The Simple Things

Goooood Morning!

It's spring forward Sunday, and while it's almost 1pm and I'm posting this, in my head I don't feel so badly for sleeping in because a) I've been snuggling with Jetta and hubs in bed -- awake!, and b) it should be 12 pm.  I'm currently enjoying a delicious Keurig-made carmel coffee and deemed this an excellent blogging opportunity.  

Our weekend has been pretty fun despite having no solid plans at the get go!  After JB's not-so-great experience with the groomer, and a little bit gloomy weather we've really had a great weekend!  It rained pretty much all day yesterday which always makes me a little sad for Jetta since she loves the outdoors.  Our weekends usually entail leaving the backdoor open, when we're home, for Jetta to go in and out as she pleases, and since the weather has been nice it's fun to have the breeze and see our hound so happy.  It also allows for spontaneous frisbee throwing which, of course, Jetta loves.

Yesterday we were pretty lazy, sleeping in late, snuggling with Jetta Belle which has become a regular occurrence, doing laundry, and brunching with Bush and Brenna.  Bush is the hubby's bestie and Brenna is his girlfriend.  We went to the Coffee House Cafe, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to get brunch, though I will not turn down brunch from anywhere.  I had to get my miles in for the Shake Senora relay team since our race is in 2 weeks (eep!) and Ashley is counting on me.  This almost got derailed when our favs, Ben and Holly, invited us to go to Main Event where they had $20 All You Can Bowl, Pool, and Laser Tag!  Obviously that sounded like a great plan, but they were awesome by letting me run first.  I hopped on the treadmill and Mama and Papa Nabors' house since it was still very wet outside and my lack of gracefulness would have proved a loser again against the slick sidewalks, watched "John Tucker Must Die" (one of my favorites!!!), and got my 5 miles in.  Gosh it felt like I was running forever, but surprisingly enough I didn't feel totally drained afterwards, and I was more excited to get to Main Event to hang out with Ry, and the soon to be Meyer's!

We had a blast bowling, dominating laser tag, shooting pool, playing some arcade games, and getting dinner with them.  They are lots of fun and we're excited to have another couple friend to hang out with! :)  It's funny that Ben and I have been friends so long, but kinda fun at the same time.  We've been friends since elementary school, and while we haven't been so close always it's really fun that we've kept our friendship and now get to share that as adults.  Plus, Holly, his fiance, is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.  She's a blast!

The night ended and I was majorly tired from running and then the fun, so being the grandma I am, I went to bed while Ryan and the hound stayed up and played.  Probably why he is still sleeping now!  Sheesh!

The past few mornings, mainly the ones where we get to sleep in, JB has been extra cute.  I suppose this is where my "Simple Things" title comes to play.  She has been crawling up where I am when she determines I'm pretty much awake and has been laying right between Ry and I and snuggling, putting her head on my stomach or rolling over on her back and getting as close to me as she can.  She's a little spooner!  Anyway, it melts my heart every morning and has made me truly love having a pup.  She is so full of love and life.  Those snuggle times have become very dear to my heart even if she tries to bathe me with kisses and her anteater-like tongue.  She's a blessing.  I also love mornings like this, where I get to have quiet time, enjoy my coffee, spend time with the Lord, all while Jetta is curled up at my feet or by my side on the couch.  There's nothing better... unless of course it's summer and this whole scene is taking place at the lake on the porch.  Bliss.

Time to wake up the hubs and start our day... well... afternoon.  The Twink McD is supposed to get in to town at some point and we're supposed to play, so hopefully she'll make her entrance sometime around 4:30 and Ry, JB and I can spend time with her and the McD's.  Yay seester!

May today bring you many things to be grateful for and many blessings from our Savior. :)

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