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Back in January, the besties and I traveled to see one of our sorority sisters tie the knot (hooray for Carly and Scott)!  After the wedding, having been reunited, a group of sorority sisters took a cab and went out on 6th Street to enjoy the night.  I had been under the weather a few days prior to the wedding, and still wasn't feeling 100% so I didn't partake too heavily in the spirits.  The only crummy thing about 6th street is having to constantly take your wallet out to get your ID, so I was trying to be very cognizant of taking my wallet out and putting it away.  There's nothing worse than losing something, at all, but especially in a crowded area.

{Besties - minus one!}

 {Hoot Hoot}

As the bars began to close we realized it was getting harder and harder to find a cab.  In fact, I'm fairly certain we stole a van cab from a group of guys, perhaps by accident (I cannot confirm nor deny *wink*).  Since there were about 8 of us, and none of us had a lot of cash, we were trying to pay per person, so we all had our credit cards out.  I think someone just ended up paying for the whole thing, and we all scrambled to get out of the cab, most of us from the floor since it was a cab meant for 4, so our taxi driver friend could head back to collect more 6th Street. goers.

It wasn't until the next morning, when we were at delicious Kerby Lane for brunch (duh... that's what the besties do), that I had the OH CRAP realization that I had lost my wallet.  Ugh, thinking about it now still gives me the same pit in my stomach that I had then.  Luckily, I have some of the world's best friends.  They bought me some brunch, toted me around to different places we had been like the hotel, the parking lot we had left from the night before, and helped me look, and then sat patiently as I called every taxi cab company in Austin. When I accepted the truth that it had to be sitting on the floor in the taxi cab we had been in that night, they sat patiently again.  Praise the LORD for great friends.

I had been sitting on the floor of the cab the night before, and I guess I had my wallet out sitting on my purse ready to pay for my portion of the fare.  When someone picked up the whole thing, I must have, in a hurry to get out of the way, ignored my wallet sitting on top of my purse in my lap, stood up and it fell in the corner on the floor.  In my defense, somewhat, it is a black wallet, and it was pretty dark, so I didn't even check anything.  I kick myself every time I think about not checking to make sure everyone grabbed everything too.  Oh well.
So, that's a lot of build up to get to the real point of the post, that yesterday I was messaging some friends on Facebook when I noticed a category next to "Inbox" that said "Other (6)".  Curiosity lead me to click that box, and I don't know how on earth Facebook filters what goes into that box, but the very last of the 6 unread messages was one from a gentleman saying, "I found your purse (it's one of those large wristlets from Coach I use as a wallet).  Please call me at..."  I googled the area code, thinking to myself, "anyone could just have chosen my name and random and said that", but the date and the area code both registered correctly the match the events 7 months before.

Y'all, my mind is completely blown.  I am amazed that in our day in age, someone would find my wallet, not immediately try to jack all of my stuff (well, maybe he did, but the fact that he tried to get it back to me makes me think more highly of him), and then take the time to look me up on Facebook to try and return it to me.  Furthermore, after speaking with him yesterday, he still has it and said he would send it to me today in the mail!  (Why that wasn't done in the first place, I have no idea, but still, this guy had the decently to let me know he found my wallet, so I can't complain.)  He also told me how badly he had felt when he found it because I had so much stuff in my wallet.  (Yes, that was an idiot move on my behalf to have so much in there, but lesson learned.)

All of that to say, I was blown away by the compassion someone took the time to show me.  In a world that believes you have to look out for yourself, it was refreshing that some people still do the right thing.  It also made me think of the last time I went out of my way to do something kind for a total stranger.  I know how much joy it brought me, even though I already went through the process to change everything.  I am so grateful that someone took the time to do that.

Have you gone out of your way lately to make someone's world a little brighter?  I know I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for little things I can do to spread, and choose, joy through serving one another.  That's what the LORD wants us to do anyway.  Serve His people and bring Him glory.

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