriously.  It's so beautiful, and organized!  Ahhhhh.

We were told to call our first Budget Committee Meeting which basically means, since I am the Nerd I put together what I think our budget should be.  Since we get paid on 2 week increments we're doing the Allocated Spending Budget which I love so much!  It's so so so organized.  Oh, and did I mention organized?  Anyway, after I generate the budget, Ryan is supposed to come to the meeting, bring his brain, and look over the budget and see if there's anything I didn't include or if he thinks there are some tweaks that maybe we should discuss.  It has actually worked tremendously!  Instead of the budget being solely mine, Ryan has ownership of it too.  By his review and discussion of the budget, it's not me telling him what to do with our money.  We have made the decision together, and it feels awesome.  We are having great conversation, learning to not be defensive and feel personally attacked, and it feels good to know where we stand and what we can actually do.

This weekend was our first opportunity to put our budget into practice.  We haven't stuffed any envelopes with cash yet, but will definitely be doing that next week when we get paid again.  We went to dinner Friday night and Ryan made the comment, "You know we don't have a ton of entertainment budgeted into this two weeks because it's so tight with rent, so if we eat here we'll probably have to cut out something else later."  I was so proud of Ryan for being so cognizant of our spending! :)  #happywife

Sure enough, the next night we went to a movie with friends and before hand we originally planned to go to La Duni, a delicious latin kitchen, which is a little pricier than some other options at the mall, but so tasty!  Ryan, again, held us accountable to our budget saying we could do it, but it was going to be expensive on top of a movie.  While it sucked having to tell our friends we were just going to eat at the food court, they were totally understanding, we didn't blow our budget out of the water, and it felt good to have been smart with our money.  I will admit, I was a little disgruntled with Ryan for holding us accountable, but I am so proud of him for doing so. Hopefully, I will start checking myself before just agreeing to things.  Y'all, we are getting mature with our money!  Well, Ryan's definitely getting mature with our money.  I'm getting there!

Anyway, if you're feeling like we were, frustrated with the routine of money problems, I would highly recommend taking Financial Peace.  One of the biggest contributing factors for divorce in America is financial struggles and arguments.  If you're a husband and wife duo, or even single, get your financials in check.  Make them do what you want, pay off debts, and get your money in check so you can live like you want to.


Join us!  Find a class near you now: http://www.daveramsey.com/home/

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