{2013 in a Nutshell}

Hey y'all!

Sorry I've been MIA since before Christmas!  I know y'all missed me.  hint hint, wink wink.  I hope that you and yours had a very merry Christmas and are looking forward to ringing in 2014 in a sweet way.

Was reading Ashley's blog at It Is What You Make It, and thought I'd cue off her style a little and do a little year recap.  What an awesome year it has been, and I'm very thankful I blogged to have hard evidence of things that happened during 2013!

Apparently I was just trying to figure out this thing called a blog as I only entered two posts, but they were two important posts nonetheless.

In January, I decided to get back on the bike.  Boy was that short lived.  After a windy, and quick 45 minute bike ride of bliss I must have been sore the next day or something because I didn't get back on the bike as much as I clearly had hoped.

Also in January our sweet furbaby Jetta Belle turned 1!  At this point we had only had her 4 months, and we were already 100% smitten with the border collie of love.  Y'all, I made her a cake, and wanted to have a party for her.  It's safe to say we're pretty obsessed with her.  She has been one of the best decisions we have ever made as a married couple, and I can't hardly believe she will be 2 in just a matter of a month!

Here's our sweet girl ripping the squeaker out of the brand new birthday dragon!

February was hot and heavy into our softball season and my training for a 10k for Team Shake Señora with my sweet co-worker Avo.
Things learned in February:
- Getting new running are both exciting, expensive, and necessary when running lots of miles
- Sliding in softball leaves you with raspberries on your legs if you don't a) slide properly, or b) wear your slider, but c) makes you look way intense, and d) causes pants to be uncomfortable
- Training for races before you run them actually proves more effective than "winging it"

One of potentially 30 sliding scrapes from the 2013 spring and summer softball seasons.

March was the month of change for us.  Jetta got her first terrible haircut from PetSmart, I PRed my first 10k race for Team Shake Señora, and acknowledged what the LORD was teaching me in my life, one of those being to slow down and enjoy the simple things.  I should probably reread March's entries and remind myself the benefits of slowing down and enjoying the stillness. :)

Jetta's terrible haircut we had to partially cover with a bandanna.

Ryan telling Jetta she had a lesbian haircut and smothering her with love.

I accidentally left my time running on Mile 1 before I started running, so it's really 2 minutes longer than my first mile.

1:04:06 - 10k PR

Avo is a stud.  She ran this race pregnant, and still had a killer race time!  This girl is truly a joy to be around.  She is a fireball of truth, integrity, honesty, kindness, humor, and love.  Love you, Avo!

In April, my community group was going through Revelation and I was feeling on fire to battle spiritual warfare.  Our whole group was, really.  Community group with those ladies helped shape my year into one where we were walking with the LORD together.  I love them and miss them dearly.

The NewlyNabors took their first road trip together to Sarasota to see Ryan's cousin get married.  The drive down there was awesome, and filled with fun stops (Duck Dynasty, Flaming Oysters), loads of energy, laughter (from things like accidentally booking two twin beds instead of a king) and good food.  The wedding was a blast and the weekend was full of laughter and joy as we celebrated with friends and family on the beach!  The drive home was ... well, it was what it was; a car full of NewlyNabors and luggage who were tired from driving and ready to be home.  It was a humbling experience for both of us, and we'll definitely never forget it.  We look back and laugh. :)

Finally, we celebrated sweet husband's 26th birthday!  It blows my mind to know I've celebrated 6 years of birthdays with this wonderful man, and I only have more to look forward to.  We celebrated and spoiled Ryan with gifts and time at the lake, and on his actual birthday had the family over for a homemade meal of meatloaf, (his favorite!), mashed potatoes, homemade salsa, guacamole, corn, and Ryan's usual white on white KKcake.  What a blessing it is to be married to this sweet man!

In May we did lots of celebrating between celebrating Ryan's birthday a little more, celebrating our wonderful Moms, and my birthday!  Highlights include getting my first, and only (says Ryan), tattoo on my heel that says Imago Dei, and my mom getting a heart tattoo with me (!!), grilling out in our backyard with family and friends to celebrate Mama McD & Mama Nabors, playing by the pool on mother's day with Mama Nabors, and did I mention lots of celebrating?

I also did some research about being gluten free to combat my hypothyroidism in May.  It seems like a lot of work and may contribute to the reason why I haven't gone gluten free.  I am not ruling it out though, and have been pinning lots of recipes that look delicious and are gluten free!  *Update: I'm also seeing a thyroid specialist in 2014!*

June was the month we adopted sweet crazy mostly sweet, troublemaker Oakley Mae into the Nabors family!  She and Jetta hit it off immediately and chased each other around the house all night.  While we didn't have to go through getting shots, chipped, snipped, etc. and what not with Jetta when we first got her, we did with Oakley, and it was kind of fun to be a part of, minus the gigantic bill that came with it!


The very first picture we ever saw of Oakley that made us want her!  Thanks to my seester, Christen, for sending us a picture of her!

That same weekend we went to two weddings on the same day for two of my favorite people!  My college roommate Lauren and Michael tied the knot in the morning at glamorous Hotel Zaza, and my Chi O little Samantha and Michael tied the knot at Watermark in the evening.  It was a whirlwind day, especially with the addition of a 4 month old puppy in our home, but I wouldn't trade it.

Lauren & Michael said "I Do!"

First Dance

During the same weekend, Cari and I went to see Pitbull and Ke$ha in concert!  It was the best concert EVER having combined my two favorite artists into one concert.  Ahhh, it was heavenly.  Cari and I LOVED it!

Also in June, Ryan and I experienced our first kickball championship with our team Racks&Sacks (then green and not pink).  We love you, Racks&Sacks!

July was a big month for me -- I blogged 10 times!  That's the most I'll have blogged this year in a month.  Woot!

We painted the deck and had Oakley's first trip to the lake to kick the month off!  The deck took forever to paint twice, but it was fun with trips to Canton and a cute little girl interruptions.

Pre deck painting

We celebrated the 4th of July at the lake and went to see Alison & Austin tie the knot in The Woodlands that same weekend.

I wrote about Gremlin dogs, passionate employees, the luxury of having a weekend without an agenda, and things the border collies were teaching me like patience.  A man in Austin mailed me back my lost wallet from January and my faith in humanity was restored.

Gremlin Dog

The McD girls finally went to Pinot's Palette and painted some beautiful trees!  I highly recommend Pinot's Palette!

And last, but not least, Tori went skydiving with as is apparently tradition when you turn 21 in the McD household.  She even had the same tandem partner, and hot pink suit, as Mama McD and I had when we went skydiving for my 21st birthday.

In August I tried to communicate respect to Ryan in new ways, and while I need to review some of the things, I am happy to say some of the was to communicate respect have stuck.  There's always room for a refresher though!

The border collies reminded me that little sisters are the best and we enjoyed having Tori stay at the Naborshood for the month!

I made several rounds of Chicken & Dumplings, one of which went to Avo and her family when they had their little girl Ava!  I experimented with flat dumplings versus plump dumplings (haha!) and I'm sure Ryan would say it felt like we had Chicken & Dumplings for the entire month.  Yeah... I might have made it a lot!

At the end of the month we celebrated my bestie, Adair, at her Bachelorette party in Dallas!  Oh, happy days!

Best Friends

Ryan and I celebrated our first year of marriage at the lake with family, friends, and puppies during Memorial Weekend complete with floating lanterns and sunshine.  I wrote about how I want to stay a newlywed forever, and that maybe it's a state of mind.  I also played with Ryan's camera and have been trying to be a photographer ever since. :)

We went to Nashville and played with Brittany, met her boyfriend, learned awesome hula hoop tricks, and watched Adair and Justin tie the knot!  Thankfully we didn't drive this time. :)

We experienced some #puppyproblems this month, but are grateful to say most have been resolved as we head into this new year.

In October I decided I would train for, and compete in, the Mermorial Hermann 1/2 Ironman on April 6, 2014.  I only partially question my insanity on days when training isn't as fun as I want it to be.  Thankfully, those days are few and far between.

Ryan and I signed up for, and started, Financial Peace University and LEARNED A TON!  We have been recommending it left and right, and are avidly following the baby steps.  It helped our communication in our marriage significantly, and we actually know where our money is going now because we're telling it where to go.  Thanks Dave Ramsey!

I did my first couple of workouts for my 1/2 Ironman training, and got my first flat tire of the training season too.  I do quasi know how to change my tire now though!

I went to the State Fair of Texas twice, once with the hubs, and once with my seester frand!  Yes, they might have been back to back days.  Yes, I'm not ashamed.  Yes, it was delicious. :)

On Halloween I finally got to wear an inflatable fat suit and be a sumo wrestler with a coworker.  We won a prize in the office costume contest. #awesome

In November I remembered why I love swimming and my training excitement was renewed.  Ryan and I got with the budget plan and actually made and followed a budget.  Proud to say we've been keeping to this ever since!  I'm a nerd.  I love making our budget.

We went and visited Mama McD's side of the family and celebrated Mama Bev's birthday!  It was a huge blessing for Ryan to be able to meet her.  For 5 years he had never met her, and now we have memories together with her.  We went to the Coca Cola museum while we were there and it was a life changer... possibly one of the coolest museums I've been to to date.  Minus European or Spanish museums... those are cool by location.

We rounded out November with a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with both families, and I was reminded of all the things we have to be thankful for.

Oh December, I have a fondness for you.  I was highly productive, pleased with all our Christmas gifts, particularly joyful, and so cheerful!  This month was full of preparing for Christmas, for the LORD's arrival, training, training, training, and more training, lots of DIYing and getting gifts together, and celebrating the birth of Christ with our sweet families.  I'll post about the DIY crafts I did at another time, but for now here's a look at our Christmas cheer!

Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera to the Nabors' house on Christmas Day as I had anticipated, and I only caught the tail end of gifts at our home, but here's some goodies from Christmas Eve with the McD's!

My cute Mama

My two favorite boys

Jetta looks like she's having a grand time!

My handsome Dad

Twink and Mama McD

Merry Christmas from the Naborshood!

We went out to the lake this weekend since Ry wanted to shoot in an IDPA match.  While he, his Dad, and sister were shooting I played around the lake with the girls and snapped a few pictures.  Love them and the beautiful scenery.

Oakley Mae is such a great model

My beautiful Jetta Belle

Yep, swimming in 50 degrees.

Tonight we'll celebrate the end of a year with friends and each other and welcome the new year in with open arms.

Things I'm looking forward to in 2014:
- Finding a church home, joining a small group, growing in our walk with the LORD, and making lots of new friends!
- Seeing a thyroid specialist and getting my hypothyroidism under control!!!! - this deserves LOTS of exclamation points!
- Completing the Memorial Hermann 1/2 Ironman in Galveston, TX on April 6th
- Learning more about my sweet husband
- Celebrating 2 years of wedded bliss with Ryan
- Seeing what plans the LORD has for us
- Ski Trip in March with wonderful friends

What are you looking forward to this year?  As we enter in to 2014 may I hope this for each of you:
"The LORD bless you and keep you.  The LORD make His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.  The LORD lift us His countenance upon you, and give you peace." - Numbers 6:24-26

Welcome 2014!  Bring it on!

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