{No Weekend Agenda - So Lovely!}

I love weekends.  Not that everyone doesn't like work, but let's be honest, weekends rock, unless you're ridiculously busy and don't get to rest.  This weekend was luckily not one of those, but one where we had no agenda and got to do exactly what we wanted.

Friday was date night with the handsome hubby.  We didn't get a picture, which I'm bummed about, but that's okay.  We ate at our new place, Urban Eatz which Lauren so kindly introduced me to last weekend. YUMMO.  To finish up date night, Ry and I went to see Monsters University and went to a 10:45 pm showing.  We must be getting older, or our work weeks caught up with us, because both of us were yawning as the previews were appearing on the screen.  At the end of the movie Ry said, "I don't think I've had to fight to stay awake during a movie in a long time!"  I have to agree.  I blame it on the busy work week.

Saturday Ry and I went skeet shooting with Papa McD.  I love shooting with Papa McD, and it was an extra treat that Ryan went too.  I was a pretty sour sport the first round, given that I shot TERRIBLY.  The second round I improved by at least 300% (not kidding), and had a much better attitude.  [Note to self: It helps if you use the bead at the end of your gun.  #duh]

Papa McD and Aunt Peggy had Tori and me over to their place for some steaks and potatoes.  YUM!  I haven't had a steak and potatoes in forever, and it was so good!  I guess I need to start preparing more meat and potato dinners!  I took the Border Collies over there so my aunt could meet Oakley Mae, and of course she had an accident in Dad's office.  Typical.  #puppyproblems  If anyone has any advice on potty training and disciplining our unruly puppy, please please please comment.  I know some of it is that she's a puppy, but she is hardly obedient.  Sigh.  However, she was also ADORABLE playing with some puppy toys, which took away my frustration at least a little bit. :)

Sunday rolled in and I actually got to nap for the first time in weeks!  Y'all, I love napping.  Seriously, it's one of the best things ever.  In college, I napped daily, but once I entered the real world those became few and far between.  Ry and I had softball Sunday night and we won!  I had a great hit and scored a run, too, which is never shabby.  I wish I could say I didn't raspberry up my legs this week, but alas, I did, even though I wore my slider.  [My husband would like you to know, he told me where to place it correctly on my leg, and I didn't think that felt right and raised it higher up my thigh, exposing my knee.  Naturally, having never wore one before, I was wrong.  That is all.]

As we draw close to the end of July, I can't help but get excited thinking there are only 41 days til our 1st Anniversary.  Time has seriously flown by, but in a good way of course.  I have been brainstorming creative "paper" anniversary gifts.  I think I've found one I am pretty excited about, but am definitely open to any creative ideas.  Have an awesome idea or heard about a good one?  Holla atcha girl.

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