{Nabors Letters}

Today I want to take a page out of {Today's Letters} book.  (If you need a heartwarming, love and joy-filled read, this is it!)

Dear Husband, you are a strong man.  Thank you for loving me through my tears, my fears, the unknowns, adventures and day-to-day.  You are the best.  Dear Seester, yesterday you watched The Hunger Games with me after multiple requests from me, cleaned up dog hurl and accidents, ate marinara sauce and Happy Tracks, and I love having you live with us.  #welcometotheNaborsHood  Dear Daddy, I am so proud of you.  Thank you for being so brave and open to change.  Dear Mama, thank you for laughter, movies, pounce, and inviting us to your new home.  It is cozy and I love it.  Dear Mama & Papa Nabors, thank you for flowers and encouragement.  I am so lucky to have you both.  Dear Border Collies, I'm sorry I upset your tummies with Frosty Paws.  I thought I was giving you a treat.  #momfail  Thank you for loving me and being my furbabies anyway.  #maybewellstickwithbones  Dear Owl Scentsational, thank you for your delicious Ginger Peach scent engulfing my pod (and coincidentally the whole row).  Dear LORD, thank you for hope and a future.  Thank you for sending your Son for me.  Dear Sinful Colors 24/7 Nail Polish, thank you for being $1.47 and awesome.  Dear Ryan, I love you.  Thank you for almost 6 wonderful years.  I'm looking forward to granting Jaime's wish with you tonight. :)

What are you thankful for today?

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