{Happy Halloween - Super Size Me!}

Happy Halloween friends!

I hope you super size your fun this evening and enjoy the festivities!

I've been wanting to wear one of these inflatable costumes for quite a while now.  They encourage you to dress up at the office and I figured I would just wear my bear hat like this...

... which would have been lame, but still participatory.  When I told my co-worker Betsy that's what I was going to wear, she said, "well, I have these two inflatable sumo wrestler costumes we could wear.  Would you want to do that?"  I immediately said, "HECK YEAH!", because who the heck wouldn't want to wear an inflatable sumo wrestler costume?  I would certainly not pass up that opportunity. :)  Plus, that meant I also got to wear workout clothes to work today since you couldn't see my outfit under the sumo costume!  #bonus

AND today I'm so glad we did, because it was a total success!  We even won a prize for one of the best costumes at work!  Just goes to show I should be bold more often.  I could have a really good time doing something out of the ordinary, and you never know, you could win a prize!

Be safe out there y'all!

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