{Half Crazy?}

I thought about it in December, printing a training plan, decided I was going to do it.  Did nothing.  Thought about it again March through May, looked into training with a team, talked to some coaches, convinced myself I was going to do it.  Didn't.  Now it's October and I've decided this time I'm really going to do it, and I've actually started my training.  Memorial Hermann Half Ironman, I'm coming for you.

April 6th, 2014 - Galveston, TX

If you're like most people you're thinking I'm flat out crazy, but hang on there skeptic, I've got my reasons.  For starters, Papa McD is an Ironman, and I'm talking Kona Ironman, the Ironman.  He finished, got the t-shirt, got the medal, the photos, the sore legs, the bib, and the memories to prove it.  Yes, I know, this is not the Ironman, the big kahuna, but this is as close as I can get right now, and I'm going to do it.  Secondly, I like triathlons.  I haven't done one in, oh, let's call it 4 years, but tomato tomAto, there's no time like the present.  Plus, I think it might be kind of cool to know that I've completed a Half Ironman, a race few people are crazy enough to try... and maybe I'll get flat abs.

I know there will be times when I feel like this cat with my training - like I'm going nowhere fast.

But, I know there will also be days when I love the run, crush the bike, and swim like Flipper.  Those days make the crap days worth it.

Since I've considered training for this twice now, and I thought about training for a marathon for a hot minute, I've heavily considered joining a training group since they might hold me accountable, I'll have paid money to train with them, and I'll train harder (or that's the thought anyway).  I'm currently looking at training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training since they have a group that trains for the Half Ironmans, that race specifically, and a team called Fit2Train.  

The idea of training with Team in Training is really appealing because I would be competing for a great cause and advertising for them while I ran.  Additionally, I've had several people close to me battle leukemia or lymphoma cancer, so that would be pretty cool to honor them with my race.

I've been in contact with the coach, Chuck, for Fit2Train a couple of times, and he's given me some dates that I could come train with the team and see if I liked it, and he seems like the team is pretty close and have fun training, which could be really fun.  I've never made it to any of the practices because my schedule has been pretty busy with two softball teams, kickball, Ryan and I are about to start Financial Peace University on Wednesdays, and I may start volunteering with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital at some point during the week.  I definitely need to quit something so I'm not too busy to train for this bad boy.  Chuck said that we wouldn't begin any "race specific" training until December or January, so it didn't matter much whether I was in race shape currently.  That was suuuuper comforting, to know that I have time, but I CANNOT doddle, hence why I started my training sort of last week, and am officially starting this week.

Since I have experience with neither team, and don't really know anyone that does, I'd love to hear from you if you've worked with either team! :)  hollaatchagirl

So, there you have it folks.  I'm 2 weeks into my 27 week training plan, which really doesn't sound like that long, but is 6 months which is plenty of time.  Last week I didn't get to get on the bike or swim, but I did get two runs in, one of which I didn't stop at all!  I was going to swim today, but the Jewish Community Center wouldn't let me use their pool, so I went on my 30 minute run instead, and wouldn't you know it, I was faster than last week and didn't stop again!  Woohoo.  I know it's unsubstantial in the grand scheme of things, but I was pretty pleased with my run.

[Sidenote: No, I am not Jewish, but I use the Blue Cross Blue Shield Fitness plan allows me to pay $25 and I can use a couple of gyms.  It's pretty sweet.  If you have BCBS look into it.  It's awesome!]

To top off the goal planning, I have an incredibly supportive husband who believes I can do this.  I tried to convince him to train with me and us do it together, but I have yet to convince him.  Regardless, I am thankful to have him encourage me when I don't feel like getting after it.  He's a gem.

Until next time, happy training!

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