Princess Moosebreath Turns 1!

Today Jetta Belle, our sweet border collie, turned 1!  Now, we realize and acknowledge we have only had her for 4 1/2 months, and we also know we ... I ... may have gone a little overboard with the celebration that ensued, but let me just remind you we like to have a reason to celebrate, we love our hound, and we don't have kids.  Lord help us when we do if today's post is any clue as to what a child's birthday will be like... Here we go!

So before my bikeride yesterday, I took Jetta Belle to Petsmart to go shopping for her birthday gifts.  Yes, I know, to some of you the concept of a dog having birthday presents may sound strange, but bear with me.  Of course whenever we go to Petsmart Jetta gets lots of attention from adoring customers and Petsmart employees because duh she's a cutie.  She, also, pulls like a maniac on the leash resulting in her choking herself quite a bit, and making me look like a horrible owner.  Whomp whomp.

We always spend way too much time at Petsmart looking around, Jetta getting loved on, me trying not to spend a fortune on our dog, etc, but after picking out a few presents and deciding if a doggy rainjacket was necessary (it was not as Ry would have killed me) we went over to the groomer to see if Jetta could get what had become dreadlocks of hair behind her ears shaved off.  I thought I could cut them out at home, but the matted fur had gotten a little out of control and well, I didn't want to accidentally cut into Jetta's skin in case there's some back there, so I opted for a pro to handle it.  Petsmart wouldn't do it because I didn't have Jetta's rabies information with me.  "Why no Petsmart employee, I do not carry Jetta's rabies information around in my wallet.  Sorry."  Boo.  Hiss.  I like Petsmart, don't get me wrong, and I understand the reasoning if Jetta were to bite (she would never seriously!) but it was still sucky.  Luckily there's a Pet Supplies Plus store on our way home that gladly did it no questions asked.  While there I may have purchased two dog treat cookies and a new collar for the bday princess.  I told you... I have issues with spoiling our dog.  There could be worse things right?

Needless to say, Ryan was less than pleased with my spendings for the day, but saw how excited I was to celebrate Jetta Belle's birthday and let it slide.  I did promise to tone it down a bit next year.  :)

After my bike ride, which by the way, I'm a lot of bit sore from, I made Jetta a dog birthday cake.  I hope I'm amusing you because I'm serious.  I found a recipe for birthday cake and treats here: Dog Birthday Cake. Originally, we were going to have a "party" and invite our family and their hounds over and the treats were going to be "party favors", but the weekend flew by and Monday was too short to cook for everyone and have them over.  Next year.

After work today, we gave Jetta her "presents" consisting of a squeaky jack and a pink squeaky dragon, put on her new collar, and gave her some treats and a piece of cake.  Lucky dog!  I also made some delicious pasta from the Pioneer Woman's website.  I loooove Ree Drummond.  You can find the recipie here: Bowtie Chicken Alfredo

After a long walk with the Birthday Moose we called it a day til next year's bday festivaties.  Jetta Belle, you are a joy.  We love you with all our hearts. :)  Happy Birthday!

Princess Moosebreath with her cake (left) and snuggling with Dad and presents (right).

Back on the Bike

As embarrassing as it is to say, the girl who once biked several hundered miles has not been on the bike in over a year.  After riding 87 miles on the first day of the MS150 in 2011, I haven't gotten on my bike for a nice ride since.  My poor ride, Trek Alpha 1.1, once prized possession and addiction, went from old McD house garage to new McD house garage to newly Nabors house garage and has been collecting dust along the way.

I had been lamenting to Ryan about how I'd like to get back on my bike but it was in dier need of a tune up and Richardson Bike Mart, and cue awesome husband, he listened and got me a RBM giftcard for Christmas.  What a stud!  Embarrased, I took my shabby-looking bike into RBM which was filled with hardcore riders and shiny, well loved and cared for bikes.  I told them not to judge me, though I'm certain they did, and just to give it the love it needed. 

While at RBM, I saw tons of flyers for the MS 150 bike race again.  It's the first week in May, somewhat attainable of a goal at this point, but still a long road of training would be required.  If anything, having a goal makes me work harder as opposed to the occasional joy ride.  it's much more motivating to me to know I have to get a certain amount of miles in and limits the amount of slacking off I am likely to participate in. :)  Anyway, being there renewed my excitement to ride and to want to ride for a cause again.  Riding for a cause = increased desire to ride and put in the miles.

I picked up my shiny, like new, bike on Friday with the intention of riding Saturday morning on the Tour de Donut (duh... yum -- do they really stop at a donut shop after the ride?  I wanted to find out.), but a few too many episodes of burn notice with Ry, a newly rain-glistened road (= Taylor likely to fall on her face because she has likely forgotten how to clip in and out and/or would slip in the rain), and a bright and early 8 am call worked against my desire to ride in the Tour de Donut.  TdD, we'll meet next week.  Just you wait.

Since slacker TNabs showed up yesterday morning, I was very determined to ride today before community group.  After church, and taking Jetta Belle to Petsmart to get her some presents for her bday tomorrow (I'm sure I'll have something to post about that too), I got in my cycling gear, dusted off (literally) my clip shoes, took a picture (proof!) and headed off for my ride around our new hood (Ryan's encouragement there).

I rode 10 miles and was feeling pretty good despite the wind.  I had forgotten how much I loathe riding in the wind.  Luckily there were some pleasant surprises like ducks that thought I were going to feed them and followed me for a while, and a creek trail with a beautiful sunset.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to my next ride and have some awesome encouragement to keep me excited!  For a good read check out the Fat Cyclist's blog:

For some Dallas Trails:

Things I forgot:
1) Padded shorts are really only so padded - aka I think I bruised my tailbone.  Score!
2) Trying to speed through a stoplight is not wise when it's already yellow, you're climbing a hill, are out of breath, and you're just geting to the light.  People only have so much patience when they're waiting for you to turtle pedal your way through an intersection.
3) The joy of finding a new trail

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