{Nashville Recap}

Hello friends!  I hope you're enjoying the lovely fall weather.  I know I am!  I realized I posted about Adair's Bachelorette Party, but I never posted about the NewlyNabors trip to Nashville to see Ry's seester, Brittany, and to celebrate Justin & Adair's wedding!  Let's recap, shall we?

If you've never been to Nashville I highly recommend it because it is so stinking gorgeous!  Everywhere you drive feels like you're in the middle of no where because you're surrounded by nature.  It is seriously one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

We departed good ole' Dallas early Thursday morning, made a stop in Humid Houston and finally arrived in Nashville around 3:00 for Britt to pick us up from the airport!  I hadn't seen her in what felt like an eternity, and really had been a few months give or take, so it was such a gift to see her immediately!  In the airport we ran into my besties, Paige and Megan, which if I hadn't been excited enough already, sent me off the excitement charts.

Me after we arrived in Nashville and saw M & P in the airport!  It's GAME TIME!

Britt took us to her adorable apartment where we saw Mikachu, the fluffiest cat in the world (possibly even fluffier than I've ever seen her since she doesn't have dogs permanently ripping chunks of fur out of her every minute of everyday), grabbed a quick bite to eat and caught up!

Mika Scarf

That night she took us to Live on the Green which is a free concert in the downtown area of Nashville (I think... don't quote me on that!).  We met her cute boyfriend, Chris, and a couple of their friends and had a great night dancing, playing in a fountain, and enjoying some beverages on the green!  I also learned how to twirl a hula hoop from some morphlings.  I call them morphlings because after reading The Hunger Games that's what I imagine they might be like... into lights, and hula hoops, super friendly, really skinny, marching to the beat of their own drum, among other things. :)

(For the full video check out that Instagram)

Friday I had quite a few bridal party things to attend to so I didn't get to play with Ry and Britt, but they had a blast touring around Nashville in Chris' doorless/roofless Jeep Wrangler, eating popsicles from Las Paletas, playing football in the park with the actual size Panthenon replica, and enjoying a Bushwacker which is a drink that is famous at a bar and basically tastes like a Wendy's Frostee with alcohol.  Yes, it's delicious.

While my two Nabors were playing in Nashville, I was playing with the other bridesmaids and, more importantly, my besties.  It was so good to be reunited again despite that fact that it hadn't been that long since we had been apart.  I basically just love them a lot.

My besties get me.

We celebrated Adair at the Bridesmaids Luncheon at a really cute old building that looked so charming and southern, of course.  It was something right out of "Sweet Home Alabama".  After the Bridesmaids Luncheon, Paige, Megan, Adair and I went and got manicures and pedicures, and shortly after that went to quickly change for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Ryan joined me after the rehearsal at the rehearsal dinner and we all ate and toasted Adair and Justin's upcoming nuptials.  They are really such a sweet couple, y'all.  So humble, so sweetly in love, and so adventurous.  I have no doubt their marriage will be a wonderful adventure.

One of our best looks.  Ever.

The Bridesmaids and the Bride





After the RD, we went to an After Party a couple of Adair's family friends were throwing for her and Justin.  Talk about a gorgeous house with all people our age there.  It was a great time with food, drinks, fire pit, marshmallow roasting, and great friends.

Baylor Bears

After the After Party we joined Brittany, Chris, and some of their friends at a Karaoke bar.  It was a really fun way to end the night, and was really close to our hotel which was nice also.  I love walking cities.  Madrid made me really know that, and though Nashville's not really a walking city from what I can tell, since it's so big, the downtown area we stayed in was which was awesome!

Saturday was the big day and we had lots to do!  Adair & Justin had an out-of-town guest brunch at this gorgeous country club.  It was picturesque with the giant trees, white building, rolling greens, men in bowties, women in sundresses, picture perfect event.  After brunch we met at the church which was beautiful like everything else in Nashville, sparkling white with a giant bell tower and everything against the crisp, blue, cloudless sky to get ready with Adair!  It was the most perfect day for a wedding!  It was a whirlwind of curlers, straighteners, makeup, bridesmaids dresses, wedding dress assisting, camera flashes, pictures, pictures, picture, snacking, and boom it was wedding time!

Out of Town Brunch

Gorgeous church

After the wedding they bused us to the Hermitage, home of Andrew Jackson, for the reception.  We actually had the reception outside at the Cabin by the Spring which was the little cabin on the property and it was stunning.  (If you haven't grasped how beautiful Nashville is yet, I don't know what to tell you.)  We ate, we drank, and we were merry!  It was a blast.  We went back after the wedding and a group of us went out for some after wedding festivities which was a great end to the night.


Adair's cute, cute Grandmother

He is so handsome.

I love this so much.

 Chi Omega Reunited

Sunday Funday we met Brittany and her friend Christie at a great brunch spot called South.  I had some burger that had a fried egg, blackberry jam, jalapenos, bacon and cheese on it.  #heaven  Since we were already stuffed and no one could make a decision, Brittany toured us around Downtown Nashville and drove us to Las Paletas for popscicles.  DELICIOUS.  I could eat those popscicles every day.  Maybe hubs and I need to open a popscicle shop.  After popscicles we went to Arrington Vineyards, the vineyards Kix Brooks owns and did a winetasting, enjoyed the beautiful weather, explored the grapevines, and found an awesome app on the iPhone called "Heads Up".  It's like charades and you hold the phone up to your forehead so everyone acting the word out can see what it is.  The best part is, it uses the front camera to record those acting out and you get to watch it at the end.  They have everything from accents, to verbs, to song where you hum or whistle.  It was a blast!  We even played it at the Pie in the Sky pizza restaurant we ate at that night.  Y'all it's freaking hilarious.

Nashville by night

Our last morning there, Britt drove us to the Loveless Cafe for brunch.  It used to be a motel, then they opened the restaurant, and then the motel closed down, but it has a shop and the restaurant still exists.  They have the best biscuits in the world.  We were sad to have to go, but had such a blast in Nashville.

The weekend was more awesome than I even imagined it would be!  It was a blast to catch up with my besties and Ryan's sister, and really just enjoy a nice weekend getaway.  Britt, thanks for showing us around, and taking some time off to spend the weekend with us.  I'd go back in a heartbeat, or maybe we'll move there.  I said maybe... relax family. :)

Best Wishes to the Newlyweds!  We love you!

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