{Lake Puppies, Sunshine, & Paint}

To say that Oakley Mae does everything Jetta Belle does would be an understatement.  Since we got Oakley, homegirl has been doing everything in her power to learn from her seester what it means to be a border collie, and I think they've got it down pact.  Oakley has learned the following things this week:
  1. When Taylor and Ryan open the back door, we dart out and head to the tree directly ahead to catch squirrels.
  2. The kiddie pool is our friend when there's no lake.  Swim in it at all times... then roll in the dirt for good measure.
  3. T & R like it when we zigzag on our leashes.
  4. Toys are for playing tug of war.
  5. Chase Jetta.  Swim with Jetta.  All Jetta does is good.
  6. These people are good.  Love them well.
{Jetta Belle}                        {Oakley Mae}

I'd say that's not too shabby of a set of things to learn if I do say so myself. :)  It's pretty stinking adorable watching them play together.  As much as she was driving me nuts with the potty training, I'm so thankful for her and the way she and Jetta Belle play.  Oakley Mae & Jetta Belle, our sweet furbabies.

This weekend we took Oakley to the lake for the first time.  Since we've been keeping her on a pretty tight leash since we got her, we were unsure what she'd do with the freedom of the lake.  I was honestly a little fearful she'd run off, but we kept a pretty good eye on her.  Plus, with Mama and Papa Nabors' four other puppies and Jetta, we knew she was bound to be distracted trying to soak up all that embodies being a lake puppy.

Long story short, Oakley Mae is in hog heaven as all the puppies are at the lake.  Between all the swimming, squirrel chasing, puppy chasing, and more to do what is there not to love?  We pretty much slummed it at the lake Friday night and all day Saturday.  It felt so good to relax by and in the water.

{Jetta Belle & Emma Jean plum tuckered out on Saturday}

Ry's parents just got new wood on the dock and the deck, and the folks that put it in said they couldn't stain it before the 4th.  The dock she didn't so much mind since that's much bigger, but since Mama Nabors had lots of family coming over for the 4th, she enlisted our help for the painting of the deck.  "Can't be too hard", we thought, but boy did it take a looooooong time!

We got started early Sunday morning, Mama Nabors had been up at least an hour before sweeping and moving the furniture and taping off the areas we didn't want painted (swill son and daughter-in-law for sleeping in an extra hour - tsk tsk!).  We knew we needed to get one coat done early since it took 4 hours to dry and we hoped to get two coats on the deck.  4 hours doesn't seeeeeeeem like a long time, but holy moly it took forever!  Luckily, it being early and us having full stomachs and good attitudes it wasn't so bad.  By 1:30 we were wiped and decided to go to First Monday in Canton since it was the last day and we thought that would kill some good time.

Ryan had never been to First Monday before, so Mama Nabors and I broke him in gently, but I don't think he's too eager to go back anyway. :)  Mama Nabors and I got CUTE monogrammed purses and she got some Baylor cups.  I found an awesome lantern to use as a decoration in our house.  (It's going to look REALLY good on a mantel whenever we move and get one!)

After several hours at First Monday we drudged back to the lakehouse for what we knew would be another 2-4 hours of painting.  Mama Nabors and I had to fill in the cracks where the rollers hadn't gotten, and poor husband had to do all the rolling.  Everyone's attitudes were pretty lousy from about 1/3 of the way on, haha, but luckily near the end where I'm certain we would have all much rather have eaten paint than put it on any more of the dock, the cute 2 year old granddaughter visiting next door came over for a nice distraction, telling us to "Watch me do this", "Watch me make this noise", "I like your this", "I like your painting", etc.  Haha, so cute!!  It was definitely a blessing having some distraction.

Somewhere between an hour into the second painting, Jetta and Oakley chewed themselves off their leashes we had tied them up with.  Poor puppies, we were sure, couldn't resist jumping on the deck with fresh paint, so we just tied them up from the beginning.  Either Jetta must have chewed both of their leashes and set them free, or Oakley saw Jetta chew hers and copied her, or something, because some time into it Jetta was missing and was found strolling on the beach by the lake.  Whelp... there was $60 down the drain.  UGH.  #puppyproblems  Oakley may not have realized she set herself free because she was very much acting like she hadn't been let off the leash yet, so we're not sure what the story is there.  Silly pups.

Despite the long day, the deck looks great and I'm glad we could help out.  With as much time as they let us spend there, I am grateful to give back in a small way.  Thank goodness there was a breeze and sunshine, and a monogrammed bag calling my name. ;)  I don't think however, we'll be painting anytime soon....



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