Where did Moose go?

Oh the joys of dog grooming...

Since Moose's hair was getting out of control with tangles, length and it taking 2 towels to dry her after a bath, followed by 10 minutes of blow drying, I decided maybe it was time to get her groomed.  I figured that since PetSmart has a grooming place, and we go there all the time, so she's familiar with PetSmart that that would be our best option.  Yesterday I dropped her off at 5:30 with an asian lady who's accent was a little thick, but she exclaimed, "Oh!  I have a 3 year old male border collie there too.  They can be buddies!"  She asked what we wanted done, and I told her the dilemma with the drying and the knots, but didn't give too much direction as she just said she had a border collie, so I assumed she'd know how to cut her and make her look best.  IN FACT, I even said whatever y'all think will make look her the best.  Asian lady said, "so let's get her an inch all over and then trim the rest from there."  I guess I didn't understand where she was going, but another groomer in the back said, "You're not going to buzz all her beautiful hair are you?"  I quickly said, "No, no!  We think she's beautiful with her hair, we just need it trimmed, maybe thinned out a little bit so it doesn't take so long to dry her off after baths or her usual swimming escapades."  Then, they took little Jetta Belle away.  What we returned to was a completely shock about 2 hours later.

Ry went with me to pick her up since he was still at work when I dropped her off.  When we walked in to the grooming section, they trotted out this dog with an orange bow on either ear who was practically hairless.  Ry and I both exchanged a muffled, "Oh my gosh...", the kind where your eyes get really big, and then turned back to Jetta, who luckily didn't seem to notice anything unusual.  Wow, we were in shock!  The Asian lady exclaimed, "Do you love it?", to which all Ryan and I could do was mutter something like, "Yeah, it's great."  We were horrified.  She looked ridiculous.  Not even like her breed. Poor border collie.  I wish I had had more courage to tell them how I really felt, that she looked horrible and I couldn't believe they would do this do a border collie, but I didn't, and Ryan didn't either.  Weenie Nabors.  We paid for her horrible haircut, and a black and white polkadot with turquoise blue trim harness (since Jetta pulls so much, and/or doddles on our runs sometimes I'm hoping this will help and I won't be hurting her neck in the process), gave her a handful of treats and bolted for the door.

We pulled out the bows immediately upon entering the car, but the damage was still done.  We decided she sort of looks like a border collie puppy before their hair starts growing out, but even the babies have more hair than currently resides on our Moose.  So sad. :(

We went home, got food from one of our local favorites (literally down the street and has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives) Afrah, and began watching Wreck It Ralph after, of course, gawking over how Jetta didn't look remotely the same as before I had dropped her off.  We were in this state of almost angry it was so different.  We've determined it wouldn't be so bad if her neck and face hair were a little longer, because then she'd still look like her breed, but it's toooo short.  She keeps licking and scratching her belly too because it's obviously really short and poking her.  Since her neck makes her look silly we gave her an American Flag (America!) bandana to wear until her fur grows back.  Luckily, "bandanas suit her", as her adorable Dad and my husband said to her.  Meltmyheart he is so cute with her.

So, while I've been having to do double takes it's still our adorable little hound.  We'll definitely have to rethink where we take her to get groomed next time, and/or leave better instructions.  Shame on me.

Here's her new look:

 Ryan smothering her with love and funny comments about her new look like, "They ruined you little border collie."
 Kisses to make up for all the funny comments about her look.
Little hairless baby.
Trusty American bandanna.  Love her.

Anyone know a good place to get a dog groomed?

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