Rock 'N Roll

I did it!  Woot!  Ran my leg of the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon Relay with my sweet, and 5 months preggo friend, Ashley!  Homegirl is out of control, y'all.  She ran the first leg which conveniently happened to be 7 miles, with all of the hills but 1 or 2, and that faced the majority of the wind directly.  She's a stud!  It was so so fun to run with her, and it actually turned out to be a graet race for me.

It was cold.  Like... jump around, high knees, shield yourself from the wind via the porter potties, cold.  Being the anxious person that I tend to be, I had Ry (and Jetta Belle got to go!!) take me to the relay point at 8:15 (the race started at 8:00).  There was really no reason to be there so early, but with road cloasings in the neighborhood of the exchange and Ashley being a speed demon, I didn't want to risk it.  So, naturally, we arrived at 8:40 to which we ended up standing there for nearly an hour.  I should have taken into account the number of folks running, the coral start times, etc, but of course overly anxious T prevailed.

I don't want to brag too too much about how I have the best husband in the world (and I DO!), but let me just tell you that I warmed up about 10 degrees when I looked across the street and there were my two loves, Ry and Jetta Belle, standing/shivering/JB somewhat spastically trying to greet each runner as they passed by and the nearby dogs that happened to be watching too.  Talk about one in a million.  I know I was cold, but for my husband, who got up early, didn't have to be there, could have easily waited in the car or somewhere warmer, stood out and beared it to cheer me (and Ash when she came through) on!  Gah, blessed.  I love him so!  (sorrrrrrrrrrry.) :)

After standing for what felt like forever in the blistering cold, which was really only an hour, Ash rounded the corner in her adorable "Running for 2" bright red shirt.  Seriously, she's adorable.

Said shirt except in red, or caliente, as it is noted on the website.  Precious!  :)
When she got there, we hugged and I took off!  I'm not sure if it was adrenaline, the desire to escape the cold, or the cold hard truth that I had actually done the training, but my splits were faster than they have been in several months.  (Please note: I don't, and never will, claim to be a fast runner.  I prefer running for enjoyment and to get the medal, not to win -- shocking, right?)

I had signed Ryan up to track me while I ran so he would know where I was, and to my great surprise at mile 10 Ryan, his mom, and Jetta Belle were all standing on the side of the road!  I was in the zone... honestly, I was contemplating whether I should stop and walk for a minute to catch my breath... but as I looked up I saw them!  They almost missed me, since JB was trying to steal the show with her cuteness, but I called out to Ryan and saw them for that split second.  I can't explain the way that floored me!  I wanted to run harder, and stronger, than I had, and my thoughts of stopping were eliminated (at least until the 11 mile water station)... gotta keep it real. :) -- again husband and mother in law of the year in my book!

Remember how I said my splits were fast?  So fast, that when I neared the finish line I took off in my signature sprint (mainly it makes me feel incredible that I still have it in me to sprint at the end), went through the line to grab my medal, had my photo op, grabbed a banana/smoothie/gatorade/chocolate milk/foil blanket thing (most items were thrust into my arms), set them down and looked at my phone to text Ry since hearing anyone at the Rock 'N Roll 1/2 Marathon is impossible, and he said, "We just pulled in. :( We're walking there now.  Sorry we missed it.  You were so fast!"  He had apparently gotten my finish line text from my tracker as he had pulled in.  Poor guy!  He and his mom paid $10/parking per person and had missed the big finish!  What's worse?  Momma McD was on the DART almost at the exit when she got her text.  Whoops!  Haha, next time.  I mainly felt loved that they wanted to be there!  Huge blessing.

Ash and her hubby greeted me at the finish and we took a picture and chatted.  Her brother in law had just finished the 1/2 Marathon so we wrapped up our convo so they could head to celebrate with lunch!  She looks adorable... I, however, look somewhat like a cancer patient.  Did I mention it was cold though?  Can't blame a sista for wanting to keep her ears warm can you?

As Ryan, Mama Nabors, and Mama McD all found me and we all chatted, we headed to Mattito's for some delicious Bob Armstrong dip (AMAZING DIP!) and I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap afterwards. :)  Long story short, I have a great friend who encouraged me to run, great support in family and my hubs (and JB, of course), and a new PR for my 10k!  I did notice that I started my Nike app about 2 minutes before I actually ran, so that's why my first mile is 13 something minutes.  Oh well, I know the truth!

I highly recommend running.  I have good runs and bad, and sometimes I love it and other times I hate it, but it's done wonders for my attitude when I'm feeling low or irritated, and is definitely slimming my core (which is always a plus for us girls!)

Runner, run on!

Life Lessons from The One and Only

Things the LORD is teaching me as of late:
  1. Life is not cut and dry.  Things change, plans change, what your future looks like changes, families change, dynamics change.  Things happen, and while that may seem scary and uncharted, and a little bit chaotic, it can be beautiful.  I'm learning to love each new season of life.  "Either He planned it, or He permitted it."
  2. It's okay for money to cause a little stress, but it shouldn't consume me.  My community group did such a great job of reminding me that my money comes from the LORD.  He allows me to make a certain amount and it should not own me.  The LORD will always provide, especially if I'm honoring him with my spending and my tithing (which I seriously need to step up my game and tithe consistently).
  3. Having girlfriends is important.  SO important.  In college I had a lot of friends just through school and sorority, and I had my best friends.  There are 4 of us, and sometimes I feel like we could be those girls from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (I would obviously be Blake Lively because duh, she's gorg!, and athletic... *ahem, me!*  -- It's Friday, my humility has taken a seat on the shelf.  Of course, I'm kidding!)  Well, maybe we're a mix of those four.  There's the free spirit, smart, atheltic, humble and humerous girl, who moved to Spain for two years and has paved her own way since we graduated.  She reminds me to do what makes me happy, even if it means flying half way across the world to truly experience a different culture, and of course she's my girl for the athletic encouragement and discipline.  Then, there are the two smarty pants.  One getting a Law Degree AND a Business Degree AT THE SAME TIME (yikes!), while still totally embracing life fully and enjoying plenty of work/school-life blance.  She reminds me to work hard, but of course, play hard, and to be fully present wherever I am.  The other smarty is getting her Master's degree while also being a free spirit!  She moved to a place where she knew no one to get her degree and will shortly be getting married and moving to a new place!  She is so encouraging and sweet, and reminds me to love my friends well and to live humbly.  She always puts others first!  Then, there's me!  I like to think I add an athletic, energetic, "go get'em" spark to our group.  Regardless, these girls mean the world to me.

    Hmm.. where was I going with this.  Oh, yes!  In college, I had the big group of friends, and the hubs, being a victory lapper (which I obviously didn't mind since that meant we were in the same city), generally hung out with my girls and our friends.  Now, the roles have been reversed and he's the one with a lot of guy friends while all my friends headed off in different directions.  I had lunch with two of the three yesterday and gosh it was good for my soul.  It's definitely good for Ry and I to have those times of doing our own thing to allow ourselves to recharge.
  4. Having a husband is awesome.  I've never felt so loved, so in love, or excited to spend time with someone as I do Ry.  It's fun having our own little family of three.  All those things we wanted to do together finally got to happen when we said, "I Do!"  We wake up and fall asleep together each night, we cook together, play more sports together, got a sweet dog together, live life together, and the best part about staying up late with him is that I don't have to go home because I am home!  Yep, words can't begin to explain it.
  5. Finally, the LORD is teaching me to allow him to make me grow often and abundantly.  He's teaching me to push your limits, try harder, run further and faster (ha! maybe not faster yet...), set bigger goals, take risks Iwouldn't normally take, try new things, pray more, be angry less, have more patience (GOOD LORD this one is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE - it probably deserved it's own bullet or post), and just grow.
What's the LORD teaching you these days?

The Simple Things

Goooood Morning!

It's spring forward Sunday, and while it's almost 1pm and I'm posting this, in my head I don't feel so badly for sleeping in because a) I've been snuggling with Jetta and hubs in bed -- awake!, and b) it should be 12 pm.  I'm currently enjoying a delicious Keurig-made carmel coffee and deemed this an excellent blogging opportunity.  

Our weekend has been pretty fun despite having no solid plans at the get go!  After JB's not-so-great experience with the groomer, and a little bit gloomy weather we've really had a great weekend!  It rained pretty much all day yesterday which always makes me a little sad for Jetta since she loves the outdoors.  Our weekends usually entail leaving the backdoor open, when we're home, for Jetta to go in and out as she pleases, and since the weather has been nice it's fun to have the breeze and see our hound so happy.  It also allows for spontaneous frisbee throwing which, of course, Jetta loves.

Yesterday we were pretty lazy, sleeping in late, snuggling with Jetta Belle which has become a regular occurrence, doing laundry, and brunching with Bush and Brenna.  Bush is the hubby's bestie and Brenna is his girlfriend.  We went to the Coffee House Cafe, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to get brunch, though I will not turn down brunch from anywhere.  I had to get my miles in for the Shake Senora relay team since our race is in 2 weeks (eep!) and Ashley is counting on me.  This almost got derailed when our favs, Ben and Holly, invited us to go to Main Event where they had $20 All You Can Bowl, Pool, and Laser Tag!  Obviously that sounded like a great plan, but they were awesome by letting me run first.  I hopped on the treadmill and Mama and Papa Nabors' house since it was still very wet outside and my lack of gracefulness would have proved a loser again against the slick sidewalks, watched "John Tucker Must Die" (one of my favorites!!!), and got my 5 miles in.  Gosh it felt like I was running forever, but surprisingly enough I didn't feel totally drained afterwards, and I was more excited to get to Main Event to hang out with Ry, and the soon to be Meyer's!

We had a blast bowling, dominating laser tag, shooting pool, playing some arcade games, and getting dinner with them.  They are lots of fun and we're excited to have another couple friend to hang out with! :)  It's funny that Ben and I have been friends so long, but kinda fun at the same time.  We've been friends since elementary school, and while we haven't been so close always it's really fun that we've kept our friendship and now get to share that as adults.  Plus, Holly, his fiance, is quickly becoming one of my favorite people.  She's a blast!

The night ended and I was majorly tired from running and then the fun, so being the grandma I am, I went to bed while Ryan and the hound stayed up and played.  Probably why he is still sleeping now!  Sheesh!

The past few mornings, mainly the ones where we get to sleep in, JB has been extra cute.  I suppose this is where my "Simple Things" title comes to play.  She has been crawling up where I am when she determines I'm pretty much awake and has been laying right between Ry and I and snuggling, putting her head on my stomach or rolling over on her back and getting as close to me as she can.  She's a little spooner!  Anyway, it melts my heart every morning and has made me truly love having a pup.  She is so full of love and life.  Those snuggle times have become very dear to my heart even if she tries to bathe me with kisses and her anteater-like tongue.  She's a blessing.  I also love mornings like this, where I get to have quiet time, enjoy my coffee, spend time with the Lord, all while Jetta is curled up at my feet or by my side on the couch.  There's nothing better... unless of course it's summer and this whole scene is taking place at the lake on the porch.  Bliss.

Time to wake up the hubs and start our day... well... afternoon.  The Twink McD is supposed to get in to town at some point and we're supposed to play, so hopefully she'll make her entrance sometime around 4:30 and Ry, JB and I can spend time with her and the McD's.  Yay seester!

May today bring you many things to be grateful for and many blessings from our Savior. :)

Where did Moose go?

Oh the joys of dog grooming...

Since Moose's hair was getting out of control with tangles, length and it taking 2 towels to dry her after a bath, followed by 10 minutes of blow drying, I decided maybe it was time to get her groomed.  I figured that since PetSmart has a grooming place, and we go there all the time, so she's familiar with PetSmart that that would be our best option.  Yesterday I dropped her off at 5:30 with an asian lady who's accent was a little thick, but she exclaimed, "Oh!  I have a 3 year old male border collie there too.  They can be buddies!"  She asked what we wanted done, and I told her the dilemma with the drying and the knots, but didn't give too much direction as she just said she had a border collie, so I assumed she'd know how to cut her and make her look best.  IN FACT, I even said whatever y'all think will make look her the best.  Asian lady said, "so let's get her an inch all over and then trim the rest from there."  I guess I didn't understand where she was going, but another groomer in the back said, "You're not going to buzz all her beautiful hair are you?"  I quickly said, "No, no!  We think she's beautiful with her hair, we just need it trimmed, maybe thinned out a little bit so it doesn't take so long to dry her off after baths or her usual swimming escapades."  Then, they took little Jetta Belle away.  What we returned to was a completely shock about 2 hours later.

Ry went with me to pick her up since he was still at work when I dropped her off.  When we walked in to the grooming section, they trotted out this dog with an orange bow on either ear who was practically hairless.  Ry and I both exchanged a muffled, "Oh my gosh...", the kind where your eyes get really big, and then turned back to Jetta, who luckily didn't seem to notice anything unusual.  Wow, we were in shock!  The Asian lady exclaimed, "Do you love it?", to which all Ryan and I could do was mutter something like, "Yeah, it's great."  We were horrified.  She looked ridiculous.  Not even like her breed. Poor border collie.  I wish I had had more courage to tell them how I really felt, that she looked horrible and I couldn't believe they would do this do a border collie, but I didn't, and Ryan didn't either.  Weenie Nabors.  We paid for her horrible haircut, and a black and white polkadot with turquoise blue trim harness (since Jetta pulls so much, and/or doddles on our runs sometimes I'm hoping this will help and I won't be hurting her neck in the process), gave her a handful of treats and bolted for the door.

We pulled out the bows immediately upon entering the car, but the damage was still done.  We decided she sort of looks like a border collie puppy before their hair starts growing out, but even the babies have more hair than currently resides on our Moose.  So sad. :(

We went home, got food from one of our local favorites (literally down the street and has been featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives) Afrah, and began watching Wreck It Ralph after, of course, gawking over how Jetta didn't look remotely the same as before I had dropped her off.  We were in this state of almost angry it was so different.  We've determined it wouldn't be so bad if her neck and face hair were a little longer, because then she'd still look like her breed, but it's toooo short.  She keeps licking and scratching her belly too because it's obviously really short and poking her.  Since her neck makes her look silly we gave her an American Flag (America!) bandana to wear until her fur grows back.  Luckily, "bandanas suit her", as her adorable Dad and my husband said to her.  Meltmyheart he is so cute with her.

So, while I've been having to do double takes it's still our adorable little hound.  We'll definitely have to rethink where we take her to get groomed next time, and/or leave better instructions.  Shame on me.

Here's her new look:

 Ryan smothering her with love and funny comments about her new look like, "They ruined you little border collie."
 Kisses to make up for all the funny comments about her look.
Little hairless baby.
Trusty American bandanna.  Love her.

Anyone know a good place to get a dog groomed?

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