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I did it!  Woot!  Ran my leg of the Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon Relay with my sweet, and 5 months preggo friend, Ashley!  Homegirl is out of control, y'all.  She ran the first leg which conveniently happened to be 7 miles, with all of the hills but 1 or 2, and that faced the majority of the wind directly.  She's a stud!  It was so so fun to run with her, and it actually turned out to be a graet race for me.

It was cold.  Like... jump around, high knees, shield yourself from the wind via the porter potties, cold.  Being the anxious person that I tend to be, I had Ry (and Jetta Belle got to go!!) take me to the relay point at 8:15 (the race started at 8:00).  There was really no reason to be there so early, but with road cloasings in the neighborhood of the exchange and Ashley being a speed demon, I didn't want to risk it.  So, naturally, we arrived at 8:40 to which we ended up standing there for nearly an hour.  I should have taken into account the number of folks running, the coral start times, etc, but of course overly anxious T prevailed.

I don't want to brag too too much about how I have the best husband in the world (and I DO!), but let me just tell you that I warmed up about 10 degrees when I looked across the street and there were my two loves, Ry and Jetta Belle, standing/shivering/JB somewhat spastically trying to greet each runner as they passed by and the nearby dogs that happened to be watching too.  Talk about one in a million.  I know I was cold, but for my husband, who got up early, didn't have to be there, could have easily waited in the car or somewhere warmer, stood out and beared it to cheer me (and Ash when she came through) on!  Gah, blessed.  I love him so!  (sorrrrrrrrrrry.) :)

After standing for what felt like forever in the blistering cold, which was really only an hour, Ash rounded the corner in her adorable "Running for 2" bright red shirt.  Seriously, she's adorable.

Said shirt except in red, or caliente, as it is noted on the website.  Precious!  :)
When she got there, we hugged and I took off!  I'm not sure if it was adrenaline, the desire to escape the cold, or the cold hard truth that I had actually done the training, but my splits were faster than they have been in several months.  (Please note: I don't, and never will, claim to be a fast runner.  I prefer running for enjoyment and to get the medal, not to win -- shocking, right?)

I had signed Ryan up to track me while I ran so he would know where I was, and to my great surprise at mile 10 Ryan, his mom, and Jetta Belle were all standing on the side of the road!  I was in the zone... honestly, I was contemplating whether I should stop and walk for a minute to catch my breath... but as I looked up I saw them!  They almost missed me, since JB was trying to steal the show with her cuteness, but I called out to Ryan and saw them for that split second.  I can't explain the way that floored me!  I wanted to run harder, and stronger, than I had, and my thoughts of stopping were eliminated (at least until the 11 mile water station)... gotta keep it real. :) -- again husband and mother in law of the year in my book!

Remember how I said my splits were fast?  So fast, that when I neared the finish line I took off in my signature sprint (mainly it makes me feel incredible that I still have it in me to sprint at the end), went through the line to grab my medal, had my photo op, grabbed a banana/smoothie/gatorade/chocolate milk/foil blanket thing (most items were thrust into my arms), set them down and looked at my phone to text Ry since hearing anyone at the Rock 'N Roll 1/2 Marathon is impossible, and he said, "We just pulled in. :( We're walking there now.  Sorry we missed it.  You were so fast!"  He had apparently gotten my finish line text from my tracker as he had pulled in.  Poor guy!  He and his mom paid $10/parking per person and had missed the big finish!  What's worse?  Momma McD was on the DART almost at the exit when she got her text.  Whoops!  Haha, next time.  I mainly felt loved that they wanted to be there!  Huge blessing.

Ash and her hubby greeted me at the finish and we took a picture and chatted.  Her brother in law had just finished the 1/2 Marathon so we wrapped up our convo so they could head to celebrate with lunch!  She looks adorable... I, however, look somewhat like a cancer patient.  Did I mention it was cold though?  Can't blame a sista for wanting to keep her ears warm can you?

As Ryan, Mama Nabors, and Mama McD all found me and we all chatted, we headed to Mattito's for some delicious Bob Armstrong dip (AMAZING DIP!) and I proceeded to take a 3 hour nap afterwards. :)  Long story short, I have a great friend who encouraged me to run, great support in family and my hubs (and JB, of course), and a new PR for my 10k!  I did notice that I started my Nike app about 2 minutes before I actually ran, so that's why my first mile is 13 something minutes.  Oh well, I know the truth!

I highly recommend running.  I have good runs and bad, and sometimes I love it and other times I hate it, but it's done wonders for my attitude when I'm feeling low or irritated, and is definitely slimming my core (which is always a plus for us girls!)

Runner, run on!

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