{The Cute Dispute: Gremlin Dogs}

I'd like to begin by saying my husband and sister are dream crushers, and thus you can thank them for this new series (maybe... if i like it.)  In an effort to spread my wings away from my personal happenings and write some opinions about things so said dreamcrushers will accept the legitimacy of my BLOG, here you have "The Cute Dispute".

When asking for ideas of things to write on, my friend Jose told me to write about Gremlin dogs aka French Bulldogs.  Now, I'm finding it hard to take a very distinct stance on whether or not these furbabies are really cute, but we'll see what I convince myself of after this post.  Meet Ellie, Jose's sweet Gremlin dog, the inspiration!

{Ellie, the cute and sweet Gremlin dog}

Exhibit A: The French Bulldog (I'll be calling them Gremlin dogs, so get on board.)

Quick Facts (Thanks Wikipedia!):
  • Nickname: Frenchies ... or Gremlin Dogs
  • First bread by lace makers in England then France when displaced by the Industrial Revolution
  • Combination of Old English Bulldog, Pug, and an unknown terrior
  • Typically playful and affectionate
  • Loyal, loving nature makes them a wonderful companion dog
  • (Supposedly) intelligent breed, however willful, stubborn nature can make them more challenging to train
  • Require patience, repetition and early socialization
I would just like to start and say, I have never had little dogs, only large cats, and thus I don't particularly care for little dogs, but this one might be growing on me.

Evaluation of the Facts:
(Possible points: 1 per statement)
  • Gremlin dogs are good companion dogs.  This is excellent, as you wouldn't want a dog that was so independent they didn't need you. (1 point)
  • Gremlin dogs have fairly minimal exercise needs, but do require at least daily walks.  This point almost completely lost me, because the Nabors love active dogs (case and point:  The Border Collie Babies). (1/2 point)
  • Gremlin dogs are a flat-faced breed and cannot live outdoors. Their bulk and their compromised breathing system makes it impossible for them to regulate their temperature efficiently.  Precaution must be taken when exercising/playing in hot or humid weather as Gremlin dogs are prone to heat strokes.  Okay, so you can't hate on a dog because of it's genetic make up, but I'm not going to lie, it is a wonderful thing being able to let the girls run around in the backyard, at the lake, anywhere, all day long.  Sorry little Gremlin dog, but you must be out of your element in Texas. (Minus 1/2 point)
  • Gremlin dogs are top heavy, and therefore have trouble swimming.  This one loses points with me.  We are a lake family, and having swimming dogs is just the icing on the cake.  However, not having to dry off another dog is definitely a plus.  (1/2 point)
  • Gremlin dogs rarely bark.  If they do it's often to draw attention, to point out that it needs something or just because it is not happy.  Jetta Belle is not a big barker, and I appreciate that.  Full point, Gremlin! (1 point)
  • Gremlin dogs are affection with their owners, and children.  Females tend to be protective over children.  Pluses all around.  Gremlin you win the family friendly award. (1 point)
  • Gremlin dogs can easily live with other breeds when proper introductions are done.  Turns out Gremlins are pretty friendly.  (1 point)
  • Gremlin dogs are pretty healthy, but can have a spew of health issues in their backs and joints due to being from a dwarf lineage.  Meh.... (1/2 point)
Total Points: 5 out of 8 possible points -  Well done little Gremlin!

Cute Factor Points:
(Possible Points: 1 per statement)
  • Gremlin dogs can rock an outfit. (4 points)

  • Gremlin dogs are CUTE puppies! (1 point)
  • Gremlin dogs get along well with others. (1 point)
  • Babies love Gremlin dogs. (1 point)

  • Celebrities love Gremlin dogs. (4 points)

  • Gremlin dogs love Border Collies! (1.5 points because I make the rules and can do that)

  • Total Points: 13.5 out of 13

    Total Points: 18.5 points out of 21 total possible points

    Okay little Gremlin, it's official.  You're:

    Don't agree?  Cast your vote to the right or leave a comment below.

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