{Collie Class: Things the Border Collies are Teaching Me - Little Sisters are the Best!}

For the past 2 1/2, almost 3, weeks, my sweet little seester has been living with Ry and me.  I will admit that I had reservations about how we would get along given the arguments that used to ensue, but for the past year I've felt like our relationship is exponentially better than it ever was in high school, so I was actually looking forward to her moving in.  I believe that her being in college, my getting married and getting settled into being an adult, and the mutual respect we sort of have for one another has played a big role in where our relationship is today.

[Husband Brag Moment: I just want to take a minute to brag about my sweet husband.  Several months ago, our family went through some rather large changes, and in the midst of that Ryan immediately offered my sister our home as an option for however long and whenever she wanted to stay with us.  That day, my admiration and respect for my husband grew quite a bit, and I understood the compassion for and ownership he took over my sister.  He claimed her as his sister, and that warmed my heart to no end. #cheesywifecomments]

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering where those goobers of border collies come in to play.  This week, it wasn't so much a lesson that they taught me, but something I noticed in their behavior and some similarities to mine and Twink's.

Jetta Belle is our older seester, aka me, in this relationship, and obviously Oakley Mae and Twink are the little seesters.  Jetta Belle was an only child for the first 10 months of our marriage, and since we got her immediately after we got married, we've all sort of been on this journey together.  I don't remember much about my younger years, but based on my personality, I can assume that I didn't totally hate being the only child.  Like Jetta, I imagine I felt lonely at times not having any siblings to play with, but I was my parent's first born and it was new for them too.  I will admit, we spoil the heck out of our pups, but we spoiled Jetta Belle sooooo much when it was just her.  She's our first, and we love her with a love I have never known, and can only imagine is not anywhere close to the love I will have for our one day children.

Then came Oakley Mae.  As mentioned here, the girls took to one another immediately.  They look similar, act similar, walk similar, and on and on.  How could they not immediately love each other?  Oakley Mae wants to do everything her big sister does, and wants to learn from her.  While Tori has always had her unique interests, she has followed my footsteps quite a bit, too.  I don't say that to sound egotistical at all, it's just kind of the facts.  My older sister is significantly older than I am, and she lived in a different state when I was younger, so I didn't experience that with her.  I do know though, that it is nice to admire someone and want to do the things they do.

However, being the older sister and having someone or somepup new entered into your life can generate a bit of jealousy, which I definitely experienced.  I generally wanted to be the center of attention at home and would sometimes get annoyed of Tori when my parents would pay more attention to her.  Childish and stupid, I know, but give me a break, I'm only human, and I think I've grown quite a bit since those days.  Jetta Belle does this with Oakley too, obviously in a more animalistic nature.  For example, if I love on Oakley, Jetta comes up and starts nipping at her ears or legs, or whatever.

Despite the little bit of jealousy, I truly believe Jetta loves having Oakley as a constant in her life.  She's always there, which at times may be annoying, and she doesn't have to be alone even when we're gone.  They can go on adventures together, chase squirrels together, play biteface, wrestle, run, etc.  They are the best of friends.  Like Tori and I are now... well, I hope she considers us besties.  I certainly do.

So, sweet seester, thank you for living with us for the past few weeks, for accepting our home as yours, for feeling comfortable in it, for walking with me and the border collies each night, for helping me cook and clean after, for cleaning up several puppy accidents, for loving that puppy well even when she drove you bonkers, for watching Friends with me each night, for sharing your Cheezits, for eating Happy Tracks with me, and for loving me well through laughter, silliness, and good conversation.  I am so proud of the woman you have become, and for continuing to be yourself in a world that tells you to blend in.  Even though you're an Aggie, I couldn't love you any less than with my whole heart.  I love you to the moon and back, and we sincerely hope you'll come to the Naborshood again when you come back to Dallas.



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