{Oh Heyyyy, So Artsyyyyy - Pinot's Palette Review}

Oh heyyyyy friends!

[Side Note:  "Ohhhh hey, soooooo whateveryyyy", came from my friend, and sorority sister, AJ.  Pictured here with Paige and me.  Basically, she puts "oh heyyyy" in front of everything, and "so fillintheblankyyyyyy" at the end of practically everything.  Naturally, almost every one has picked up on it from our sorority, to friends at Baylor that knew her, to her students now, etc.  Even my hubs uses it!  Hysterical.  She is a riot!]

I have been wanting to do a BYOB painting class for about a year now, and haven't found anyone to go with or haven't had the time.  Friday night Mama McD, seester, and I got a livingsocial deal for Pinot's Palette and went that night to paint the Enchanted Forest.

{Enchanted Forest}

Before the class started, Mom and I went to a cute little pizza place called Olivella's since a friend from work had recommended it, and it was around the corner from Pinot's.  They were voted "Best Pizza in Dallas", and uh yesssss I can see why.  Mom and I had the Black Truffle [house-made mozzarella, speck, mushrooms, truffle oil (yum!!!), black pepper - no sauce].  Y'all, it was possibly the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.  So, if you're looking for a new Dallas Pizza Place near White Rock Lake, Olivella's is a 10!  Don't believe me?  Read this article in the Dallas Observer where they rated it #40 in the "100 Favorite Dishes". #delicious

{Mama McD with our Black Truffle pizza}

After picking up our BYOB from the local beverage store, Seester met up with us for the class.  Well, actually she beat us because naturally Mom and I are hilarious - we should have our own show. ;)

I won't bore you with the details, but end with the class being a huge success!  I will say I had my doubts that I would be making my way home with some butt ugly, finger-paint-looking piece of junk.  Of the McDermid girls, Mama McD is probably the most artistic out of all of us (even though she'll say it's only because she took an Art Class in High School).  Mhmm... that's why.  NOT!  [Note:  When I was about 8, my mom held a week long art camp at our house during the summer where we made paper maché cats out of paper plates and bowls.  The woman is creative and gifted.]

Back to the review.  We had a girl named Theresa, T, lead ours and she was fantastic!  She paints for a living, mostly oils and watercolors, but even with this acrylic paint she was excellent at explaining how to mix colors, what brushes to use, different techniques, and she would walk around and give us tips while we were painting which was so helpful.  Even though we all painted the same thing, everyone's looked different, and I absolutely loved that fact.  Each painting had personal touches which helped it's owners ideas shine through.  SUCH A BLAST.

The facility was clean and T and her assistant were readily available to help you in any way they could, whether it was more paint you needed, to any additional questions we had.  I even entered our livingsocial coupon wrong on their site and was going to get charged on my card instead, but the girl let me use her computer, enter my codes and refunded my card that night.  I was very impressed.  Make sure you let them know who you'd like to sit with in your group, otherwise you could end up sitting with total strangers, which would lead to a funny story... maybe.  Also, I would recommend checking for a coupon/groupon/livingsocial/etc because it's normally $45, (we paid $22), and that's not exactly cheap. That's really my only negative thing to say about the experience.

All in all, I highly recommend Pinot's Palette.  It was an absolute blast!  You can bring your own food and wine, though I recommend you eat before since there's not tons of time for more than a sip of your bev of choice often.  Whether it's a Girl's Night Out, Date Night (there were several people on dates when we were there, but they also have "Date Night" specific nights where you do a couple's painting), or a family night, this place is a great option for a night out!

Here are some pics from our night at Pinot's Palette:

{They wrote your name on the table at your seat.}

{McD girls ready to paint!}

 {Mama McD and Twink - Step 1: Paint your canvas black.}

{My canvas - Step 2: Add yellow, white, and some burnt orangey color our instructor kept referring to as "raw sienna".  #clearlynotanartmajor  Interesting:  That line was drawn using the reverse side of my paintbrush to use as my "horizon line".}

{Step 2: Mama McD & Seester adding their yellow, white and "raw sienna" backgrounds.}

{My canvas - Step 3: Add white yellow and "raw sienna" grasses in random chunks and then add red at the bottom of your leaves and in a few random pieces of grass at the horizon line and below.}

{My canvas - Step 4: Add dark blue to the bottom of your leaves covering the horizon line.}

{My canvas - Step 5: We mixed green, blue, and white to create this pretty turquoise and added it on top of the dark blue.  Then, we used the green and mixed a little darker green and added the rest of the grass.}

{Mom and her canvas - Step 5: Adding the turquoise and grass.}

{Seester and her canvas - Step 5: Adding the turquoise and grass.}

{My canvas - Step 6: Add grey trees.  Then we mixed a little darker grey and added some texture.}

{My canvas - Final step: Added the black bark on the tree, some red around the base of the trees, some turquoise sporadically in the grass.  Tori added a "carving" into her tree of her initials and the Texas A&M (gag!) logo, so I had to copy her and add hearts for mine and the husband's initials.}

{Mom's canvas - Final - so pretty!}

{Tori's canvas - Final - so pretty, too!}

{All three of the canvases.  I love that they are all so unique!}

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