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Day 2 started off with waking up, out of our respected twin beds you know since I messed up the booking the night before and La Quinta only had those for us, haha.  We hopped in the car for another 4 hours, missing our baby girl Moosie, and with a few more bathroom stops than the other since my bladder was not having it Day 2.

We made it to Tampa and picked up Ry's mom and sister who had flown in (smart move!), and headed to sunny Sarasota.  Britt had to rush to the rehersal, but the rest of us got ready adn then headed to the rehersal dinner at Tommy Bahama's.  Yummy!!  There, Ryan and I met our new sweet cousin, Elise, and had fun hearing toasts to the happy couple.  We decided to grab some beers and play cards in our hotel room which we shared with Britt (so fun!) and call it a night since she had to be up way early the next morning for wedding festivities as a bridesmaid.
Cards with this beauty.

Day 3 started early!  Britt needed to be at the hair salon, and since neither of us enjoy functioning without coffee we found the cutest coffee nook, conveniently named The Coffee Nook, :), grabbed some coffee and headed there.  I headed home, enjoying the pretty Sarasota sights, went jogging on the treadmill, and showered, all while my sweet husband snoozed.

We met his parents and uncle for lunch at a BBQ joint, (BBQ in Florida?  Funny.) and enjoyed the patio with them while eating some, I'll give it to them, delicious bbq.  Not long after that we had to get ready for the wedding and reception so we got dressed and headed to the church.  It was a lovely ceremony, celebrating our sweet cousin and her new hubby.  The reception was a blast, complete with photobooth (so you know I was in hog heaven!), open bar (yum!), delicious buffet (yum!), cute little flower girls to swing around, and dancing the night away with my husband and his family.  What a blast!

Wedding reception with my handsome husband.

Sunday morning we went to the Ritz Carlton beach club, where Tim's, the groom, dad lives.  We had an excellent brunch on the beach, played some volleyball and swam before we had to hightail it to Tampa to get Britt and Mama Nabors to the airport.  After saying sad goodbyes we started for the LONG drive back to Texas.  It was not nearly as excited as heading there, but we did stop and see some baby gators and get some fresh orange marmelade.  The drive down the Florida panhandle felt like forever, but it was nothing compared to the last 4 hours of the trip since we were so eager to get home.
Baby Gators at the Florida Citrus Station.

All in all, I love traveling with my husband, and weddings mean so much to me after saying "I Do" to my love at our own.  All the emotions, and excitement, and love that radiates around weddings makes my heart do flips!  So, while we won't be roadtripping any time soon, except to the lake and back, we enjoyed it fully!

Florida sunset.

Honoring Mama Nabors' wishes and staying safe and holding hands. :)

Alabama wildflowers.

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