{Husband's Birthday!}

Yesterday my sweet husband turned 26!  Holy smokes we are getting old.  In just over a week I will be 25.  Yikes!  I kind of like the sound of these numbers though.  They seem so substantial.  We're not just out of college anymore, we're married, have full time jobs, and a sweet border collie.

This weekend we enjoyed the beauty of the lake house for Ryan's birthday celebration!  Ryan could live at the lake house if I, and his parents, let him.  He thinks we should open up a restaurant or take over the one currently sitting in the marina which is well... poorly run and a bit expensive for burgers and what not.  I will give it to them though, the food has gotten a tad bit better since last lake season.

It was a little chilly, but naturally that didn't stop our little water puppy.  She had an absolute blast swimming to get the Frisbee, running with Gabi, Mama and Papa Nabors' new pup they found at the lake house, and pretty much constantly playing in the water.  Boy was she tired when we got home!  So much fun!

Though it was pretty overcast, Ry and I did go out on the jet ski once.  It was my first time to wear a long sleeved t-shirt on the jet ski, I'll say that much.  It was a blast though!  I have missed lake fun!  I am getting sooooo ready for sunshine, boating, skiing, jet skiing, tubing and everything fun about the lake house.

Ry's parents made a delicious meal for us Saturday night to celebrate Ry's bday early, complete with his favorite strawberry cake and a warm chiminea burning beside us.  They gave him a custom pair of cowboy boots for his birthday which he gets to design, and a giftcard to Richardson Bike Mart since he's been mountain biking a lot.

Jetta and Gabi playing in the water.

The weekend came to an end and we had to head back to Dallas, but the next day, Ry's actual birthday was so fun!  I made him his favorite meatloaf that I've blogged about before with twice baked potatoes, homemade salsa, guacamole, corn, fruit salad, and of course a white on white cake. {Call me Mrs. Meatloaf}  We had his parents and my parents over for dinner which was so fun to celebrate in our home with them.  What a sweet life we have. :)

I gave Ryan this really fancy flashlight he had been wanting, and a brick at the new Baylor Stadium.  Our legacy is now "forever immortalized" there.  Haha.  Jetta Belle, sweet puppy, gave her Dad a memory card for his Go Pro camera so now he can show us where he's mountain biking!  Rounding up the birthday gifts was a Patagonia shirt from Bass Pro, AR lighter (hehe), Dr. Pepper bbq sauce, and a Guns and Ammo magazine from my Mama, and a Bass Pro gift card from my Pops.

I can't speak for my hubs, but I think it was a pretty successful birthday and each year spending them with him gets a little sweeter.  I am truly loving being married to this man of mine.  Happy Birthday Ry!  We love you!
Happy Birthday love.

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