{Meet Oakley & More}

SOOO many things happened last weekend, so let's recap shall we!


AM:  I luckily had the day off to celebrate one of her sweet, sweet friends Bachelorette party of manis and pedis as we prepared for her to say "I Do!"  Lauren and I lived together for two years, and now share life together through sushi dates, puppy play dates, oh and did I mention she and her new hubby live about 3 minutes away from us?  Lucky, I know!  Anyway, we had Lauren's birthday/bachelorette wilder night last weekend, so this was just a final pampering before her big nuptials!  SO excited for her and Michael to finally be married! :)

PM: The Nabors have added a new member to the family!  Meet Miss Oakley Mae!

Is she not the most adorable thing you've ever seen?  I might be biased. ;)

Anyway, Ryan and I, well mainly me, had been talking about the idea of getting another dog, primarily for Jetta Belle to have someone to play with all day, and a constant when we're gone, since she loves playing with Mama and Papa Nabors's dogs when we go to the lake house or their home.  Plus, I just like Jetta having someone/somepup. :)

We had been looking at getting a German Shepherd Dog to go right along with the police endeavors and serve as a protector of our home, and had applied for two, (one which was taken, and the other we backed out of before we met her), when my older sister texted me a screenshot of a puppy that was being fostered near her neighborhood and was posted to their Facebook group to try and find a forever home.  Oh, and did I mention she was free -- that was a MAJOR perk.

Long story short, Ry, Jetta Belle, and I made the drive to The Colony, TX to meet sweet previously named Kita, and obviously we fell in love with her.  She and Jetta took to one another immediately!  It was PRECIOUS.  My heart was melted obviously.  Just a big pile of love goo.  We took her home, and had to poll what her name would be between Axtell and Oakley, and somewhere later in the evening landed on Oakley, and Mae for the middle name.  [Axtell is where Ryan and I used to do WyldLife/YoungLife together, for those of you wondering where the heck we got Axtell.]

Potty training has been a little rough, but our 4 1/2 month old furbaby is healthy and happy in her new home. Now if only we could get her to potty consistently outside, and not devour her food when fed, we would be golden.  [Open to any advice on how to get her to free feed.  I know potty training will come soon -- we're close!]
Jetta and Oakley running around the table at Mama and Papa Nabors's house!

Jetta's been swimming a lot and has gotten pretty good!

 Jetta and Oakley wrestling!


Saturday was probably the busiest Ry and I have been in a long time!  We saw Lauren and Michael tie the knot in the morning at the awesome Hotel Zaza, watched my little get married to her new hubby in the evening, and celebrated a baby shower with one of Ryan's long time high school besties after that.  It was crazy busy, but what a blessing to be able to share in the joy of so many sweet friends that day.  Praise the LORD for his providing us with so much joy! 

[Side Note: for any of you Rob Dyrdek fans, Ryan and I saw Big Black at Hotel Zaza as we were leaving!  Ryan said, "That's Big Black!", to which he said, "Yes, it is!"  After minimal hesitation, Ryan asked me to take a picture of he and BB, but when he asked if he could get a picture BB in typical Hollywood fashion replied, "Not gonna happen... unless you're a hot chick or got a lot of money."  Way to keep it classy, BB.  We won't hold it against you, I suppose...]

Lauren & Michael are married!


Ryan and I slept in while the silly girls played in our backyard.  If I haven't previously blogged about our amazing backyard before, let me just say how incredibly grateful I am for it.  We are so lucky to have such a big backyard for the puppies to run around in, big trees to keep us shaded and to tie my hammock chair up in, and to be constantly reminded how great our God is to create such beauty.  Despite the craters from Jetta's previous boredom, and the occasional mud from the rain or the kiddie pool we put out there for Jetta to play in before we got Oakley, it's a beautiful, big backyard.

I got up and went shooting with Papa McD.  He's such a sweetie!  Of course, he out shot me, but I will get better!  He has a great shot, and generally shoots 16-20 out of 25.  At the end of our second round, since I was doing so poorly, one of the female instructors came over to give me some pointers, and boy did they help!  I can't begin to tell you how much better I shot after her help!  We had to leave, but Dad and I are going again in about a week, and I know I'm going to do loads better because of her pointers.  I'm pumped! I love shooting my Berreta Silver Pigeon with my sweet Dad.  Such wonderful memories.
Dad and I shooting.

The result of not shouldering your gun correctly.

Sunday night ended with the best concert I can possibly imagine!  Cari, my roommate and friend from college, Kathy, another friend from college, and I went to see Ke$ha and Pitbull!  It was amazing, and suuuuuuuuuper fun despite the heat of summer in Texas.  The night can only be summed up in these words: fun, amazing, glitter, glow sticks, incredible!  BEST CONCERT EVER!!
Ready for the concert!
You see some interesting things at Ke$ha concerts...

{Feathers & Glitter}

Covered in glitter!

Love this girl!

The bottoms of our feet were covered in glitterrrrrrrrr!

 Time for Pitbull to do his thing!!!  We had been waiting so long for him!

Kathy and I rocking out to Pitbull!

Despite the business of the weekend, it was a blast and spent with some of my favorite people, and of course the handsome hubs. :)  So grateful for so many things to smile about!  

It's time to take Oakley to the lake for the first time!  Can't wait to update you on how that went!  Have a wonderful weekend and find many things to smile about!

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