{Mama McD & Mama Nabors Day!}

After celebrating my birthday Friday, we decided to continue the celebration train and have family over to our house for birthday/Mother's Day celebration!  Ryan and I have really been loving having a home to entertain in, despite the cleaning up before and after the event which usually brings us to argue a bit (we're learning!).

Ryan is an excellent griller, so we decided to have bbq chicken breasts, asparagus, and eggplant all grilled.  Mama Nabors brought baked beans (yummo!), Mama McD brought Red, Hot and Blue's amazing potato salad, and deviled eggs, and Aunt Peggy, Amanda, and Max (who were in town from Cali!) brough fruit which is Max's favorite, and Trailer Cakes baby cupcakes!  Ryan and I had chips, salsa, and guacamole, and strawberries with whipped cream for dessert (which we never got to because we were so full from delicious dinner)!  Also in attendance was Papa McD!  Papa Nabors couldn't make it since he was en route abroad for business.  We wish Tori and Britt could have joined us but they were in their different cities.  It wasn't the same without you seesters!

It was so fun having everyone over at our house, and the weather ended up being beautiful for a fun time outside.  We played cornhole while the grill warmed up, Max entertained us with his cuteness, Jetta Belle wanted to play frisbee non-stop, Max found bubbles and we blew those to which he wanted to pop them with his finger, and when I blew them in his face he was unhappy and exclaimed, "but I do not want to pop bubbles with my face", and I had to cut that out pretty quickly.  Gosh he is cute!  Mama McD took some pictures, but I haven't seen them yet.

Papa McD got pretty tired so he, Amanda, Max and Aunt Peggy left, but Mama McD and Mama Nabors stayed and we played this fun game called, What's Yours Like.  You draw a card and then go around saying what yours of this is like and one person guesses based on the clues you give them.  It was so fun, and we loved the precious time with our Moms. 
For Mother's day I put together a basket with wine, Raisinettes, popcorn, a giant card (Taylor Swift brand haha, Ry got his mom one too), a small card from both of us, and Worther's Originals.  I told my mom in the card that her gift is a date night with me where I buy pizza or get take out and we watch a movie or play games at my house or hers... her choice. :)  I know being married now, I value the one on one time I get with my mom, and I think she does too.  Ryan did something similar for his Mom and they will have a fun date night together soon too.  That ended a wonderful night spent with the people we cherish most.  I love having family cookouts and I think we'll definitely do something again soon!

Sunday, my mom already had plans to go see a movie with friends, so Ryan and I spent the afternoon with Mama Nabors by the pool.  Later we went to Banana Leaf, Thai food, (YUM!) and hung out outside.  It was pretty perfect!  I love family!
Poolside enjoying the weather!

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