Life Lessons from The One and Only

Things the LORD is teaching me as of late:
  1. Life is not cut and dry.  Things change, plans change, what your future looks like changes, families change, dynamics change.  Things happen, and while that may seem scary and uncharted, and a little bit chaotic, it can be beautiful.  I'm learning to love each new season of life.  "Either He planned it, or He permitted it."
  2. It's okay for money to cause a little stress, but it shouldn't consume me.  My community group did such a great job of reminding me that my money comes from the LORD.  He allows me to make a certain amount and it should not own me.  The LORD will always provide, especially if I'm honoring him with my spending and my tithing (which I seriously need to step up my game and tithe consistently).
  3. Having girlfriends is important.  SO important.  In college I had a lot of friends just through school and sorority, and I had my best friends.  There are 4 of us, and sometimes I feel like we could be those girls from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I would obviously be Blake Lively because duh, she's gorg!, and athletic... *ahem, me!*  -- It's Friday, my humility has taken a seat on the shelf.  Of course, I'm kidding!)  Well, maybe we're a mix of those four.  There's the free spirit, smart, atheltic, humble and humerous girl, who moved to Spain for two years and has paved her own way since we graduated.  She reminds me to do what makes me happy, even if it means flying half way across the world to truly experience a different culture, and of course she's my girl for the athletic encouragement and discipline.  Then, there are the two smarty pants.  One getting a Law Degree AND a Business Degree AT THE SAME TIME (yikes!), while still totally embracing life fully and enjoying plenty of work/school-life blance.  She reminds me to work hard, but of course, play hard, and to be fully present wherever I am.  The other smarty is getting her Master's degree while also being a free spirit!  She moved to a place where she knew no one to get her degree and will shortly be getting married and moving to a new place!  She is so encouraging and sweet, and reminds me to love my friends well and to live humbly.  She always puts others first!  Then, there's me!  I like to think I add an athletic, energetic, "go get'em" spark to our group.  Regardless, these girls mean the world to me.

    Hmm.. where was I going with this.  Oh, yes!  In college, I had the big group of friends, and the hubs, being a victory lapper (which I obviously didn't mind since that meant we were in the same city), generally hung out with my girls and our friends.  Now, the roles have been reversed and he's the one with a lot of guy friends while all my friends headed off in different directions.  I had lunch with two of the three yesterday and gosh it was good for my soul.  It's definitely good for Ry and I to have those times of doing our own thing to allow ourselves to recharge.
  4. Having a husband is awesome.  I've never felt so loved, so in love, or excited to spend time with someone as I do Ry.  It's fun having our own little family of three.  All those things we wanted to do together finally got to happen when we said, "I Do!"  We wake up and fall asleep together each night, we cook together, play more sports together, got a sweet dog together, live life together, and the best part about staying up late with him is that I don't have to go home because I am home!  Yep, words can't begin to explain it.
  5. Finally, the LORD is teaching me to allow him to make me grow often and abundantly.  He's teaching me to push your limits, try harder, run further and faster (ha! maybe not faster yet...), set bigger goals, take risks Iwouldn't normally take, try new things, pray more, be angry less, have more patience (GOOD LORD this one is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE - it probably deserved it's own bullet or post), and just grow.
What's the LORD teaching you these days?

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