{Financially Savvy}

It's true!  Looks like Baylor University (SIC'EM BEARS!) won't be the only university the NewlyNabors attend... if you count Financial Peace University, that is.

That's right friends, that means these NewlyNabors will be gaining a better understanding of what it looks like to manage finances, prepare for future investments like buying a home (or several I'm sure through our wonderful years of wedded bliss), planning for kids, setting up their college funds, planning for retirement, and some really awesome travel plans sprinkled in as often as possible.

[Sidenote: Have you done a search on how much college is going to cost in 2030?  Attending a private university could cost you $130,428/YEAR, and a public school could cost $41,228/year.  Y'all Baylor is private.  AGH!  Let's just bank on the fact that with mine and Ryan's athletic jeans combined we'll have super sporty, scholarship-worthy kiddos.  PANIC.]

So, we'll be hanging out with this guy, Dave Ramsey, every Wednesday night for an hour or two, for the next 9 weeks when we will be deemed financial gurus.  I've always wanted to be a guru.

Tonight the topic is called "Super Savings", so I'm guessing we're going to learn about making sure we HAVE a good savings, which is well.... more of a month to month look for us currently.  Whomp Whomp.  Don't judge us, okay!  We're getting help and we're only twentysomethings.  I do have some of my paycheck deposited into our savings account each pay period though, so at least we're investing some, though it is small, it's better than nothing.

Watch out world, because pretty soon, we'll probably be like this in our new home,

walking around with our swag like this,

and the puppies will be in bone heaven.

Nah, I kid.  If I've got Ry, the border collies, a roof over our heads, the financial ability to travel a bit, bring some sweet kiddos into the world and give them the best we can, and set ourselves up for a decent retirement, that's more than I could ask for.

Has anyone else taken Financial Peace?  How has it helped you?

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