{Roadtripping - Day 1}

The Newly Nabors officially embarked on, and more importantly survived, their first road trip!  Yes, I believe I would deem this our first official road trip together - I can't bring myself to count all the back and fourth we did between Waco a road trip, though some might I suppose.

For starters, you might ask us, "Why on earth would you drive to Florida when you can hop on an airplane and be there today?"  Well, to that we would say, neither of us were very proactive in the searching for tickets, and when we began to they were well over the budget we wanted to spend.  Like... between airfare and hotel accommodations, we could have taken an all inclusive trip to Mexico!  With that being our reality, we geared ourselves up for a great time on the open road!

We trekked to sunny Sarasota, FL for the hub's cousin's wedding.  We left last Thursday, our first sunny day in a while, but boy was it chilly.  It definitely excited us for Florida where the weather was promising.  We had a hard time saying bye to sweet Jetta Belle, some of us more than others, caughhusbandcough, but we let her out in the back to enjoy the sunny day, knowing we left her in more than capable hands.

[I need to put our leaving picture here]
I was clearly the more excited of the two. :)

It was exciting to finally be on the road, with my Diners, Dine Ins, and Drives app and handwritten notes jotted down, iPad for playing, books/magazines for reading (when they weren't making me car sick), and the excitement of OUR first road trip.  I'm beginning to love calling things "ours".  Possessive, I know, but have you seen my hubs?  He's cute! - and I'm beyond proud to call him mine!

Our first stop was just inside the Louisiana border.  I, of course, had made a giant roadie coffee and whatdyaknow it left me needing to go pretty badly!  Ryan was "happy" to stop since we had atleast made it out of Texas.  That and I might have ruined his seat if he hadn't let us pull over.  I did offer to drive next as a consolation prize.

Our next stop happened in the happening (I use happening loosely - very loosely) city of Monroe, LA.  Ryan and I had planned to stop at the Duck Commander warehouse, duh, and pick up some Duck Dynasty gear/seriously hope we would see someone from the show.  It was clearly a long shot, and we didn't see anyone, but it was totally worth it.  It dissipated the stress of traveling and, for Ryan, my driving a little bit anway.
[I need to put our Duck Commander pic here]
Here's us out by the awesome signage.

Bearded Deer on the Wall at Duck Commander.

Made it to Mississippi!

We had planned on eating at Food Network recommended places along the way and back, but by the time we reached Monroe it was already 2 or 3pm with the first Food Network restaurant still being about an hour or 2 away.  So, we decided just to snag something quick and head back out again.

The rest of the day puttered along with minimal stopping, mainly for gas refills, until we arrived to Mobile, AL.  We were en route to head to Manci's, featured on DDD, when I saw a sign for flaming oysters at the Bluegill Restaurant.  Flaming oysters - yeah, it caught your attention too, right?  I mentioned it to Ry and said, we can go there if you want.  It seemed to be just along the access road, while Manci's was about 10 minutes out of the way, and Ryan did his fake crying thing and said, "Poohoohoo, I never get to had eated flaming oysters."  Y'all it's so great and hilarious when he does this.  Since I didn't particularly care and thought either places sounded good we detoured our previously planned Manci's dinner and pulled into the Bluegill parking lot.

Upon pulling in and parking, Ryan was not overly impressed with the restaurant from the outside.  I have to say, I wasn't either, seeing as the restaurant was placed next to two story, plantation-style seafood restaurants and this was just a single story building with not an overwhelming amount of curb appeal, but we were willing to give it a try!  After all, the sign said it had been around since 1958!  We went in and enjoyed possibly one of the best meals ever, and were soooo glad we stopped.
Flaming Oysters!

My crab cake sandwich and lick-your-bowl sweet potatoes.
Full and happy we started again for Florida and made it to Jacksonville, FL which felt like forever away!  I will admit too, it was raining like crazy on and off and I was starting to get REALLLLLLY sleepy, so around 1 am (Florida time - 12 pm Dallas time) we called it a night and stayed in the La Quinta.  We were using Ryan's Priceline Negotiator app and in my sleepy stupor I accidentally booked our room for the next night and not the current night since it was past midnight.  Grrr.. luckily they had a room, but it had two twin beds instead of a king.  Ryan walked in and said, ummm are you trying to tell me something?  It was a good laugh and we were both so tired and still had 4 hours to go in the morning, we didn't care.

Up next on the blog... Sarasota, the wedding, and the return!

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