{1 Year Since "I Do"}

This post is quite overdue, but since I played on Ryan's camera over our anniversary weekend/Labor Day weekend I was hoping to get some of the pictures from the camera off to upload.  I'll try later tonight.  I'm quite the photographer... not, but it is fun to shoot with Ry's camera.  It is so nice!

The first picture I took, and probably my best of Emma Jean, Brittany's beagle.  #regalbeagle

My favorite picture.

Sweet Gabi

Y'all, we have been married a year!

HOLY COW!  Time flies, but I'm not complaining at all because it was a pretty wonderful year!  My mind is just blown that we have already been doing this song and dance for 365 days.  Not only that, but September 1st also marked 6 years of being together.  I cannot believe I have loved Ryan for 2101 days (2111 now)!

We decided to celebrate our long 1 year weekend at the lake which is one of our favorite places to be, so Friday evening we headed down there.  I had embarked on a huge undertaking for his 1 year anniversary gift.  Since traditionally you give paper on your 1st anniversary, I decided to write 365 Reasons I love, appreciate, and respect Ryan on separate sheets of paper and put them in a mason jar.  I enjoyed having to be creative and getting out of the, "I love your eyes", and "I love you because you're smoking hot" types of reasons, because while those reasons are totally true, and they do make me love him more, the things I came up with after came from a lot of thought about the things I truly admire about my husband and make me love him more than I thought I could.  Some of my favorites from the 365 gems were, "I love that you always try to make me better, even when I am resistant", "I love how you always dig for money to give the homeless.  You are compassionate.", "I appreciate all the nights you've gotten up to let the border collies out, especially when you knew I was tired." "I love having Nabors on the back of my jerseys.  Thanks for letting me steal your last name.", and "I love that you have vision and can see the potential in things."  I feel that while the gift itself may seem kind of insubstantial to an outsider looking in, I think, and hope, Ryan appreciates the genuine love and respect I have for him, and that if he ever begins to doubt, or I fail at communicating that, or he just wants to start his morning off with a smile, he has written proof of the things I am thankful and love him for.

Long story short, the gift took a lot more time than I had anticipated it taking and we were late heading to the lake which Ry didn't totally mind since he was drafting his players for Fantasy Football in the meantime.  "I am creative, I like to write, I love to doodle, I love my husband, this will be easy", I would think to myself, but several weeks of deciding what I wanted on the slips of paper, cutting out 365 said strips of paper, writing down 365 reasons on strips, getting "the claw" from gripping different pens and markers for hours on end takes a little more time than I originally thought.

When we finally got to the lake, we all, including the border collies, we grateful to have a weekend to relax and celebrate.  The Newly Nabors celebrated with Mama and Papa Nabors at the first Baylor football game of the season, hitting all our favorite Waco spots, as many as we could anyway, and ending with a victory over Wofford.  Woot Woot!

On Sunday we exchanged gifts and Ry loved his "love notes".  For paper, he gave me a custom wall map that has different colored pins for dream locations, places we've been, planned destinations, where our ancestors are from, and so on, and is titled "Nabors Family Travels".  It is framed is going to look so good when we finally get it on the wall!

Ryan's parents got us a gorgeous Howard Miller clock that reminds Ry of his childhood.  Mama and Papa Nabors were given one for their wedding from Mama Nabors' parents so they wanted to give us one as well.  Y'all it is seriously beautiful!  I've gotten used to the ticking and chiming too, like Ryan said I would, and I realized I don't even really notice when we're at his parent's house.  It just becomes part of the noise of the NewlyNabors home. :)

The Ewings, and more of the Nabors clan joined us for food, lake festivities, and more celebrating.  I got to snap lots of pictures of lake puppies and lanterns that we lit off later in the weekend.  I'll have to put them up when I upload the pictures from Ryan's camera on to my computer, if that ever happens since my dinosaur laptop memory seems to always be full despite my efforts to move things to an external hard drive.

Oakley said wait for me!

Pretty Jetta Belle

"&& they're the three best friends that anyone could have."

She's a beauty, and definitely a sheep dog.

Little Miss Quelle

Oakley sunbathing

Sweet Jetta girl

His initials.  Our wedding date.

Silby Baby

Aspen came to play!


Did someone say frisbee?

#Boom there it is

Get it girl

The weekend was a pretty great celebration of the year we've had, but to my sweet husband I can't sum it up any better than I did on Facebook on our anniversary.  All my love.

"6 years ago today a sweet man asked me to be his girlfriend on a Baylor swing and I fell hard for him. 1 year ago today I said "I Do" to the same man and life has proven to be sweeter than I could have ever imagined! Ryan Nabors, it has been a whirlwind year laced with love, compassion, trials, and forgiveness. I promise to continue seeing you through kind and patient eyes, and to serve our Lord alongside you wherever we are. Here's to 1 year down, and forever to go. I love you!"


All right, this was my first shot with photography.  What did y'all think?  Please let me know below!

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