Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is something my community group has been spending a lot of time discussing lately.  So much so, that we're reading all about it in our Revelations study.  (We have been doing the Life Change Series - I highly recommend them!)  It looks like this:
It's amazing to me how as I've been studying it, I am more attune to it.  It is everywhere from my own life and within my family, in the lives of my community group, our country, and across the globe.  It's saddening to me, but I am studying up so I know how to be armed against it.

Lately I've had this recuring prayer, that the LORD would clothe me with everything I need to go into battle.  While I don't know what that battle is, or what my purpose will be, I have a thirst to know and be able to recall, scripture and fight for my LORD.  Let me just tell you, it is incredibly exciting to know the LORD is up to something.  :)

In discussing this recurring prayer on my heart with a friend, I found myself telling her part of me feels fired up and ready to take on whatever comes my way, and the other part of me is thinking, "what the heck are you asking to be tested for?  What if you fail?"  She reminded me that if I stay behind my Commander in Charge and continue to seek Him for guidance, how could I fail?

As for my thirst to know scripture, she reminded me how important it is to know scripture and it's truth.  Satan loves to take little nuggets of the truth and coil and twist them into something far from the truth.

My human flesh tends to gravitate towards compassion for people, heavily leaning into and relying on emotion to help make my decisions.  I have been praying to be less of a people pleaser, and to start really deciding what I think about things on my own.  Too often I find myself agreeing along with something somone says, not even stopping to think and process.  I'm also one of those who tend to see the LORD as the loving, compassionate, kind lamb and less of the wrathful, judgemental, jealous, almighty God that He is.  I've prayed to have a more balanced view of this, and so maybe that's part of this too.

While I don't know what the LORD is equipping me for, or why I have been feeling as though I am being trained, I am embracing it with open arms and enjoying the joy the LORD is bringing me in feeling so close to Him.  Praise!

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