{Collie Class: Things the Border Collies are Teaching Me - Things Happens}

I always imagined having my own furbaby would mean lots of teaching on my end; potty training, frisbee catching lessons, learning to use a leash, tricks galore, you name it!  I never would have guessed how much I would learn from these sweet, little balls of fur.  This should be interesting.

Having Border Collies is what I imagine having toddlers, or children for that matter, is like.  They are angels one moment, and demons the next... (I mean, psych, they're always angels - can't ruin our willing puppy sitters by a not-so-glowing post about the BCs!)  *Wink wink*  There's pretty much one thing you need to know about border collies, that is, that they are fireballs of energy!  For the quick paced, gogogo person like myself, this is excellent, but for those few moments where I just want to unwind and relax, think again!  Well, I take that back.  Back in the days before Oakley Mae, sweet angel Jetta Belle would totally mellow out when she could tell husband and I were, but those days are far behind us now it seems.  Which brings me to today's lesson from the collies:  S**t happens.  Literally.

[Now if I've already lost you because of the foul, foul language I've just used, my deepest apologies and I don't often swear, but this sentiment is just so fitting for this lesson.  But, if you're bold enough to have ventured past this for-lack-of-a-better-word-choice, keep on keepin' on brave ones.]

This week has been really rough for sweet Oakley Mae.  Homegirl has not been able to get her accidents under control, and well, we've been at odds this week. You can ask Seester frand... I asked her if she "wanted a puppy last night; answers to the name Oakley Mae." #momfail

One look, or lick, from that sweet girl usually helps me to forget the terrible mess, but then, oh yes, I'm right back to cleaning it up and fuming (in the other sense) unlike the wonderful mound of poo she has left fuming for me.  Sometimes it's "a river of pee and a mountain of poo" as Mama McD once deemed it upon first watching JB baby several months ago, if we're lucky.

Where am I going with this, other than describing the unpleasant sights and aromas that have been frequenting the Newly Nabors household this week, you might be asking?  Well, it's pretty simple.  Things happen whether we want them to or not.  I can a) whine, moan, and stomp around like a 6 year old while I clean up the lovely mess from puppy Goose, then proceed to ignore her for the rest of the evening, or I can b) accept that adorable sad puppy apology that usually is complete with a puppy kiss, forgive her, and move on.

While I wish I could say I've been forgiving and forgetting a little more easily than I have been, I am definitely striving to do that moving forward, and I think acknowledging it is a good first step.  Being disappointed puts you on the nowhere train to unhappy land quickly, and I've frequented that venue too often lately.  What do I have as a souvenir?  Oh, that's right... nothing.  While accepting the good ole' Serenity Prayer is a lot easier said than done, I have definitely noticed that when I don't sweat the small stuff, or big stuff for that matter, the disappointments of life aren't so bad, especially if you take the time to think of all the things your grateful for.  Like the fact that I have a LORD that sent his Son to die for me.  Yep... pretty much trumps all, but I'll continue... a wonderful husband, two loyal, darling, border collies, a supportive family and family-in-law, good friends, a college education, a job, and the list goes on and on.

So, sweet Oakley Mae, Goose, Little Bit, Munchkin, I promise to not let your "accidents" get the best of me, to remember you're a blessing and have always been part of our plan, and to work harder with you on potty training.  Thanks for being a sweet girl and part of the Nabors family.  We love you so much!

{"Sorry Mom, I didn't mean to."}

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