{For the Love of All Things Fried}

It's October y'all, which means some of my favorite things: changing weather, falling leaves, border collies in Baylor hoodies, hot chocolate, boot and scarf-wearing, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and, of course, the State Fair of Texas.

{The Texas Star}

Ryan got us 4 free tickets from a co-worker and we were so excited to go.  We looked into going a couple of times with different people, and once it just didn't work out, and the next time it dumped rain, so before we knew it the last weekend of the fair was upon us!

We were supposed to have kickball with Racks&Sacks, but it since it had rained most of the week the fields were too muddy to play.  My seester had told me it was the last week of the fair, and we knew this would be our only chance to go since we were headed to Baylor Homecoming on Friday.  We tried to get a few other people to go, but since it was so last minute we didn't have any takers.  Instead we boarded the DART and headed to Fair Park!  [Let me also preface that pretty much the only reason we go to the fair is to pig out on all the delicious food, so most of this post will be about the awesome fair food!]

Thursday actually turned out to be a good night to go because I think the weather was still a little wet outside, and the fact that people likely had work or school the next morning, deterred the masses.  Our first stop was, of course, to get a corny dog from Fletcher's, the only place to get a corn dog at the fair.  They are hands down the best corny dogs ever.  I used to not really care and would eat random corn dogs throughout the fair, but after trying that this year, Fletcher's is easily the clear winner, and I won't be indulging on any no name corny dogs while Fletcher's is around.

After our corny dogs, and picture of Big Tex, we walked into the food pavilion to see what goodies were there.  We both wanted to share one of the gooey cinnamon rolls, but the line was outrageous and we decided to skip it.  Ryan got some Tornado Taters and I got a Mango on a Stick.  The Mango on a Stick was really good, especially because I didn't have to peel the mango myself.  Most of the time I make a huge mess peeling the mango and then it's not even completely ripe.  Do any of y'all have the same struggles?  Holla atcha girl if you know some tricks!

{Texas Taters - not Ryan's, though.  We forgot to get a pic!}

After our taters and mango, we decided to find the Fried Nutella since it was a State Fair of Texas finalist!  The line was crazy long, as expected with anything tasty and either a "winner" or a "finalist" title next to the name, but we wanted to try it so we stood in the long line.  It gave us time to feel like we digested our last snack before trying this one!  When we finally got our prized Fried Nutella we were both a little meh about the whole thing.  It was wrapped in phyllo dough which, I thought, kind of detracted from the awesome nutella.  Additionally, I'm the kind of nutella eater that like a heaping amount of nutella on whatever I'm eating, or the spoon I'm shamelessly eating it on, and ours just didn't have a ton of nutella on there.  Would I eat it again?  Maybe if someone wanted to share, but I'd much rather have a fried Peanut Butter and Jelly and Banana sandwich.

{Fried Nutella}

After the nutella, Ryan really wanted to try the Best Taste Winner: Fried Cuban Roll.  Everyone that had already been to the fair said it was amazing, and it sounded delicious, so it was next on the list.  I wanted some fried guacamole and queso bites, and luckily enough the two items we wanted were fairly close to one another.  Ryan would agree with the others that the Fried Cuban Roll is where it's at!  I had a bite, and it really was pretty tasty!  The fried guacamole and queso bites is where it's at to me though.  OMG, so good.

{Deep Fried Cuban Roll - Best Taste Winner}

{Fried Guacamole Bites}

With only a few tickets left, and insanely full tummies, Ryan and I decided we could only get one more thing.  I remembered my seester having had Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls last year when we came to the fair, and I remembered trying some and they were amazing!  Plus, breakfast items, especially waffles, sound delicious to me at all times of the day, so add some chocolate covered strawberries to the mix and baby, I'm there!

{Throwback to last year: Tori with her Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls}

We finally found the CCSWB stand, and despite our full stomachs, there was not a single part of the CCSWBs that remained.  Dude, I'm telling you.  They are that good!  Apparently they won Best Taste last year or the year before.  Plus, one of the guy's making the waffle balls was making all sorts of inappropriate jokes about balls, so it was totally worth it.  From there we called it quits and headed back home fat and quite happy!

{Heaven in a waffle ball}

{Last year (left) and this year (right).}

What I forgot to mention earlier, was that my seester, when she told me it was the last weekend of the fair, asked if I could get off work and go to the fair with her that Friday morning.  It had to be the morning because she had something she needed to be back in Aggieland for, but that she didn't want to miss the fair.  So, Tori came to our house around 12:30pm Thursday evening. Of course the fatty NewlyNabors were already sleeping in their food coma, but Friday morning rolled around and Tori woke me up to go the fair!  I was actually pretty excited to take the day off since I have a little vacation stored up and don't have big plans to go anywhere any time soon, and even though I'd been to the fair literally the night before, going twice in one week is better than none at all!

So, Tori and I hopped back on the DART to head for the fair!  Once there we had to start where Ryan and I had started the night before.  If you're not catching on, Big Tex and Fletcher's Corny Dogs are the only way to start your day at the fair.  I didn't address Big Tex earlier, so let's do that now.  If you don't know the history of Big Tex, you can read it here, but basically he's this big ex-Santa Claus that they now have at the fair, and he moves and talks and says, "Welcome to the State Fair of Texas folks!", and some other things.  Anyway, he's a staple visit spot at the fair, but I've always found him pretty creepy.  When I looked him up on Wikipedia right now I will say his looks have advanced from creepiest to not as creepy, but seriously y'all his head is too small for his body.  Love Big Tex, but he's a little disproportionate even his 2013 edition.  Though, I will say they filled him out a little more and his cheeks don't look so sunken in, so he is getting better.  One edition at a time.  [For those of you that are Big Tex lovers, don't chew me out for my thoughts, I'm just stating my opinion.  I love him too, even if he is a bit creepy.]

{Big Tex, 1956}

{Big Tex, 2006}

{Big Tex, 2013}

{Tori and me with Fletcher's Corny Dogs and Big Tex}
Since we only had a few hours to eat and ride rides, yes Tori will totally ride rides with me (even the super scary ones... we actually prefer those), we decided to plan out what exactly Tori was wanting to eat at the fair while we were on the DART.  Since I had been there the night before I knew where some of the things she wanted were, and since she is like 90 lbs soaking wet we narrowed it down to a few things we actually thought she'd eat in their entirety.

{Fried S'Mores & Fried Bacon Cinnamon Roll}

Tori's friend had been there for the OU/TX game and had eaten a Fried Bacon Cinnamon roll, so we knew we needed to try one of those, and we're both S'Mores FANATICS, so we knew we'd need a Fried S'Mores.  Tori got the S'Mores and I got the Bacon Cinnamon Roll and we both chowed down while we watched people ride rides.  We decided that was definitely the next thing we needed to do.

Since we didn't have friends there to watch our purses we were a little hesitant about leaving our purses on the ground while we rode rides, so we decided to just do one.  It was the awesome ride we decided to do last year that looks like a club with spikes in it because there is only one arm and a whole bunch of seats and straps on one side.  The arm swings back and fourth like a pendulum eventually going all the way over two or three times until swinging softer and softer to take you back down.  It's like the pirate ship ride, but it flips all the way over.  It is amazing and naturally we had to do it, since both of us love that feeling of falling .. hence the skydiving we've both done!

It's a wonder our food didn't come to visit us again after that ride, but I guess that mean's we don't have wussy stomachs.  #winning  After that, Tori and I were both pretty full, so we decided to end with some Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffles Balls and Spinach Dip Bites.  The spinach dip bites was a finalist this year, too, and they were mighty tasty, but I think my heart has forever been lost to the Chocolate Covered Strawberry Waffle Balls.  I will never again go to the State Fair of Texas without getting some.

We decided to walk through a tent of items for sale after that, and that's when we stumbled upon the Frappe Vino!  It is delicious.  You might think it sounds gross, but you have got to try it.  Not only that, but you can add it to other drinks to make the frappe'd!  We're making Spiced Rum Apple Cider tonight with ours.  Tori hasn't used hers yet, but is excited to!

{Spinach Dip Bites}

{This is her "OMG, yes.  This is why I drove home late last night and will drive back to CSTAT immediately after this.  #worthit"}

Tori had some left over tickets and decided that instead of giving them away, and wasting money, she'd take some Chocolate Covered Strawberries back to CSTAT with her since they were most likely to make it home in tact, and fried food would have been soggy by the time she made it home.  She said they were most excellent!

So, that's it for my fatty adventure at the fair!  Can't wait until we meet again next year State Fair of Texas!  Also, all in favor of Fletcher's Corny Dogs opening up a Food Truck say I.  "I!"

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