{It's Family Tradition}

The McD's sort of have a thing for adventure, thrill, and excitement.  We have enjoyed many a roller coaster, sky coaster, ATVing and swimming in cenotes in Mexico, ziplining, ropes courses, pamper pole, among others.  For my 21st birthday, my parents gave me the gift of going tandem skydiving.  My mom went also, a adventure lover as well, and she would echo my feelings that it was incredible and unlike anything we had ever done before.  The rush of falling 2 miles is similar to riding a roller coaster, but only lasts about a minute (it feels longer), but then you also get to float down for another 8-10 minutes which is surreal.

Tori didn't get to go when Mom and I did it on my birthday because I don't think she was old enough.  If it wasn't that, it may also have been the fact that we went on a holiday weekend and it took a really long time since all the skydiving "family" were celebrating and there were a lot of people there.  Regardless, it didn't come as a surprise when my sister said she wanted to go skydiving for her 21st birthday.

We tried to go when she was home during Easter weekend, but the winds were too high, and with her weighing less than a piece of paper (I kid, I kid! - that was not the reason), they canceled all skydiving that day.  When Twink had to go back to school she decided to just wait until she was home fro the summer.  The big day rolled around this past weekend, so the McD gang drove out to Grenville, TX to the Skydive Lodge early Saturday morning.

It was a beautiful day for skydiving with blue skies and cotton candy clouds.  As Tori suited up in her skydiving suit, signing paperwork, and watching videos about what she was about to do, we met the tandem guy she was going to jump with who turned out to be the same guy that jumped with Mama McD and me 4 years earlier.  How fun!  We were definitely keeping it in the family! :)

It was pretty fun to watch my sister jump out of an airplane, and I was grateful to be there to cheer her on!

What's your take on skydiving?  Would you dare do it?

{Suit up, Twink!}

{"If you're a bird, I'm a bird!"}

{Tori and Bobby coming in for their landing!}

{She did it!  We're so excited for her!}

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