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It's birthday, and party time, at the Newly Nabors house as of late.  Since my birthday shortly follows Ry's birthday, we have had a lot to celebrate!  It's fun to celebrate being married too! ;)  Let me begin by saying, I have wanted a tattoo since college.  I was told by Mama and Papa McD if I did proceed to get said tattoo they would stop my college funding, bill paying, etc, immediately.  When I got out of school, they said they wouldn't pay for a wedding (assuming I did marry that Ryan boy soonish - which I did!), so that was the stopping point.  6 years later, a college degree, and wonderful husband later, I still wanted a tattoo.

I contemplated going one Friday night, but a friend encouraged me to really look into what font I wanted since I wanted wording (we'll get to that in a moment), looking for tattoo shops with high reviews on yelp.com and calling around to see what it might cost me.  I'm glad I took that advice too, because where I wanted to go initially gave me the run around with setting an official appointment, and would have cost me $100 (their shop minimum) whereas mine was based on size and time and was $80.  My mom encouraged me to not just go on a whim, and make a fun memory out of it, so I decided I would go on my 25th birthday after much discussion with Ryan.  (I am never allowed to even mention getting another tattoo, (not that I want another), and I get the privelage of explaining it to our future kiddos. :))

The wording I wanted was "Imago Dei" which is latin for His Image, or Image of God.  I first heard fo this wording in my Christian Scriptures class at Baylor freshman year, easily one of my favorite classes (that didn't hurt that I had a cute professor).  In our second class, Dr. Patrick talked about imago dei and being created in God's image.  For some reason, that really stuck with me. I love thinking that I am created in His image to do His purposes.  Upon further research I learned the following, "The term imago Dei refers most fundamentally to two things: first, God's own self-actualization through humankind; and second, God's care for humankind.  To say that humans are in the image of God is to recognize the special qualities of human nature which allow God to be made manifest in humans.  In other words, for humans to have the conscious recognition of their being in the image of God means that they are the creature throught whom God's plans and purposes can be made known and actualized.  The moral implications of the doctrine of imago Dei are apparent in the fact that if humans are to love God, then humans must love other humans, as each is an expression of God." {Imago Dei Definition}

That was the same class we talked about the phrase, Yahweh asher Yahweh, which I also love.  I love that the LORD tells us:
  • He is who He always is
  • He will be who He will always be
  • He has been who He has always been
What a precious blessing.  Our LORD is constant and never wavering.

So, Friday I went to Suffer City Tattoo with some sweet, sweet friends, Ryan, my mom and co-worker, Jessica.  True story, my mom and Jessica got one too.  What a fun adventure!  I had the font picked out and a few sizes, but they ended up being too small and he had to blow them up.  I was kind of nervous about having it bigger and not as low on my foot, but I'm really happy with it!  It had to be higher and not on the bottom of the inside of my foot because your foot has a line where skin automatically turns over more than other parts of your foot and to have a lasting tattoo that looks good and doesn't turn over with the skin, it has to be above that.

Even after taking my hyperhydrosis pills my hands and feet were still sweating (I was so nervous), but Robert, the tattoo artist, said it wouldn't be a problem!  Praise!  It took a max of 3 minutes, and yes, some parts hurt more than others, but I'm glad I did it!  I don't know how people sit for hours and hours getting tats.  I hardly could have sat for another 10 minutes. :)  Mama McD was next, and it was honestly pretty fun to see my mom getting a tat!  We love to do stuff together, so it makes sense that we would do this together.  She's the cutest.  Then was Jess' turn.  I am so grateful they got one with me!  I have a few pictures below!

Sweet friends and family support group!
(Top: Ry, me, Dom, Kariss, Allison, Chris)
(Bottom: Paige, Mom, Jessica)

Placing the stencil.  Getting more nervous!

Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Wiping off excess ink and putting topical healing ointment on.

All done!  I made it!

Latin - "His Image"

Mom's heart - she wants to get it completely filled in and a swirl added inside the heart!

Jessica's anchor for her grandfather who was in the Navy, and hope.

After tats, Ryan, Paige, Allison, Chris and I met up with Lauren and Michael (the soon to be newlyweds!!) at Herrera's a delicious Mexican food restaurant!  It was soooo yummy.  From there, Paige, Lauren, and Michael had to depart, but Allison, Chris, Ryan and I went to one of my favorite spots, Katy Trail Ice House.  It's so fun and the weather was nice to sit outside.  The only thing missing was sweet Jetta since she's allowed there.  (didn't make sense to go back and get her - sorry moosebreath!)  It was a wonderful birthday evening, and I cannot express the gratitude and joy I have from my sweet friends and family.

Up next, Mother's Day festivities!

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