{The First Flat & Training Updates}

Training, training, training.  Where do I begin?  For starters, I've really enjoyed it.  Surprisingly more than anything I've trained for lately.  The workouts are, obviously, fairly easy since it's just beginning, but I am so enjoying the multisport thing.  Running, which I thought I would dislike most during training, has proved to be the most rewarding thus far.  I am getting faster, though probably still snail-like to most of you, and have pushed myself to run longer than my necessary times.  I've been running 3 miles consistently on my last few runs, and get this, I haven't stopped on a run since my first training run.  #boom

After a weekend of Halloween festivities, and being pretty busy, I wasn't sure how my ride would go on Sunday, and boy did I delay, delay, delay.  After I woke up from a nap around, oh let's say 5 pm (oops!), I decided it was time to go since it was going to start getting dark soon.  About 13 minutes, and 2.5 lousy miles, into my bike ride I popped my front tire!  Since I was only supposed to be on the bike for 45 minutes this proved rather frustrating.  Additionally, I didn't know how to change my tire.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know what you're thinking.  "How can you not know how to change your tire?  You rode the MS 150 two years ago.  COME ON!"  Well... see... I've only ever popped a tire twice and it was in the same day, which should have been my first indication that perhaps I should have changed my bike tubes, but I wasn't exactly anticipating a popped tire.  Secondly, the one time my tire popped, the nice guy I was riding with changed it for me, and even if I had been paying attention that was a long time ago!

So, basically, I sat on the side of the road and wondered what the heck I was going to do.  Gut reaction was to call Ryan and have him a) come change the tire for me, or b) take me home, but I got really feisty and frustrated when I called him, and said I could "YouTube it or something".  That was all fine and dandy, but 15 minutes later I still could not do the first step... remove the wheel.  #fail

I finally got the wheel off maybe 10 minutes later, now 25 minutes into something that should have taken 10 minutes max, and sat there trying to get my stupid bike tire off to replace the popped tube.  After about 10 more minutes of trying to get the wheel off, I called it quits and called Ryan to come help me.  I must have looked ridiculous and defeated, possibly pathetic or maybe almost in tears, because some kind stranger rolled down his window and asked if there was anything he could do to help.  I said, "no", that my husband was coming, and he said, "Really I can help you change it."  I said "YES!" and "THANK YOU!" and told Ry a kind stranger offered to help me change my tire.  I was immediately relieved.  My new friend, who had conveniently worked at a bike shop through college, got the tire off in 5 minutes flat, if that, and showed me how to do it.  We then put in my replacement tube, put the tire back on and started to try to fill the tire with air.  After a few minutes of a still flat tire, despite efforts to inflate it, we took the tube back out and found out my replacement tube also had a hole in it.  Whomp whomp.  Luckily, my new friend had an extra so he just gave it to me.  Y'all, people that bike are freaking nice.  While we were changing my tire, four other bikers offered to help.  (Where they were 40 minutes earlier, I couldn't tell you, but regardless... you get my point!)
By the time my friend helped me and I was on my merry way, the sun was starting to set so I knew I needed to make my way back home.  For what it's worth it was a good ride, despite the ridiculous amount of time it took to change my tire, and the me not knowing how to do it myself part, too.

I swam Monday and and will swim tomorrow during lunch at the JCC which is infinitely better than trying to swim after work since they have a lot going on at the pool right after work for several hours.  I got lucky the first time and had a lane to myself, but I didn't want to risk having to share or having to wait for a lane, so lunch it is!  Despite having been out of swimming shape, I'm continually surprised by how easy it feels to complete my workouts.  I am definitely out of breath at times, and it's not nearly as effortless as it was in high school, but it's easier than I anticipated... once you get past the initial cool water shock.  I say cool, but it's was a whopping 81.8 degrees today, so that's not bath tub temp, but not hose water either.

I've used my team sports as a substitute for some of my workouts because I didn't have time to get to a workout during lunch or failed to get up early (which is always a challenge for me) to get them in, but now that a couple of the sports are done I'll have more time to focus on my training, which I'm pumped about!

Tomorrow I've got to endure dreaded LEG DAY at the gym, and then Halloween kickball with good ole' Racks&Sacks assuming our game hasn't been canceled due to muddy fields from today's rain.  Pray for me to get through leg day.  It's totally a mental battle to beat the burn.  Owwwwww.

Until next time friends, keep calm and leg day on!

I plan to. :)

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