{I'm a let you finish, but Baylor, well Sic'Em BEARS!}

I rarely have those shameless moments where I share my love for Baylor University.  PSYCH.  Who's blog do you think you're reading?  The Nabors love BAYLOR.

I'm fairly certain I say Sic'Em Bears as often as is relevant or Baylor is mentioned, and sometimes when it's not that relevant at all.  Regardless, I'd just like to say a thing or two about my good ole' BAYLOR!

Ryan and I were in the heart of Texas this weekend, Waco, celebrating Baylor Homecoming!  Baylor University has the oldest celebrated Homecoming across the country celebrating since 1909, which make sense since we're the oldest University in Texas!  That's right.  Founded in 1845.  Boom.

The main reason I wanted to post about Baylor was regarding all of the upsets this weekend, and Baylor's big win over Iowa State.  71-7 is pretty much the norm these days for the Bears, and I can't say that's too shabby.  That makes it 6 wins, 0 losses for Baylor.  Sic'em.  It was a blast to be at the game, see the scoreboard running through other games causing big upsets, and best of all, hearing the Voice of the Bears announce that Texas A&M had fallen to Auburn.  The stadium erupted in cheers and screams as we couldn't contain our excitement that the "poor Aggies" (SAID NO ONE EVER!!!!) had just lost.

And check out those beautiful rankings....

This is the highest Baylor has been ranked as far as I can ever remember... err... started caring.  Actually, the Huffington Post said this is our highest ranking since 1980!! :) Sic'em.

Here's what people are saying about Baylor Football - Sic'Em!:

So proud to be a Baylor Bear and part of the Baylor Nation.  Here's to beating the odds, and making the skeptics eat their words.  *Sic'em Bears*

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